Claremont Road Runners Handicap History


The Claremont Road Runners Club Handicap Race takes place four times a year, once in each season – the autumn and winter events are held on the Quayside course (Q), the spring and summer events use the Town Moor (M) course.

Click on the links below to see race report, results and photos.

R32 30th April 2012 (tbc)(Q) R16 28th April 2008 (m)
R31 30th January 2012 (Q) Photos R15 28th January 2008 (Q)
R30 31st October 2011 (Q) Photos R14 22nd October 2007 (Q)
R29 25th July 2011 (Q) Photos R13 23rd July 2007 (M)
R28 9th May 2011 (M) Photos R12 30th April 2007 (M)
R27 31st January 2011 (Q) Photos R11 22nd January 2007 (Q)
R26 25th October 2010 (Q)) Photos R10 23rd October 2006 (Q)
R25 26th July 2010 (M) Photos R9 31st July 2006 (M)
R24 26th April 2010 (M) Photos R8 24th April 2006 (M)
R23 25th January 2010 (Q) Photos R7 30th January 2006 (Q)
R22 26th October 2009 (Q) Photos R6 3rd October 2005 (Q)
R21 27th July 2009 (M) Photos R5 18th July 2005 (M)
R20 27th April 2009 (M) Photos R4 11th April 2005 (M)
R19 26th January 2009 (Q) Photos R3 31st January 2005 (Q)
R18 27th October 2008 (Q) Photos R2 4th October2004 (Q)
R17 28th July 2008 (M) Photos R1 12th July 2004 (M)