May 222018

It was a lovely day for this year’s Pier to Pier, a great run along a beautiful stretch of coastline.

Position Name Time
106 Tom Tinsley 49:19 1st M60
156 Matthew Diment 51:20
197 Richard Slack 52:30
211 Mungai Wairia 52:50 2nd M60
273 Lucy Dunbar 54:44
284 Sophie Lamb 55:03
335 Serpil Bulut 56:37
432 Clare McKitterick 59:23
623 Alice Vialard 64:01
699 Marie Slack 66:31
802 Gillian Milne 68:52 3rd W60
976 Leanne Salem 74:43
993 David Manners 75:55


Thanks to Mungai for the photos:

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May 222018

David Lydall was also out and about on Sunday and sends this report:

It was last minute decision to enter the Derwent Reservoir Run. Three options were listed in the Claremont diary for Sunday 20 May – the Pier to Pier, the Cheviot Bomber trail race, or the Derwent Reservoir trail races. The Pier to Pier was sold out, the Bomber seemed too hard and so I chose Derwent Reservoir.

At Derwent, two races had been organised to benefit Wateraid, the first was a 5k and the second a 7 miler. The 7 miles was a “double out and back”. This meant out 1.5 miles in one direction along the edge of the water then back to the start, then out 2 miles in the other direction and back. The weather was more or less perfect, it was breezy and not too warm. The race was very well organised with almost as many marshals as runners along with water, mars bars and t shirts. I finished at 50:24 and 11th out of 74.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable run, on a very nice day at a beautiful place I’d never visited before. Definitely worth considering next year.



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May 212018

Nina Jensen is back up and running:

Today I bucked the trend of the Pier to Pier and did the Cheviot Bomber race organised by Glen McWilliams, a former Claremonter by all accounts.

The race was to raise money to refurbish the memorial to those fighter planes that had crashed in College Valley in the war.  The race was started by the Lord Lieutenant following a flyover and the race was off.  The route started on road and track but there were plenty of climbs and steep downhills.  The weather was perfect and gave me a chance to admire the views from the top.  As we passed the memorial we got serenaded by bagpipes.  The rest of the route followed the river and soon I was back where I started.

Those speedy runners were already finished and making the most of the pizza van and beer tent whilst cheering the rest of us in.  A cracking 10 mile route if anyone fancies it next year.
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May 202018

Newcastle parkrun

18:42  Roberto Marzo
20:08  Mungai Wairia
20:32  Paul Robinson
22:33  Tom Tinsley
24:06  Dave Kear
24:18  Heather Steel
26:11  Alice Vialard
34:06  Clare McKitterick

There were problems with one of the scanners at Newcastle, so some people are missing from the results. I know Gordon MacFadyen was there and there may be some others.

Whitley Bay parkrun

21:01  Matt Diment
22:45  Richard Slack
26:20  Daisy Martin
26:35  Marie Slack

Gateshead parkrun

21:12  David Lydall

Windy Nook parkrun

23:34  Sumanth Nayak

Newbiggin-by-the-Sea parkrun

22:58  Dan Edwards

Gibside parkrun

23:01  Chris Jones

Rising Sun parkrun

23:05  Luke Woodend

Keswick parkrun

21:48  Arthur Liu

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May 152018

A hot day in Sunderland didn’t prevent some good times for the Claremont contingent.

Position Name Time
35 Roberto Marzo 1:24:54
67 Catherine YOUNG 1:28:29
75 Simon LOWE 1:28:54 4th Female
200 Mungai WAIRIA 1:38:01
491 Clare MCKITTERICK 1:49:47
535 Serpil BULUT 1:51:34 PB
839 Alice VIALARD 2:04:39 PB

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May 142018

Richard Slack has been enjoying the Cumbrian sunshine again:

“Another Classic Lake District fell Race – Fairfield Horseshoe (clockwise visiting Nab Scar, Heron Pike, High Rigg, Fairfield, Hart Crag, Dove Crag, High Pike, Low Pike).

About 10 miles, over 900 metres of ascent and technical rocky sections in descent. Glorious day on the high fells.

Time 2 hours, 21 minutes 42 seconds.”

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May 132018

Newcastle parkrun:

20:00   Roberto Marzo
20:07   John Lea-Wilson
20:57   Gordon MacFadyen
21:07   Mungai Wairia
21:30   Luke Woodend
22:32   Alan Dunning
23:00   Dan Edwards
24:30   Dave Kear
24:53   Francesco Carrer
25:26   Rose Hawkswood
26:43   Alice Vialard
26:45   Serpil Bulut
26:54   Alex Anslow
27:12   Andrea Saliba

Prudhoe Riverside parkrun:

21:54   Chris Jones

St Helens parkrun:

20:22   Tom Tinsley

Gateshead parkrun:

20:59   Paul Robinson
31:34   Dave Manners

Skipton parkrun:

22:14   Lucy Dunbar

Cirencester parkrun:

34:01   Julie Dumpleton

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May 102018

There was a good turnout of sky blue with some very good individual runs, but the star performance was undoubtedly from the Ladies A team of Catherine Young, Sarah Bowen and Hannah Mainprize who finished in a more than respectable 7th place.  Well done!

Position Team 1st Leg Time 2nd Leg Time 3rd Leg Time Team Time
7 A Catherine Young 12:12 Sarah Bowen 14:19 Hannah Mainprize 12:06 38:37
30 B Lucy Dunbar 13:50 Julie Cross 15:29 Tara McCully 14:43 44:02
32 C Serpil Bulut 14:01 Claire McKitterick 14:37 Ay Okpokam 16:01 44:39
48 D Andrea Saliba 16:19 Cath Robson 16:29 Alice Vialard 15:30 48:18
51 E Rose 14:27 Mary Martin 17:10 Marie Slack 17:01 48:38
52 A John Lea-Wilson 12:06 Sumanth Nayak 12:55 David Lydall 13:15 38:16
59 B Jamie Harding 13:39 Matt Diment 13:07 Mungai Wairia 13:22 40:06
74 C Richard Slack 14:09 Howard MacLennan 14:00 Ken McCormick 17:17 45:26
76 D Alan Dunning 14:33 David Devennie 14:41 Bill Milbourne 16:36 45:50
N/A E Tom Tinsley 12:54 Dave Kear 15:49
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