Sep 232018

No winners this week! However Gill has pointed out that we both won our age categories at Gibside and we can’t be expected to win anything else at our age! So, having christened Charlotte and Dan as Claremont’s “golden couple” the other week, I am claiming the title of Claremont’s “golden oldie couple” for Gill and I this week!  (Quick boast – I also had the highest age grading!).

Elsewhere, a very impressive PB for Clare McKitterick at Newcastle, where Kirsten Moegel also ran her first and only parkrun with us before she returns to Germany next week after her all too brief stay. Unfortunately Kirsten must have been an “unknown” as she is in the photos but not the results (apparently 110th).

Newcastle parkrun

19:27 Roberto Marzo
21:40 Chris Jones
21:57 Paul Hughes
22:21 Mungai Wairia
22:44 Kirsten Moegel
23:09 Clare McKitterick (PB)
23:18 Lucy Dunbar
23:53 Brian Hegarty
26:25 Kat Truong
27:34 Rose Hawkswood
28:51 Alice Vialard
29:42 Marga Burke-Lowe

Sheffield Hallam parkrun

19:38 John Lea-Wilson

Whitley Bay parkrun

22:33 Chris Gillie
26:09 Daisy Martin

Gateshead parkrun

23:17 Heather Steel
33:21 Dave Manners

Riverside parkrun

23:47 Dave Wotton

Gibside parkrun

21:24 Tom Tinsley
31:13 Gill Milne

Rising Sun parkrun

23:01 Luke Woodend
27:33 Bill Milboune

Keswick parkrun

20:31 Sumanth Nayak
22:49 Richard Slack

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Sep 162018

Another Claremont winner this week as Sarah Kerr, who is flying at the moment, finished 1st lady at the Toonrun. Well done!

Also, it must have been a nice day at the coast as both Matt Diment and Chris Gillie got PBs at Whitley Bay. This week’s tourism award goes to Brian Hegarty who popped over to Ireland for a run.

Newcastle parkrun

20:12 Tom Tinsley
20:22 Sarah Kerr               1st Female, PB
20:49 Gordon MacFadyen
21:38 Mungai Wairia
22:03 David Devennie
24:01 Clare McKitterick
26:52 Chris Carr
27:27 Lucy Dunbar
27:41 Alice Vialard
31:38 Kat Truong


Sunderland parkrun

21:52 Catherine Young

Sheffield Hallam parkrun

19:40 John Lea-Wilson

Whitley Bay parkrun

20:07 Matt Diment       PB
22:29 Chris Gillie         PB
24:24 Daisy Martin

Durham parkrun

23:13 Dave Wotton

Gateshead parkrun

21:06 David Lydall
23:43 Heather Steel

South Shields parkrun

23:11 Luke Woodend

Druridge Bay parkrun

26:29 Nicki O’Brien
26:29 Dean O’Brien

Sligo parkrun

26:10 Brian Hegarty

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Sep 122018

Was there ever anybody more suited to being a Duracell Bunny than Nina “And I would run 100 miles” Jensen? The BBC obviously spotted this and Nina proved to be the perfect interviewee – generally being the smiling, enthusiastic and encouraging person that we know and love! Absolutely brilliant Nina – you are a natural.

Click here to see our Nina on the telly!



Following her interview, Olly Murs approached Nina and asked to have his photo taken with her.  Nina, with the graciousness of a true star, obliged even though she had no idea who he was!  I’m sure our younger members can fill her in.

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Sep 092018
Paul Bernardelli 01:33:54
Sarah Kerr 01:35:53 PB
Tom Tinsley 01:35:53
Hannah Mainprize 01:36:43 PB
Matthew Diment 01:39:36 Duracell Bunny
Simon Lowe 01:39:53
Mungai Wairia 01:42:49
Dean OBrien 01:44:24
David Devennie 01:44:42
Arthur Liu 01:47:05
David Lydall 01:48:22
Matthew Kingston 01:49:41 Duracell Bunny
Catherine Young 01:49:42 Duracell Bunny
Chris Jones 01:51:12
Alan Dunning 01:52:52
Richard Slack 01:53:09
Clare McKitterick 01:54:14
Brian Hegarty 01:54:29
Charlotte Baston 01:54:41 Duracell Bunny
Serpil Bulut 01:55:12
Giuseppe Fruttuoso 01:56:33
Luke Woodend 01:56:59
Christopher Smillie 01:58:21
Tara McCully 02:05:24
Kat Truong 02:06:14
Alex Anslow 02:08:07
Nina Jensen 02:09:32 Duracell Bunny
Rose Hawkswood 02:13:47 Duracell Bunny
Marie Slack 02:14:49
Alison Smullen 02:15:10
Chris Carr 02:17:58
Janet Palmer 02:18:16
Ay Okpokam 02:18:48
Claude Farren 02:32:29
Leanne Salem 02:27:00
Terry Welsh 02:30:35
Joyce Archibold 02:37:50
Dave Manners 02:41:18
Gillian Milne 03:16:00 Speed walking
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Sep 092018

