Oct 282018

Newcastle parkrun

It was a horrible morning in Newcastle yesterday – cold, wet and windy – yet still 7 Claremonters went for their weekly fix on the Town Moor.  I’ve no sympathy, they should have come to the cross-country instead!

20:42 Matthew Kingston
21:37 Gordon MacFadyen
22:05 Mungai Wairia
22:47 Luke Woodend
24:32 Alan Dunning
25:13 Brian Hegarty
25:14 Dave Kear

It can’t have been much better around the rest of the North East either. So well done to the other hardy souls who ventured out.

Gateshead parkrun

23:17 Heather Steel
23:18 Paul Robinson
32:05 Dave Manners

Riverside parkrun

24:06 Dave Wotton

Lytham Hall parkrun

21:57 David Devennie (PB)

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Oct 272018

Dave Wotton is the latest sky blue to do one of these daft ultra events – well done, Dave, but I think you are mad! He sends this report:

Just a not so quick report on the Rotherham round
So you want to enter the the Hadrian Hundred!
Ah but you need to do a qualifier so I decided on the Rotherham round.
There was other qualifing events but this one was the right sort of time and mega cheap to enter at only £17 plus the option of a tee shirt at £6. So for 50 miles an absolute bargain.
The only stumbling block is the fact that there is only four weeks until the event.
To cap it off when you’ve only been doing an occasional park run and the odd half, not exactly the best way to tackle 50 miles.

so I decided to enter then my sister says you may as well sign me up , and a friend I run with a lot that’s never ran over 13 miles says Dave I’m up for that.

So that said 3 of us entered we decided on doing a training run at predicted race pace .
In which we done 25 miles in 6hrs .
Slow I know but get there.

So come the morning of the 20th up at 2.30 to set of to Rotherham for a 6 am start.
We arrived at race hq numbers sorted etc.

So 6am and we’re off .
We walked pretty much most of the first 2 hours in the dark and the plan was to walk everything up. Getting toward the first check point we had two competitors who seemed to be keeping pace with us . Later to find out that the guy Jon had only ever completed a 10k race.

So we get into the first check point and I duly oblige by stuffing my face .
We’re all done and leave ch/p1 and Jon &Jane come out with us .
So on we go to check point 2 and move on still being shadowed.
At some point between 2&3 we got chatting to Jon & Jane and they had said that they had decided to just try and pace with us .
So 2 new friends we had.
So into check point 3, fed watered etc just about to set off again and another competitor Tracey say is it ok if I tag along with yous.
Well of course.
So what started as 3 is now 6.
So off we set a little running and plenty of walking so it seemed into check point 4
Where there was a bag drop and as always plenty of food and drinks.

And then on to ch/P5 without any major hiccups .
It was after ch/P5 that the chinks started to appear . We were starting to loose time but I felt at that point being around 40 miles down that I did not want to split our little crew up or for one of us not to complete .
All I could do was to try and spirits up .
We got through ch/p6 Tracey was really finding it difficult.
Jon however had been struggling from about 15 miles so I think he had just resigned himself to the fact that he just had to go on and keep moving.
We got to the last check point 6 I was as up beat as I could be to rally my troops.
Then off we set striving for the finish.
We did not manage to get back before darkness set in.
We landed at the finish in around 13:22.
We had set a time of between 12 and 14 hrs so we’re well pleased with our achievement.

What a fantastic day out and a great event.
Many thanks to Rotherham harriers.

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Oct 212018

Congratulations to Mungai on completing his 250th Newcastle parkrun on the Town Moor today. Elsewhere there was a PB and a 3rd place finish for John Lea-Wilson in his home town of St Helens.

Newcastle parkrun

18:34 Roberto Marzo
21:05 Paul Robinson
21:14 Mungai Wairia
22:41 Heather Steel
23:05 David Devennie
23:45 Alan Dunning
24:14 Clare McKitterick
25:12 Dave Kear
28:57 Rose Hawkswood
29:26 Susannah Orr
29:37 Lucy Dunbar

Windy Nook parkrun

23:01 David Lydall

Riverside parkrun

20:46 Chris Jones

Newbiggin-by-the-Sea parkrun

20:41 Tom Tinsley
29:39 Gill Milne

Gibside parkrun

27:21 Graham Leslie

Rising Sun parkrun

19:44 Sumanth Nayak
23:02 Luke Woodend

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Oct 142018


19:13 Jason HALL
20:15 Anthony LIDDLE
20:30 Sarah KERR
20:56 Robert BRYCE
22:36 Richard SLACK
22:37 Paul Neil HUGHES
24:57 Dave KEAR
25:53 Christopher CARR
26:15 Julija STONIUTE

Sheffield Hallam

19:47 John LEA-WILSON


23:38 Dan EDWARDS
23:40 Charlotte BASTON

Whitley Bay

26:04 Daisy Helen MARTIN
31:30 Dean O’BRIEN


21:09 Catherine YOUNG
33:31 David MANNERS


26:42 David WOTTON

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Oct 102018

Ten Claremonters went for a “Run and Talk” along the Quayside for World Mental Health Day. Many thanks to Cath Robson and Nina for organizing this.

