Dec 242017

Newcastle parkrun:

21:28   Gordon Macfadyen
21:38   Mungai Wairia
22:44   David Lydall
23:08   Roberto Marzo
23:10   Alan Dunning
23:51   Anthony Liddle
25:37   John Grimshaw
26:56   Rose Hawkswood

Rising Sun parkrun:

25:06   Luke Woodend

Whitley Bay parkrun:

24:12   Dean O’Brien
27:35   Daisy Martin

Gibside parkrun:

22:37   Sumanth Nayak
30:34   Gillian Milne

Carlisle parkrun:

24:17   Richard Slack

Strathclyde parkrun:

23:42   David Devennie

Coventry parkrun:

24:44   Dave Kear – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Dec 182017

By Chris Jones

After a year of injuries, I really wasn’t convinced I should be lining up for this even up to a week before – but was so glad I did. Voted one of the top 10 UK marathons, this fitted perfectly with a pre-Christmas visit to family. An out-and-back horseshoe route following the waters edge from Portsmouth around Langstone Harbour to Hayling Island, it had a bit of everything – promenade, sea walls, shingle, muddy tracks, icy puddles, pine forest but 99.9% traffic free. Cracking sunrise over the Solent for the 08:30 start. I was in the groove for the middle section from 13 to 22 miles, flagging by 24 but hauled myself across the line thanks to great support along Southsea promenade. A really well organised event, I would recommend it to anyone.

Time – 3:48:11

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Dec 172017

Newcastle parkrun:

21:52   Mungai Wairia
24:36   Dave Kear
25:24   Chris Carr
27:21   Alice Vialard
27:22   Alex Anslow

Gateshead parkrun:

27:39   Rose Hawkswood
27:40   Lucy Dunbar
28:24   Heather Steel
28:25   Paul Robinson (+Piper)

Newbiggin-by-the-Sea parkrun:

21:37   Alasdair Wilson Craw

Rising Sun parkrun:

19:58   Anthony Liddle

Gibside parkrun:

22:21   Tom Tinsley
31:30   Gillian Milne – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Dec 102017

Congratulations to His Excellency, the right honorable secretary Bill Milbourne for being the first over 65 finisher in the Fell Em Doon 5k in a time of 25:45. Sounds like a great place, Fell Em Doon, wherever that is…

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Dec 102017

Newcastle parkrun:

19:25   Robeto Marzo
19:48   John Lea-Wilson
19:57   Catherine Young
21:23   Gordon Macfadyen
23:30   Alan Dunning
23:53   Dan Edwards
24:31   Dave Kear
30:17   Richard Slack   100 parkruns
30:17   Marie Slack
30:18   Mary Martin
30:18   Lucy Dunbar
30:18   Luke Woodend
30:19   Alice Vialard
30:19   Mungai Wairia
30:20   Tom Tinsley
30:21   Catherine Robson
30:21   Arthur Win Sun Liu
30:22   Rose Hawkswood
30:22   Chris Carr
30:25   Graham Leslie

Gateshead parkrun:

21:41   Sumanth Nayak
30:35   Dave Manners

Whitley Bay parkrun:

32:21   Dean O’Brien – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Dec 052017

Hexhamshire Hobble

Three Claremonters did the Hobble this year, described by Richard Slack as “A lovely day out negotiating big, stone and water hazards on the Allendale Moor. 11 mile-ish circular route from Allendale. The last 5 km was the same as the Allendale fair 10k – but now wet and boggy anything off the road! So really it was perfect XC training”.

1:41:06  Sarah Bowen
1:46:08  Richard Slack
1:51:43  Jane Evans

Blyth Sands Race

35:14  Anthony Liddle
35:26  Dan Edwards
36:43  Kenny McCormick (actual time 45:43)

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Dec 032017

Newcastle parkrun:

19:27   Roberto Marzo
19:44   John Lea-Wilson
20:38   Dan Edwards
21:41   Paul Hughes
22:47   David Devennie
23:11   Alan Dunning
24:07   Dave Kear
25:01   Brian Hegarty
25:28   Chris Carr
25:57   Alice Vialard
25:57   John Grimshaw
29:28   Susannah Orr

Gateshead parkrun:

31:50   Dave Manners

Windy Nook parkrun:

22:08   Anthony Liddle
22:58   Catherine Young
27:38   Rose Hawkswood

Rising Sun parkrun:

24:22   Luke Woodend

Whitley Bay parkrun:

23:56   Dean O’Brien
24:09   Christopher Gillie
28:26   Daisy Martin

Keswick parkrun:

23:15   Richard Slack – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Nov 272017

There was just one Claremont team at the inaugural Norman Woodcock relays in Gosforth, but it sounds as though they did us proud. Kat Truong sends this report:

“As relatively new to club running, I’ve been putting my name down for things in an effort to stay on top of this running malarkey. The Norman Woodcock Relay race was one such race where teams of 3 were entered to each run a 1.66 mile lap of Gosforth Racecourse. Great, well I haven’t ran a relay race since school where we practised passing the baton more than actually running the required distance, but 1.66 miles is very doable and I was due to be part of an all female Claremont super team with Nina and Rose. I was first to run and despite it being absolutely baltic, where bare skin shuddered upon meeting the icy cold air, I was lucky enough to have the sun grace me with his presence during my lap of the racecourse. For a good 10 seconds, I bounced along with the brightness of the sun and the green of the grass and felt pretty nice! Running a shorter distance means you have to run a lot faster than usual though and suddenly I found that my lungs and heart were on fire, yet my arms and fingers were frozen and heavy. Well, it was over soon enough and Nina’s turn to zip around the racecourse whilst I regained the ability to breathe. An excellent performance by Nina runner extraordinaire before Rose handed me her sunglasses (not a baton, where was the baton?) and prepared to face the final lap. It was a good racing vibe, we joined the enthusiastic audience clapping in the runners and before long, Rose speeds to the finish line, victorious and unrelenting. Overall, it was a good afternoon and nice opportunity to run fast on flat tarmac paths. Well done, little Claremont super team!”

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