Sep 202017

Belated results from the Blyth Links 10K:

24 38:44 Roberto Marzo
28 39:05 Paul Robinson
37 40:23 Anthony Liddle
45 41:07 Tom Tinsley
55 42:26 David Lydall
73 44:25 Matt Diment
74 44:33 Arthur Liu
77 44:45 Dean O’Brien
81 44:58 Guiiseppe Frutuoso (Guest)
96 46:20 Jonny Evans
97 46:21 Lucy Dunbar
98 46:22 David Devennie
107 47:13 John Grimshaw
111 47:28 Sarah Bowen
114 47:41 Graham Leslie
129 49:29 Ben Hull
130 49:40 Chris Carr
151 51:10 Kat Truong
154 51:24 Dave Kear
160 51:45 Rose Hawkswood
169 52:26 Rachel Stout
181 54:12 Kenny McCormick
185 54:39 Serpil Bulut
189 55:04 Mary Martin
202 57:10 Marie Slack
212 58:05 Jane Evans


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Sep 102017

It was a good day for running and I think there will be a number of Claremonters pleased with their times (I know I am!). Well done to the Duracell bunnies, can’t be easy running with those signs!

01:13:00 Jonny Evans 47th
01:20:50 Jonathan Gilroy
01:25:55 Roberto Marzo
01:28:21 Simon Lowe
01:28:58 Catherine Young 23rd female in main race
01:32:13 Thomas Tinsley
01:35:53 Mungai Wairia
01:38:40 Paul Robinson 1:40 pacer
01:40:50 Arthur Liu
01:41:11 Dean O’Brien
01:41:32 Sarah Kerr
01:42:12 Robyn Wynn
01:43:20 David Devennie
01:44:52 Matthew Kingston 1:45 pacer
01:45:45 Richard Slack
01:47:46 Alan Dunning
01:49:49 Matthew Diment 1:50 pacer
01:50:03 Brian Hegarty
01:50:43 Gavin Woodcock
01:55:05 Kat Truong
01:55:18 John Grimshaw 1:55 pacer
01:55:28 Ben Hull
01:55:30 Chris Carr
01:56:16 Alex Anslow
01:59:01 Lucy Dunbar 2:00 pacer
02:00:46 Luke Woodend
02:04:07 Jane Evans 2:05 pacer
02:05:10 Kenny McCormick
02:07:04 Daisy Martin
02:07:05 Serpil Bulut
02:09:26 Alice Vialard 2:10 pacer
02:13:26 Nina Jensen 2:15 pacer
02:13:50 Marie Slack
02:18:15 Dave Manners
02:18:25 John Windsor
02:19:39 Terry Welsh
02:20:51 Rose Hawkswood
02:25:13 Anne Bennett
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Sep 042017

Mandy Herworth took herself north of the border to compete in the Glasgow 10K, part of the Women’s Running Race Series. Mandy finished an impressive 13th out of 265 runners in a time of 47:22. She sends this report:

Earlier in the year I was planning a weekend in Glasgow for the August bank holiday, I was going to take part in the Great Scottish Swim and decided to also enter the Women’s Running 10k for the following day in Strathclyde Country Park. This seemed like a good idea at the time, however a summer of running niggles and injury alongside periods of general laziness did not add up to great preparation for a 10k race, the longest distance I have ran in a year! So, on the day I travelled to the race not sure if I was even going to take part but once I got there I couldn’t back out. It was a great atmosphere, hundreds of women all excited just to take part, whether it be running or walking. This was a well organised race in a lovely location around Strathclyde Loch. After the race I proudly wore my finisher’s medal and t-shirt as I dragged myself uphill back to the train station, with a bright red face that didn’t return to a normal colour for a few hours.

