Aug 192018

Newcastle parkrun

18:53 Roberto Marzo
19:26 Anthony Liddle
20:15 Tom Tinsley
21:07 Gordon MacFadyen
21:57 Mungai Wairia
22:26 Richard Slack
24:10 Lucy Dunbar
24:10 Luke Woodend
26:24 Brian Hegarty
27:16 Chris Carr
27:45 Alice Vialard
29:02 Kat Truong

Prudhoe Riverside parkrun

21:07 David Lydall

Knowsley parkrun

20:47 John Lea-Wilson

Whitley Bay parkrun

22:58 Chris Gillie
23:52 Dave Saunders
26:03 Daisy Martin

Gateshead parkrun

19:45 Sumanth Nayak
19:56 Paul Robinson
26:18 Heather Steel

Walsall Arboretum parkrun

20:12 Dan Edwards

Darlington South parkrun

24:12 Alan Dunning

Newbiggin-by-the-Sea parkrun

20:10 Matt Diment

Rising Sun parkrun

25:47 Graham Leslie

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Aug 142018

Marie – Isle of Man half marathon 2.15.11
Richard – Lowther Fair half marathon fell race 2.02.24

An eventful weekend for the Slacky tours. Marie set off to Liverpool for the Isle of Man ferry early Saturday morning while Richard drove over to Cumbria for the Lowther Fair race. At one point in the preceding week the weather looked shocking with even some doubt over sailings! However, unlike the coastal run, Sunday dawned with a much improved forecast of cloud and occasional sun, although Marie did drive through early morning fog with the sound of the Isle of Man foghorn on the way to her early start of 9.30am. Richard tootled off to Lowther Show where the fell runners had a special car park by the castle, which meant a two minute walk to number collection and the start. Richard’s start was across a grassy field in contrast to Marie who started and finished at the Ramsey stadium. Marie would highly recommend this run with small field and top quality organisation and marshaling throughout. Also another good run on the way back from injury.

A brief report on Lowther:

Superb fell race for anyone fancying a go next year. Yes it’s hilly over mixed terrain but the hills are not monsters lying on the perimeter of Lakeland. Running from the castle the run heads to the village of Askham before a couple of miles uphill to Heughscar common (top 1,231 foot and 700 feet of ascent from Askham)– the first check point and the first hill done. Superb views over Ullswater and the High Street range of mountains. Then a long downhill on meadow grass towards the first drinks station at 6 miles in. The route then meanders down to the River Lowther which you wade across (calf high) using the guide rope. After that, the steep climb lies ahead, Knipescar Common (top 1,118 foot) – whilst only around 500 foot of ascent from the river, for most of us this is definitely a power walk after the initial part of the ascent. However, thereafter the race is pretty level to the checkpoint at around 9 miles and then over fields to another long downhill back to the Lowther Castle grounds. A slight sting in the tail with a final half mile uphill but then you’re finished.

Great day out all round and both highly recommended!

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Aug 132018

Newcastle parkrun

18:40 Roberto Marzo
19:21 Anthony Liddle
20:38 Tom Tinsley
20:53 Gordon Macfadyen
21:34 Luke Woodend
22:33 Richard Slack
27:11 Chris Carr
27:12 Alice Vialard
28:42 Kenny McCormick
32:32 Rose Hawkswood

Whitley Bay parkrun

24:24 Dave Saunders

Gateshead parkrun

19:58 Sumanth Nayak
20:25 Paul Robinson
21:24 David Lydall
24:14 Heather Steel
31:48 Dave Manners

Riverside parkrun

19:03 Matt Diment

Thetford parkrun

23:22 Chris Gillie
32:32 Daisy Martin

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Aug 082018

This was a popular event with Claremonters this year with some very good performances. Congratulations to Matt Diment on yet another 10K PB, going under 40 minutes for the very first time.

38:50 Roberto Marzo
39:44 Matt Diment
45:57 Richard Slack
50:15 Nina Jensen
51:51 Michael Teasdale
51:56 Tara McCully
53:00 Julie Dumpleton
55:05 Marie Slack
55:11 Ay Okopokam
58:23 Mary Martin
58:31 Kenny McCormick

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Aug 062018

The contrast in weather from last Sunday could hardly have been more stark and there were some complaints that it was too hot! For some reason, probably time of year, the Gosforth Relays does not attract as big a field as other events which is a shame as it is a well organised event around a nice course. Still, fewer teams means more chance of sky blue success and the Claremont oldies once again came home with prizes – Hazel Juggins was fastest lady over 50, with Mary Martin and Tom Tinsley winning the over 60s categories.

