Jan 132019

This was the Cathedral Relays with no view of the Cathedral, though there was a view of the Angel to make up for it! The traditional January cross-country relays could not take place in Durham, so Birtley AC stepped in and organised an excellent event in the grounds of the Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy. They did a great job of creating a winding lap of approximately 1500m which included a couple of cheeky climbs. As it has been all season, the ground was good underfoot with a distinct lack of mud, though you had to be careful with the rough ground on the ascents and descents. The main problem though was the wind and we did have an unplanned warm-up when the envelopes containing the numbers were blown to the extremities of the field! In common with most clubs, we deemed it sensible not to risk the tent, so luckily it stayed mainly dry though there was enough moisture in the air to give a few drops of rain and treat us to a lovely rainbow.

I think most people enjoyed the course and some decent performances from our oldies saw two out of the four Claremont teams take second place in their age groups – the over 55 ladies and the over 65 men. Modesty forbids me from saying that I was second in the men’s over 60s individual rankings and Gill was third in the ladies!

Position Team Cat. Team Time Leg 1   Leg 2   Leg 3  


M35 40:35

Francesco Carrer


Richard Slack


Tom Tinsley





Ben Hull


Dave Kear


Kenny McCormick

38 F45 46:41 Marie Slack 17:15 Mandy Herworth 13:49 Julie Cross 15:37
54 F55 51:33 Hazel Juggins 16:31 Gill Milne 17:26 Mary Martin 17:36
Francesco gets a team talk … Click the photo above to view the album on our Flickr page
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Jan 122019

Newcastle parkrun

21:46 Chris Jones
22:27 Mungai Wairia
23:10 Sarah Bowen
23:33 Madeleine Day
24:27 David Devennie
24:46 Brian Hegarty
25:49 Dave Kear
28:00 Alice Vialard
28:26 Tara Hipwood (PB)
28:55 Clare McKitterick

Roding Valley parkrun

22:29 Richard Slack

Whitley Bay parkrun

21:08 Tom Tinsley
24:37 Chris Gillie
26:40 Daisy Martin
29:54 Gill Milne
31:00 Dean O’Brien

Gateshead parkrun

20:14 Sumanth Nayak
22:08 David Lydall
22:20 Heather Steel
30:27 Rose Hawkswood

Riverside parkrun

24:43 Dave Wotton

Rising Sun parkrun

26:59 Luke Woodend

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Jan 072019

The adventurous Claremont ladies had a night out doing what they do best, but it was Jonny Evans who was on a winner in the dark at Kielder. Well done!

40:17   Jonny Evans (1st place)
1:19:35 Marie Slack
1:19:36 Nina Jensen
1:19:37 Mary Martin

As 10K is never enough for our girls, earlier in the day, the ladies had already done the 10 mile trail race at Kielder, where all were given a time of 2:00:12.  Congratulations to Mary on claiming the prize for finishing first in her age group (V60)!

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Jan 062019

Newcastle parkrun

20:36 Paul Hughes
22:23 Mungai Wairia
23:43 Clare McKitterick
25:10 Dave Kear
26:54 Lucy Dunbar
27:35 Chris Carr
28:37 Alex Anslow
29:03 Tara Hipwood

Prudhoe Riverside parkrun

20:59 Chris Jones (PB)

Cannock Chase parkrun

21:19 Dan Edwards

Whitley Bay parkrun

23:59 Chris Gillie
28:11 Daisy Martin

Durham parkrun

26:43 Dave Wotton

Gateshead parkrun

19:53 Sumanth Nayak
20:45 Paul Robinson
22:21 Heather Steel

Rising Sun parkrun

23:25 Alasdair Wilson Craw
30:19 Luke Woodend
30:21 Arthur Liu

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Jan 052019

Although part of the North East Harrier League season, this is a one-off event with the prizes going to the club that has the best overall performance in all races from Under 13 upwards – the Sherman Cup for men and the Davison Shield for the women.  As Lucy McKitterick was our sole representative in the junior races, we can’t really compete for the overall prizes, but we can still try our best in the individual events!