As you can see in this photo, the face of UK Athletics had the great honour of meeting the face of Kenya before today’s Great North Run.  Sir Mo obviously listened to Mungai’s words of wisdom on how to run the race as he shot off like a rocket before settling into his own (very fast) pace to win before most of us had hit the John Reid Road!

Our elite Kenyan then met some other elite Kenyans, an elite Geordie and a Dame:

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Sep 092018

Newcastle parkrun

20:40  Paul Hughes
20:59  Gordon MacFadyen
21:46  Mungai Wairia
25:11  Dave Kear
26:57  Lucy Dunbar
27:16  Alice Vialard
29:51  Clare McKitterick

Cannock Chase parkrun

19:55  Dan Edwards

Whitley Bay parkrun

23:09  Chris Gillie

Gateshead parkrun

20:05  Sumanth Nayak

Riverside parkrun

23:19  Dave Wotton

Rising Sun parkrun

28:05  Luke Woodend

Portobello parkrun, Edinburgh

29:33  Alasdiar Wilson Craw

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Sep 022018

It was a lovely, warm day for the opening event of the 2018-19 cross-country season at Farringdon. Claremont had two teams in the Ladies race and a single team of men.

The course, which has its share of ups and downs, was very dry with the exception of the muddy banks either side of the stream that you cross. We all scrambled down and out again with the exception of superman Howard who jumped it. Unfortunately he lost a shoe in the process. In true Claremont style he carried on before ditching the other show had running the second half of the course in his stockinged feet!

Special mention must be made to Dave Wotton who gave up his run to the late-arriving Kenny.  Dave was always in the team and I was the reserve – unfortunately I had already set-off to run the first leg when Kenny made it to Farringdon.

The senior ladies team came a very creditable 11th in their category – despite 2 of the 3 being veterans:

13:14  Serpil Bulut
14:42  Clare McKitterick
14:26  Tara McCully

The veteran ladies team were 12th:

11:53  Sarah Kerr
15:49  Mary Martin
17:11  Gill Milne

Despite all being over 40 (3 of us well over!), the men have somehow been categorised in the senior results, so our 25th position is fine by me:

11:35  Tom Tinsley
12:02  David Lydall
13:08  Howard MacLennan
15:55  Kenny McCormick

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Sep 022018

A few of us are still out and about around the country. It is good to see John settling into his new Sheffield home and Luke tackling the hill that the Whinlatter course must be, but pride of place this week goes to Claremont’s “golden couple” with Dan and Charlotte being 1st male and 1st female at Newbiggin-by-the-Sea. Well done!

Newcastle parkrun

21:04 Paul Hughes
21:08 Gordon MacFadyen
21:44 Mungai Wairia
21:55 David Devennie
25:50 Lucy Dunbar
26:58 Kat Truong

Sheffield Hallam parkrun

20:25 John Lea-Wilson

Whitley Bay parkrun

20:25 Tom Tinsley
24:26 Chris Gillie
30:07 Gill Milne

Gateshead parkrun

19:57 Sumanth Nayak
21:16 Paul Robinson
23:29 Heather Steel
25:32 Rose Hawkswood

Sedgefield parkrun

28:19 Dave Wotton

Newbiggin-by-the-Sea parkrun






19:44 Dan Edwards (the winner!)
23:18 Charlotte Baston (first lady!)


Rising Sun parkrun

24:22 Alasdair Wilson Craw

Whinlatter Forest parkrun

26:34 Luke Woodend

Bedworth parkrun

25:13 Dave Kear

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