Weetslade Relays


Thanks to everybody who competed in, marshaled or officiated at the 2018 Weetslade Relays on Wednesday 20th June.  We hope you enjoyed it.

Every June, Claremont Road Runners organise the Weetslade Relay.  It is based in Lockey Park, Wideopen, just north of Newcastle, and the Weetslade Country Park.  The next event, the tenth, will take place on a Wednesday evening in June 2019.   All entrants and supporters can expect to enjoy a good night’s racing.

The Weetslade Relay was the first relay event in the country where each club is required to select teams of three which must include at least one veteran and at least one lady.

It is a closed race and was limited in 2018 to 100 teams from UKA affiliated clubs and to a maximum of six teams from each club. Individuals can  be selected for teams on the day.  Minimum age 18.  The entry fee is  £12 a team.

In 2018, the Weetslade Relay had an official charity, the West End Refugee Service.  £2 from every club entry will be donated to help the charity to support asylum seekers and refugees in Newcastle.

See the map below to help you find Lockey Park:

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The race consists of 3 legs each of 2.65 miles on a traffic free, multi terrain course. Each team of three must include a veteran and a lady. The vet and the lady can be the same person.

The scenic, multi-terrain course receives favourable comments from runners  . Each team member runs one leg which covers a distance of  2.65 miles. It includes a hill at halfway with a thirty metre climb. There are spectacular views over Tyneside for those who still notice such things after running up a hill.

In 2018 we made some changes to the course, keeping the distance the same. Feedback so far has been positive about the new route – from runners and marshals alike. The route now has to cross a new service road – thanks to Hatton Traffic Management who kindly offered their services and made sure that all users of the bridleway and the road were kept safe.

The race is supported by Wideopen Football Club, who provide refreshments and use of their clubhouse for changing and administration; by Northumberland Wildlife Trust, who allow the use of Weetslade Country Park; and by North Tyneside Council Events Team.

In 2018 there were prizes for the members of the first and second teams and for the fastest male and female runners and veterans. In addition there were loads of spot prizes of team goody bags.

We will keep you posted regarding the Weetslade Relay in 2019, and entry forms will be sent out next spring.

New route with added dog leg


2018 Results

1. Morpeth Harriers
   Jordan Scott, Jane Hodgson, Lewis Timmins 41:46
2. Tyne Bridge Harriers
   Megan Parkin, Paul Turnbull, James Dunce 45:21

Fastest Man                          13:15  Lewis Timmins (Morpeth)
Fastest Male Veteran          15:47 Brendan McMillan (Jarrow & Hebburn)
Fastest Woman                    15:47 Dani Smyth (Heaton)
Fastest Female Veteran     15:05Jane Hodgson (Morpeth)


Previously at Weetslade



1. Morpeth Harriers Tom Straughan, Emma Holt, Ian Harding 40:48
2. Gosforth Harriers Lewis Timmins, Helen Warburton, Darren McBain 42:37

Fastest Man Finn Brodie (Tyne BridgeVeteran Ian Harding (Morpeth)
Fastest Woman Helen Warburton (GosforthVeteran Jane Mooney (Morpeth)
Full results here.



1. Morpeth Harriers Tom Straughan, Emma Holt, Chris Smith 39:53
2. Tyne Bridge Harriers Marc Fenwick, Alison Dargie, James Dunce 40:37

Fastest Man Sam Hancox (Morpeth)  and Abraham Tewelde (Saltwell)  Veteran Chris Smith (Morpeth)
Fastest Woman Emma Holt (MorpethVeteran Alison Dargie (Tyne Bridge)


1. Elswick Harriers Adam Hands, Justina Heslop, Paul Turner 41:09
2. Morpeth Harriers Sam Hancox, Vicki Gibbs, Chris Smith 41:35

Fastest Man Andy Burn (Jarrow and Hebburn) Veteran Paul Turner (Jarrow and Hebburn)
Fastest Woman Emma Holt (Morpeth Harriers) Veteran Justina Heslop (Elswick Harriers)


1. Morpeth Harriers Phil Walker, Emma Holt, Tom Straughan 40:45
2. Jarrow and Hebburn Brendan McMillan, Elaine Leslie, Andy Burn 40:58

Fastest Man Andy Burn (Jarrow and Hebburn) Veteran Steve McMannon (Sunderland Strollers)
Fastest Woman
Emma Holt (Morpeth Harriers) Veteran Alison Dargie (Tyne Bridge Harriers)


1. Jarrow and Hebburn. Brendan McMillan, Elaine Leslie, Andy Burn
2. Elswick Harriers. Lee Acer, Alison Dargie, Lee Bennett.
Fastest Man Mark Fenwick ( Tyne Bridge) Veteran Lee Bennett ( Elswick)
Fastest Woman and Veteran Alison Dargie ( Elswick )


1. Elswick Harriers Lee Bennett, Alison Dargie, Mark MacLeod
2. Tyne Bridge Harriers Keith Smith, Caroline Freeman, Tony Carter
Fastest Man Andrew Graham ( Gosforth ) Veteran Keith Smith ( Tyne Bridge)
Fastest Woman Laura Jardine ( Heaton ) Veteran Alison Dargie ( Elswick )

1. Elswick Harriers Paul Turner, Alison Dargie, Lee Bennett
2. Gosforth Harriers Helen Waddell, Kevin Thomas, Andrew Graham
Fastest Man Andrew Graham (Gosforth ) Veteran Les Smith ( Heaton )
Fastest Woman and Veteran Alison Dargle ( Elswick)

1. Claremont Road Runners Keith Smith, Mandy Herworth, Chris Gillis
2. Heaton Harriers Sarah Lemon, Mal Gibson, Craig Smith
Fastest Man Andrew Henderson ( Composite team ) Veteran Keith Smith ( Claremont)
Fastest woman Ellen Tullo ( Heaton ) Veteran Mandy Herworth ( Claremont)

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