Jun 252017

Gateshead parkrun:

19:23   Paul Robinson
20:39   Catherine Young
22:37   Lucy Dunbar
24:55   Tom Tinsley
24:55   John Grimshaw   100 parkruns
24:55   David Lydall
25:44   Rose Hawkswood
25:56   Alice Vialard
29:24   Gillian Milne

Rising Sun parkrun:

20:52   Anthony Liddle
22:30   Matthew Diment
25:16   Dave Kear

Gibside parkrun:

19:36   Jakub Jerabek
26:29   Jane Evans

Prudhoe Riverside parkrun:

20:12   Roberto Marzo
20:47   Mungai Wairia
23:35   Graham Leslie

Whitley Bay parkrun:

27:59   Daisy Martin

Keswick parkrun:

22:00   Arthur Liu
23:10   Luke Woodend

http://www.parkrun.org.uk – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Jun 222017

A big thanks to everybody who ran, marshalled or helped in anyway at the Weetslade Relays last night. Thankfully the thunderstorms stayed away, though it must have been a sticky night for the runners, especially those on the first leg.

Although the final results can be found in the post below and a summary of the winners in an earlier post, I thought that I could highlight the performance of the Claremont teams. I thought that they gave their all for the sky blue vest – well done!

Position Team 1st Leg 2nd Leg 3rd Leg
33 A Hannah Mainprize 16:41 Anthony Liddle 16:50 Mungai Wairia 17:01 0:50:32
63 B Francesco Carrer 17:41 Nicki O’Brien 18:23 Kerry Smith 19:30 0:55:34
82 C Julie Cross 19:10 Heidi Swaffield 18:09 Serpil Bulut 21:20 0:58:39


The winner of the “Guess the time of the first Claremont team” competition was … me!  I won back a bottle of wine that we had donated (and some other stuff).  So special thanks to Hannah, Anthony and Mungai for running to their handicap form!

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Jun 222017

The intrepid Howard MacLennan has been running around New York (anything to get out of marshaling at Weetslade!) and sends this report:

This is the 3rd year this sell-out event has taken place, to help this broadening, changing diverse community to come together. The race is organised by Harlem Run, a free charity running Club that was recently created. I aim to train with them with in the near future.

The race is based at Marcus Garvey Park, nee Mount Morris Park, Harlem, New York. The area is currently undergoing huge development and refurbishment. It’s just situated North of Central Park, South of the famous Apollo theatre and very close to Columbia University – nee Kings College before the Revolutionary War. The University dishes out the Pulitzer Prize each year. Harlem – nee Nieuw Haarlem, was a Dutch village in the former Dutch colony of Manhatten, based on Haarlem in Netherlands. The park is pretty much 1200 square metres, so the mile race is one flat loop of the park with a bit extra to run. The park is surrounded by historical Harlem Renaissance Brownstone architectural buildings. Middle of the park has a solid rock/schist and during the American Revolutionary War it mounted a Hessian battery to control the area. The schist is surrounded by smaller parks for kids, barbecues, open theatre and pool, children’s baseball, dogs and squirrels only areas – a lot squashed in. At times you see a mother pushing her pram with a puppy dog inside.

The One Miler is a pretty big event in the US community, it mainly attracts the youthful college mustangs and obviously I fit into this hung category with my confusing muscular looks. I was drawn into the 2nd Heat Race – the fastest one for males only.

All the races was started by the Drag Queen Miss Shuga Cain, very close to the RuPaul colourful dress sense. From the word go, I was trying to concentrate on pace, but the first 400 I was struggling to breath with the humidity and heat. I had to drop a gear and hope for the best. The community was outstanding from the park; with support from the locals, the NYPD, those whom raced earlier and for the next two females, kids and family relay heats. I was definitely missing my usual Club Pacers – you know who you are, but passing each side of the park went far swifter than the Baltic course. The last 200 metres I just had to open up and sprint across the finishing line, then finding a floor trying to gain my breath. My chip time was 6 minutes 6 seconds – 6:06:75, coming 62nd and 8th by age group.

I just beat my PB by a whisker, previously at 6:07.

If I ever run this again, I noted the fastest male runner ran topless with their numbers stuck to their shorts. This fashionable option to reduce heat may help me to breathe more clearly and reduce much unnecessary heat. I just have to put this option into further practice – wink wink and all it’s Glory!

Importantly the race reaches out to Harlem United, bringing charitable monies to help the community for the prevention of AIDS and to help those suffering with AIDS. Regardless of their sexual orientation, race or social-economic status.

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Jun 222017

Lucy Dunbar was one of the Superstars to complete all 37 miles of the latest example of Claremont ultra madness, the South Tyne Trail. She sends this report:

Okay so I’ve been charged with the task of trying to put together some coherent ramblings about our casual 37ish mile ultra run the other week.

First off, I’m not sure what possessed me to say yes considering I knew fine well I would be frequenting a Gin Festival the day before but alas I put my name forward.
(Editors note: the Gin Festival also being the night after several gins to celebrate the Blaydon Race!).