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Oct 082018

Captain Howard reports:

Well, I was very proud of every Claremonter that ran today. Having only a week rest; recovering from injuries, everyone got involved and got around the beautiful Druridge Bay course.

First up; was Grace Scott for the under 11s. Knowing maths homework had to be done on the car journey home, Grace just got out there, ran the course with no hesitation and overtook her friend at the finish. Her Dad Duncan Scott must be mega proud of her, plus a special mention of keeping a young Charlotte entertained for the rest of the afternoon.

The ladies next; they made a great achievement today, coming in 7th this week against last week 9th position. Sarah Kerr has been promoted to the Fast Group, so will bring friendly competition with our own Catherine Young. Can anyone recall when we had two fast ladies in the NEHL? Also a special mention to Julie Cross; second race in a row of being one of fastest 4 runners, and to Kat Truong scoring points with the 3rd placed position.

Lastly the men’s, thankfully we were able to get a full team out. A big shout out to our new Cross Country Ben Wetherall, for breaking one’s duck, his first Cross Country Race as a Claremonter. He put his Captain mind at ease that we could secure maximum team points, with runners availability. Also a mention to David Lydall; not only for the Shanghai gang press of Ben Wetherall to run as Claremonter, but for his injury recovery last week, to being our 2nd fastest runner today after Roberto Marzo. Awesome achievement!

It’s been great getting Duncan Scott and Richard Slack back in the squad, not only bringing valuable points for the 3rd and 4th fastest position, but for their solid character qualities they bring to the Men’s team. A special mention to our Michael Teasdale; he is improving each week, which showed today by being the 6th fastest men’s runner after almost twisting his ankle near the end.

We can’t forget our Cath Robson, Mary Martin for their running involvement and enthusiastic side support when the men were running. And of course our Lucy Dunbar for her fudge and banter, and the introduction of her partner in crime Lee as a Club supporter. Very happy couple!

Well hopefully I’ve managed to mention everyone involvement today, even Roberto Marzo wife Jessica for allowing perhaps not the first choice day out. But we really needed him today, so many thanks.

As the only Club Captain today; that’s me bowing out for a while, but many thanks from me to everyone involved today. If more Carrot Cake is made for the next event, I’m sure you all will be flying the Sky Blues colours well!

Under 11 Girls
Position                Runner                                 Time
55                         Grace Scott                         8:38
Position                Runner                                Time
24                         Sarah Kerr                          31:07 – actual time 28:27
124                        Julie Cross                         33:26
152                        Kat Truong                          34:14
157                        Catherine Young 34:25 – actual time 29:20
197                        Lucy Dunbar                       35:36 – actual time 32:56
265                        Mary Martin                       38:00
268                        Catherine Robson            38:07
Position                Runner                                Time
98                         Roberto Marzo                  39:53
327                        David Lydall                       43:49
366                        Duncan Scott                     45:11
398                        Richard Slack                     46:07
416                        Howard MacLennan        46:46
487                        Michael Teasdale             50:13
554                        Benjamin Wetherall        57:04

Oct 072018

Ay Okpokam and Michael Teasdale report on the opening Harrier League fixture at Wrekenton:

Ay writes:

As cross-country novices, Tara and Michael and I arrived at Wrekenton with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. Though it was sunny, there was enough of a breeze to keep things comfortable. All the club tents and banners on the field created quite the spectacle.

After the juniors’ race, it was time for the senior women to set off.

Two 1.8 miles loops turned out to be pretty challenging, thanks to a couple of hills. There were definitely less smiles 2nd time around! There was a decent turnout of Claremont ladies, with some strong performances as well.

All the pain was forgotten by the time we got back to the tent and had some of the lovely cakes!

We enjoyed this ‘light introduction’ (as it was dry and there was no mud!) to cross country and are looking forward to the next one!

And Michael writes:

When the senior men’s race started what caught me totally unawares as a novice I XC was how uneven the surface was underfoot and how much more tiring running on it is.

We had three laps of the 1.8 mile loop to run and Bill’s warning about the headwinds were by no means unfounded. You try to tuck in behind another runner but you don’t always find yourself amongst other runners whose statures provided the most shelter.

The women, refreshed and replenished with cake after their race, had taken up position on the crest of the last hill of the lap to cheer us on.

Unfortunately Daniel Mourenza had to withdraw early in the race and David Lydall had taken a fall but carried on – I encountered him being seen to by medics as I crossed the line.

Hills and headwinds are never fun, but I was pleased to have completed my first XC race.

Oct 072018


18:49 Roberto MARZO
20:38 Gordon MACFADYEN
22:25 David John DEVENNIE
22:29 Richard SLACK
25:03 Dave KEAR
25:58 Christopher CARR
26:36 Alice VIALARD
28:07 Catherine ROBSON
28:20 Susannah ORR
29:55 Marga BURKE-LOWE
42:39 Luke WOODEND

Whitley Bay

27:02 Daisy Helen MARTIN


20:07 Sumanth NAYAK
21:59 Paul M ROBINSON

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