Following a very cold morning, we probably couldn’t have asked for better conditions at this time of year – a bit chilly, with no wind and very good ground underfoot with just the odd patch of mud.

Lucy, who is becoming a very enthusiastic cross-country runner was first off but unfortunately cannot contribute to the overall club score as you need 3 to make up a team.  I think it is really unfortunate that her race is always 10 minutes before the Ladies start as this deprives her of the support of her Mum, Clare, and most of the rest of the club as attention inevitably turns to the bigger event.

The Claremont ladies put in an excellent performance on the day.  The team competition is split into seniors and veterans with 3 counters for each.  The senior team of Catherine, Tara and Rose finished 11th overall, whilst the veterans did even better to finish a very creditable 8th – Sarah K, Mandy and Nicki being the 3 counters.

This meant that the Claremont ladies finished 13th overall in the Davison Shield – despite having teams in only 2 of the 5 possible races.  Well done, ladies!

The men’s competition was similarly split into senior and veteran teams for the accumulation of points.  Unfortunately we didn’t have enough seniors to make a team with only Dean and Michael running in this category.  Tom, David and Howard formed the old codgers team and we finished in a fairly lowly 30th place.  Only having a team in 1 event out of 5 meant that we were 34th in the overall Sherman Cup standings – but at least we weren’t last!

The quality and quantity of post-run snacks continues to be excellent and provided a nice end to a good afternonn out.  Special mention must go to the new addition of Catherine Young’s toffee apple cake – delicious, Catherine, please can you make this again!

Position Runner Time
U13 Girls
65 Lucy Mckitterick 19:08
26 Catherine Young 25:32
41 Sarah Kerr 26:15
85 Mandy Herworth 28:09
97 Nicki O’Brien 28:35
106 Sarah Bowen 28:47
167 Julie Cross 30:59
174 Clare McKitterick 31:18
189 Tara McCully 31:53
282 Rose Hawkswood 35:14
297 Gillian Milne 36:17
169 Tom Tinsley 37:41
259 David Lydall 40:46
320 Dean O’Brien 43:01
365 Howard Maclennan 45:06
397 Michael Teasdale 47:32
426 Ken McCormick 56:23


Click on the photo to see the album on our Flickr page (this photo of the start is probably the only time any of the other women running actually saw Laura Weightman! She showed the class of the Olympic athlete she is and won by miles):
Sherman Cup & Davison Shield, 5th January 2019

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Dec 302018

Newcastle parkrun

20:41 Roberto Marzo
21:09 Anthony Liddle
21:12 Dan Edwards
21:46 Paul Hughes
24:31 Alan Dunning
24:32 Luke Woodend
25:58 Julie Cross
27:03 Brian Hegarty
30:08 Clare McKitterick

Coventry parkrun

25:25 Dave Kear

York parkrun

19:52 Tom Tinsley

Whitley Bay parkrun

24:40 Chris Gillie
27:49 Daisy Martin

Gateshead parkrun

20:13 Sumanth Nayak
21:52 Paul Robinson
23:50 Heather Steele

Riverside parkrun

27:44 Dave Wotton

Gibside parkrun

26:09 Graham Leslie

Penrith parkrun

27:47 Marie Slack

Keswick parkrun

22:33 Richard Slack

Lytham Hall parkrun

22:44 David Devennie

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Dec 292018

Newcastle parkrun

21:39 Dan Edwards
22:08 Paul Hughes
22:14 Mungai Wairia
22:22 Mandy Herworth
22:48 Matt Diment
25:37 Julie Cross

Keswick parkrun

24:41 Richard Slack
24:43 Luke Woodend
28:20 Marie Slack

Gateshead parkrun

22:48 Heather Steel
22:49 Paul Robinson

Albert parkrun, Middlesbrough

18:31 Jason Hall  PB

Coventry parkrun

25:36 Dave Kear

Poole parkrun

21:46 David Lydall

Skipton parkrun

26:44 Lucy Dunbar

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