8am Sunday came and I made my way to the Jesmond metro to be picked up by the mini bus feeling a little on the fragile side. We made our way to the start of our run. We started off running against a ridiculous wind on our way to the Source of the Tyne, had a few photos and then back in the other direction carried by the wind (wahoo).

Now I feel like I really need to highlight here a little incident involving Janet. Janet who didn’t realise there was a rather large gap in the fence to walk through just in front of her and just really wanted to use the stile much to the amusement of others.

The miles rolled by, we had lots of heavy downpours lasting a few minutes, lots of singing ‘the hills are alive!’ and just having a good old chinwag really. With lots of regular stops and feeding. Damn those Jelly Babies really were good.

Oh and on the mileage went, lots of pretty views of the Tyne, the viaduct and some ruins of a castle I think? Everything seems all blurred now but I know the company is what helped me through.

26 miles clocked by and I decided perhaps I could attempt to keep going. More impressively was Alice who has never ran further than 13 miles before and was still going strong!

Onwards we went, through more downpours lasting only a few minutes and getting lost and actually adding even more mileage on and what was this?! An extremely steep hill at mile 35! You really are cruel. Up and up we went before rejoining the whole clan again to run the last mile into Hayden Bridge together. There were tears, there was laughter, there was blood, but we got through. A thoroughly enjoyable day with lots of lovely people. Perhaps I might do it again next year.

Well done to the super six who completed it all – Alice, Nina, Julie, Mungai, Jamie and me of course. Particularly well done to Mary, Leanne and Marie for running a ridiculously long way too, I think 30 miles?! Charlotte, Dan, Tom, Richard and Janet also running a very long way too!

Thanks to Janet, Bill, Lorna, John and Terry for all the organising, ferrying us about and support.

I can now call myself an ultra runner.

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Jun 212017

Well done to everyone who took part in the Weetslade Relays.

Congratulations to Morpeth Harriers and all the individual prize winners:

Winners: Morpeth Harriers ‘A’ Tom Straughan, Emma Holt, Ian Harding 40:48
Runners up: Gosforth Harriers ‘A’ Lewis Timmins, Helen Warburton, Darren McBain 42:37
Fastest Under-35 Male Finn Brodie Tyne Bridge Harriers A 12:42
Fastest Under-35 Female Helen Warburton Gosforth Harriers A 14:57
Fastest Over-35 Male Ian Harding Morpeth Harriers A 13:00
Fastest Over-35 Female Jane Mooney Morpeth Harriers B 15:10

The full provisional results are here.
Any errors/omissions will be corrected in due course. See you next year!

Update: The spreadsheet has been amended to display the results by final team time in ascending order.

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Jun 202017

Please note the overnight closure of Sandy Lane (A1056) on the day of the relay from 8pm to 6am. This may affect some of you returning home from Lockey Park. Please see the following advice from the council –

As the A1056 road improvement scheme nears completion, there is one last parcel of outstanding work that requires some overnight closures on Sandy Lane.
The closures are for the completion of essential drainage work that cannot be done during daytime without causing serious traffic congestion. 
Consequently, Sandy Lane will be closed overnight from Monday 19 June until Friday 23 June, from the A1056/B1318 junction to the west as far as the A189 Weetslade roundabout to the east.
The Sandy Lane / B1318 junction will remain open at all times to northbound and southbound traffic (e.g. between Newcastle and Wideopen, Brunswick Village and Hazlerigg) – and bus services through the junction will run as normal.
The road closures will be in place between 8pm and 6am each evening and fully-signposted diversions will be in place on all approaches throughout.
Traffic approaching Sandy Lane from the east (e.g. from Killingworth, Burradon and Camperdown) can travel south on the A189 for Newcastle – or go north on the A189 to Moor Farm roundabout, the A19 to Seaton Burn and then the B1318 (for Wideopen, Brunswick Village and Hazlerigg) or the A1 (for through traffic). 
Traffic approaching from the west can follow the above route in reverse.
The A1056 Sandy Lane will be open as normal each day from 6am to 8pm.
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Jun 182017

Gateshead parkrun:

21:26   David Lydall
31:06   Dave Manners

Rising Sun parkrun:

20:17   Tom Tinsley
25:04   Dave Kear
27:15   Lucy Dunbar
29:31   Gillian Milne

Whitley Bay parkrun:

28:49   Daisy Martin

Sedgefield parkrun:

26:08   John Grimshaw

Northallerton parkrun:

20:12   Sumanth Nayak
21:01   Mungai Wairia
23:26   Heidi Swaffield
25:08   Rose Hawkswood

http://www.parkrun.org.uk – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Jun 162017

David Lydall was the only representative at the Newburn River Run this year – a very respectable 67th place in a time of 40:56.


Matthew Kingston also took part but due to an issue with England Athletics registration had to run as unattached albeit wearing his Claremont vest. He managed 4th in his age category in a time of 38:36.

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