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Sep 032017

The traditional opener to the cross-country season took place on a warm dry day which meant there was no thigh-high paddling through the stream this year! The Claremont teams put in very respectable performances, the ladies finishing 13th and the men 19th in their respective races:

14:15  Rose Hawkswood
14:54  Serpil Bulut
13:01  Lucy Dunbar

10:37  Anthony Liddle
11:57  David Lydall
11:34  Duncan Scott
12:54  Howard MacLennan

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Sep 012017

This has to be one of the best, if not the best, 10K runs in the North East and it is free, thanks to the good folk of Blyth Running Club! Although the weather had been disappointing for those looking for some late August sunshine, it was a perfect evening for running. A good turnout of Claremonters were rewarded with a great views along the coast and a lovely sky as we came on the homeward leg.

Still waiting for results, but here are a few photos courtesy of Mrs Devennie and Gill.

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Aug 062017

A full complement of 6 Claremont teams took part in the Gosforth Relays this morning.  Some good performances all around and the older members amongst us came away laden with booze and chocolates (makes a change from Start Fitness vouchers)!  Julie Dumpleton was fastest lady over 50, Mary Martin fastest over 60 and I am enjoying being in my new age category as I was also fastest over 60.

Team positions and times as below (Lucy and Dean would like to point out that they made a wrong turn and added 100m or so to their route):

Position Leg 1 Time Leg 2 Time Leg 3 Time Team Time
5th Sumanth Nayak 11:38 Paul Robinson 11:28 Anthony Liddle 12:05 35:11
19th Nicki O’Brien 13:40 Sarah Kerr 14:17 Lucy Dunbar 14:46 42:43
20th Howard MacLennan 13:59 Chris Carr 14:36 Dean O’Brien 14:13 42:48
21st Tom Tinsley 12:07 Dave Kear 16:07 Ken McCormick 15:55 44:09
22nd Jane Evans 14:10 Julie Dumpleton 15:56 Sarah Bowen 14:13 44:19
26th Mary Martin 16:30 Alice Vialard 15:55 Nina Jensen 14:37 47:02

Gill was there and took these photos of Claremont Road Runners present and future:

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Jul 092017

Results and photos from the Great North 10K today:

Runner Position Time
Mungai Wairia 213 43:07
Howard MacLennan 486 46:45
Sarah Kerr 593 47:59
Heidi Swaffield 634 48:15
John Grimshaw 1115 52:52
Dave Manners 2699 65:05


Photos, mainly from Lucy, also show Roberto Marzo and Christopher Smillie though I can’t find them in the results (heaven forbid that they ran on somebody else’s number!):

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Jun 282017

There was a good Claremont turnout on a wet night in the Tyne Valley. I think everybody earned their pie and peas!

Position Time Name
62 39:55 Catherine Young
81 40:42 Tom Tinsley (2nd M55)
93 41:50 David Lydall
195 47:25 Richard Slack
197 48:02 Nina Jensen
299 53:51 Serpil Bulut
339 57:07 Julie Dumpleton
341 57:11 Michelle Nesbitt-Burrell
347 57:31 Mary Martin (2nd F60)
348 57:31 Marie Slack
400 69:26 Gillian Milne
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Jun 222017

A big thanks to everybody who ran, marshalled or helped in anyway at the Weetslade Relays last night. Thankfully the thunderstorms stayed away, though it must have been a sticky night for the runners, especially those on the first leg.

Although the final results can be found in the post below and a summary of the winners in an earlier post, I thought that I could highlight the performance of the Claremont teams. I thought that they gave their all for the sky blue vest – well done!

Position Team 1st Leg 2nd Leg 3rd Leg
33 A Hannah Mainprize 16:41 Anthony Liddle 16:50 Mungai Wairia 17:01 0:50:32
63 B Francesco Carrer 17:41 Nicki O’Brien 18:23 Kerry Smith 19:30 0:55:34
82 C Julie Cross 19:10 Heidi Swaffield 18:09 Serpil Bulut 21:20 0:58:39


The winner of the “Guess the time of the first Claremont team” competition was … me!  I won back a bottle of wine that we had donated (and some other stuff).  So special thanks to Hannah, Anthony and Mungai for running to their handicap form!

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