Interested in becoming a Claremont Road Runner?

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

Can anyone Join Claremont?

Claremont is only available to runners of eighteen year old or older. (We do not have the facilities to cater for under eighteens).
We are a running club and our formal sessions are designed to last approximately an hour, so a reasonable level of fitness helps.  If you are not yet at that level, then we are happy to help you get there!

Is Claremont a fully affiliated club?

Claremont is a fully affiliated club and as a member you will be given a North of England Amateur Athletics Number which entitles you to enter a race as a “club runner” and pay a lower race entry fee.

Does Claremont offer members places in races such as the Great North Run and the London Marathon? 

To get an entry for the Great North Run, London Marathon and other races you have to apply like anybody else (the only exception being that London offers 1 or 2 places direct to the club, these are allocated to members who applied but did not get an entry). There are some events eg the North East Harrier League (cross country) and relay races which are only available to running clubs and if you take part in these the club enters you and pays the fees.

Do members who enter races gain access to the start amongst the club runners?

Unless you are an elite athlete (ie invited to run) at most races you have to take your start place along with everybody else, but since the start “grid” is usually organised based on predicted finishing time you may well be near the front along with a lot of other club runners.

If I am interested in joining can I come along and run a couple of times before deciding whether to join? 

Of course!  If you are interested in joining, then please along and see if you like it (and us) first.  We are very happy for you to run with us for a few weeks before joining.  If you contact us so we know you are coming we can look out for you, and tell you how to gain access to the Northumbria University Sports Central. 

If you would like to join us you need to apply by completing an application form and paying a subscription for the current year. At the next committee meeting your application will need to be proposed, seconded and accepted by our Committee members.

Your club subscription also covers the cost of membership of England Athletics.

What kind of training do you do during your Monday and Wednesday runs?

On Monday we usually do just over 1 hours run around the streets and parks. A slow pack sets off first, followed by the middle and then fast packs. All the packs follow more or less the same route. The packs (especially the fast one) do split up to some extent around the course but the idea is that you should be able to run with somebody of a similar ability rather than on your own. On Wednesday there are usually fewer runners and often only two groups. One group does a steady run (approx 1 hr at say 9 min/mile) the other does approx 1 hr of intervals this group is suitable for a wide range of abilities because at the end of each interval (eg half a mile flat out) runners stop to recover and regroup and then do a recovery run (eg a mile or so jog).

Do you do track work in the summer?

There are some members who do track work all year round!  However, other than using the “track” at City Stadium, our interval sessions are usually in the parks, streets or at the Quayside.

Do you meet on any other nights?

A small number meet at other times eg Friday evening. Friendships develop and many members arrange to run with others at weekends – often arranged via the Facebook page or just through talking to each other at the club.

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