Position Leg 1 Time Leg 2 Time Leg 3 Time Team Time
8th Rutger Zietsma 11:26 Dean O’Brien 12:46 Paul Robinson 11:46 35:58
13th Tom Tinsley 12:19 David Lydall 13:08 Howard MacLennan 13:32 38:59
19th Sarah Kerr 13:03 Clare McKitterick 14:39 Nina Jensen 14:41 42:43
24th Dave Wotton 14:31 Dave Kear 15:37 Kenny McCormick 16:49 46:57
25th Andrea Saliba 16:40 Kat Truong 15:14 Tara McCully 15:36 47:30
27th Mary Martin 16:47 Hazel Juggins 15:36 Janet Palmer 18:02 50:25

Thanks to Gill and Howard for the photos:

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Aug 052018

Newcastle parkrun

Congratulations to Charlotte Baston for completing her 250th parkrun – the youngest person to achieve this at Newcastle. Congrats also to Dan Edwards on his 50th.

19:02  Roberto Marzo
19:37  Matthew Diment
20:49  Gordon MacFadyen
22::39  David Devennie
23:37  Luke Woodend
24:42  Dave Kear
25:34  Charlotte Baston
25:36  Dan Edwards
25:38  Sarah Kerr
25:38  Tom Tinsley
25:42  Brian Hegarty
26:43  Mary Martin
28:33  Gill Milne

Whitley Bay parkrun

24:16  Chris Gillie
24:17  Clare McKitterick
26:08  Daisy Martin

Gateshead parkrun

21:47  David Lydall
24:33  Paul Robinson
24:36  Heather Steel

Gibside parkrun

28:57  Graham Leslie

Stretford parkrun

A trip to Manchester proved beneficial for Richard Slack as he recordedan all-time 5K PB – well done!

21:51  Richard Slack
25:46  Marie Slack

Cotsford Field parkrun

20:12  Sumanth Nayak

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Jul 302018

“Brutal” seemed to be the most common word used to describe this year’s Coastal Run with “unrelenting” applying to the 30mph+ headwinds, but we all live to tell the tale!  This report from Richard Slack:

Early one morning a number of months ago, eager Clarmemonters (and other runners) waited for the coastal entries website to open. Grabbing places at this quickly sold out event and then waiting for the big day out itself. The logistics all booked thanks to Bill and the bus company and endless days of summer sunshine through June and July. Indeed, the only anxiety was how hot the race day would actually be!

Sunday morning dawned grey with the forecast for increasing windy and rainy conditions sweeping up from the South East. A good turn-out of Claremonters happily boarded the bus at The Great North Museum and headed off to Beadnell for the start, joined by others who had made their own way there. The run is linear North-South from Beadnell to Alnmouth. The forecast was right and the coastal run became a battle of endurance in winds up to 40mph coming straight at you along the respective beaches of Beadnell, Newton/Dunstanburgh and Alnmouth. Probably about half the race is over the beaches with the rest shared between the coastal path and a road section near Boulmer. The tide was on the way out, so plenty of hard sand to run on but also a lot of rather large pools left behind by the retreating tide. Once your feet are wet though you give up trying to avoid them and just run through them.

Beyond Newton beach is one of the best walks in Britain towards Dunstanburgh Castle and onto Craster; roughly the half way point. Lovely it may be – but the wind still raged and about this point it was accompanied by rain! Onwards to the coastal path on the second half of the route. From the rain, conditions became a bit slippery underfoot but as it was not the day for PBs you could take some care to negotiate any muddy bits. Emerging from the coastal path, the run then uses a road section which gave some respite from the wind being a little more inland and somewhat sheltered. Soon after, it is back onto the final beach for the last mile or so. Don’t be fooled – Alnmouth beach is effectively in two sections with the finish at the very far end of the beach. This year, for a further challenge, the gap between the two was a bed of seaweed so more care needed!

Well, at least the heat was not an issue and despite the challenging conditions it is still one of the best races in the calendar (or as Richard rather over enthusiastically recited “probably the best race in the world”). Brilliantly organized by marshalled throughout by Alnwick Harriers and celebrated by happy Claremonters all gathered in one of the Alnmouth hostelries.

1:31:55 Jonathan Gilroy  (20th overall)
1:37:57 Roberto Marzo
1:38:52 Paul Bernardelli
1:43:39 Matthew Kingston
1:46:21 Matthew Diment
1:46:55 Thomas Tinsley   (2nd M60)
1:54:02 David Lydall
1:56:52 Mungai Wairia
1:57:23 Richard Slack
2:03:30 Charlotte Baston
2:04:30 Lucy Dunbar
2:10:06 Ivone Campos Luna
2:12:36 Dave Wotton
2:15:01 Alex Anslow
2:18:40 Rose Hawkswood
2:20:13 Kat Truong
2:33:50 Catherine Robson
2:33:56 Janet Palmer
2:40:36 Leanne Salem
2:41:12 Marie Slack
2:42:35 David Manners
2:43:01 Bill Milbourne

Full results are here.

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