Jun 202018

Pieces of 8 Penshaw Trail Half-Marathon, 17th June

3:02:55 Leanne Salem




Durham Coastal Half-Marathon, 10th June

1:59:35 Dave Wotton





Cragside Trail Runner 10m, 10th June

1:43:06 Nina Jensen

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Jun 202018
Newcastle parkrun
21:29 Mungai WAIRIA
24:07 Francesco CARRER
24:10 David John DEVENNIE
26:16 Andrea SALIBA
27:31 Christopher CARR
39:23 David LYDALL
Gateshead parkrun
20:18 Sumanth NAYAK
20:54 Paul M ROBINSON
24:35 Heather STEEL
28:47 Rose HAWKSWOOD
32:01 David MANNERS
Eastville parkrun
22:19 Robyn WYNN
Rising Sun parkrun
22:40 Arthur Win Sun LIU
23:06 Luke WOODEND
Druridge Bay parkrun
22:04 Christopher GILLIE
26:02 Daisy Helen MARTIN
Whinlatter Forest parkrun

Richard SLACK

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Jun 162018

The Newburn river run is a Wednesday evening race held in mid-June each year.  Elswick Harriers organise the pleasant, 6-mile, largely off-road, run along trails either side of the Tyne.  The run begins near the Newburn leisure centre, follows along the North of the Tyne, over the bridge at Wylam and back along the South of the river, finishing near the Newburn bridge.

It was a pleasant, warm and humid evening. Nine from Claremont were running and the two Matthews led Claremont home. Charlotte was representing the home team.  The course was slightly altered, and improved this year, beginning off road on the path/grass area in the Tyne riverside park, near the river.  This new and wide start area permitted a fast start, unaffected by traffic. Following the race we picked up complementary sandwiches at the bar in the leisure centre and waited for the prize giving.  The run is sheltered and fast.  Look for it next year, just after the Blaydon race.

00:38:49 Matthew Kingston
00:39:44 Matthew Diment
00:41:34 David Lydall
00:43:24 Jamie Harding
00:43:46 Mungai Wairia
00:45:58 Alan Dunning
00:53:37 Ay Okpokam
00:55:03 Marie Slack
01:03:54 Emma Crowley
00:45:32 Charlotte Baston


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Jun 102018

Great to see such a large Claremont contingent for this annual celebration of Geordie running. It was a hot day for gannin alang the Scotswood Road and the after race drinks were well earned by all!

If you ran and aren’t on the list below, please let me know:

34:37  Roberto Marzo
34:50  Paul Bernardelli
35:34  James Rainbow
36:17  Paul Robinson
36:24  Dan Edwards
36:31  Tom Tinsley  (5th M60+)
36:37  Matthew Diment
36:52  John Lea-Wilson
37:54  David Lydall
38:02  Simon Lowe
38:44  Catherine Young
38:49  Paul Hughes
39:21  Mungai Wairia
39:52  Sarah Kerr
40:02  Mandy Herworth (9th F45-54)
40:26  Arthur Liu
40:36  Dean O’Brien
41:00  Howard MacLennan
41:26  Serpil Bulut
42:06  Alan Dunning
43:18  Lucy Dunbar
45:25  Nina Jensen
45:27  Clare McKitterick
46:25  David Devennie
46:30  Rose Hawkswood
47:15  Kat Truong
48:37  Alex Anslow
49:35  Ay Okpokam
50:21  Andrea Saliba
50:39  Alice Vialard
53:10  John Bell
58:39  Penny Hunter
58:57  Emma Crowley

Thanks to Mungai for the before and after photos!

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Jun 102018

Not as many as usual at Newcastle parkrun due to the Blaydon Race, though I notice that a few runners doubled up!  Dave Manners wins this week’s prize for parkrun tourism in far flung places.

Newcastle parkrun

20:47  Mungai Wairia
20:53  Gordon Macfadyen
23:27  Clare McKitterick
24:18  Dan Edwards
24:34  David Devennie
27:49  Brian Hegarty
28:55  Susannah Orr

Prudhoe Riverside parkrun

22:13  Chris Jones

Whitley Bay parkrun

22:53  Chris Gillie
33:22  Daisy Martin

Falkirk parkrun

20:20  Sumanth Nayak

Durham parkrun

26:56  Dave Wotton

Gateshead parkrun

24:21  Heather Steel

Rising Sun parkrun

23:15  Luke Woodend

Jersey parkrun

31:53  Dave Manners

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Jun 032018

A fair bit of parkrun tourism this week, with Alice Vialard in her native France and Dan Edwards in his native Midlands, but the prize goes to Luke Woodend for Michigan, USA. Luke also finished in a more than respectable 8th place!

Congratulations also to Rose Hawkswood on completing her 100th parkrun.

Newcastle parkrun

18:45 Roberto Marzo
19:58 Tom Tinsley
21:02 Mungai Wairia
21:13 Gordon MacFadyen
22:35 Serpil Bulut
24:36 Dave Kear
24:44 Clare McKitterick
25:34 Rose Hawkswood (100th parkrun)
27:18 Chris Carr
28:13 Kenny McCormick
38:41 Marga Burke-Lowe

Cannock Chase parkrun

21:08 Dan Edwards

Whitley Bay parkrun

22:41 Chris Gillie
26:18 Daisy Martin

Livonia parkrun, Michigan, USA

23:45 Luke Woodend

Hartlepool parkrun

23:05 Dave Wotton

Flatts Lane parkrun

22:03 Sumanth Nayak

parkun de la Ramee, France

25:51 Alice Vialard

Riverside parkrun

19:24 Matt Diment

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May 272018

Newcastle parkrun

18:40 Roberto Marzo
20:08 Mungai Wairia
20:49 Gordon MacFadyen
22:17 Serpil Bulut PB
23:42 Clare McKitterick
24:26 David Devennie
26:07 Ay Okpokam
26:27 Alice Vialard
27:36 Andrea Saliba
29:06 Susannah Orr
35:16 Rose Hawksood

Whitley Bay parkrun

25:27 Daisy Martin
25:28 Chris Gillie

Gateshead parkrun

19:20 Paul Robinson
27:48 Heather Steel

Hanley parkrun

21:46 Dan Edwards


21:29 Sumanth Nayak

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