Mar 122019

Ay Okpokam sends this brief report from the Brough Law Trail race:

“The weather didn’t look very promising when I got up on Sunday morning but luckily it improved a little, for the duration of the race (apart from a brief and rather unpleasant spell of sleet).

It was my first time running this 5 mile (with a 1250 ft climb) race and I really enjoyed it!

I finished 135th out of 145, with a time of 1:08:35. “

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Mar 112019

Newcastle parkrun

18:41 Daniel Mourenza (PB)
19:12 Roberto Marzo
21:03 Chris Jones
21:13 Paul Hughes
22:17 Mungai Wairia
22:57 Luke Woodend
24:30 David Devennie
25:21 Alan Dunning
25:59 Dave Kear
26:17 Michael Teasdale
28:05 Tara Hipwood

St Helens parkrun

20:52 Tom Tinsley
28:00 Gill Milne

Whitley Bay parkrun

22:48 Chris Gillie
24:51 Daisy Martin

Gateshead parkrun

20:26 Sumanth Nayak
21:47 Heather Steel
21:56 David Lydall
23:12 Paul Robinson
25:43 Graham Leslie
32:13 Dave Manners

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Mar 052019

Jason Hall went down to London to run in the LDN Victoria Park half-marathon … and won it in a superb time of 1:21:06. Bizarrely, he didn’t realise it at the time as there were multiple races happening at the same time! Jason posted:

“That extra Weetabix this morning working wonders!
New PB (1:21:06) – 5 mins 15 sec quicker than my last and my first half marathon win!!!”

I love the confidence of the word “first”. Well done, Jason.

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Mar 042019

We had a lot of photographers on the course at Alnwick – so thanks to Howard, Gill, Sarah B, Tara and myself for the photos which are now on our Flickr feed:


We celebrated the end of the cross-country season at Antico’s in Jesmond – photos also on Flickr:


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Mar 032019
U13 Girls
75 Lucy McKitterick 21:27
29 Sarah Bowen 33:34
107 Catherine Young 35:12 Fast pack, actual time 30:12
111 Sarah Kerr 35:15 Fast pack, actual time 30:15
120 Nina Jensen 35:23
128 Mandy Herworth 35:31 Medium pack, actual time 32:51
189 Julie Cross 36:24
202 Tara McCully 36:36
223 Lucy Dunbar 36:57 Medium pack, actual time 34:17
264 Clare McKitterick 37:41
301 Kat Truong 38:46
307 Alex Anslow 38:54
319 Ay Okpokam 39:29
328 Rose Hawkswood 39:46
336 Marie Slack 40:09
345 Bill Milbourne 40:39 O65
357 Gillian Milne 41:03
33 Daniel Mourenza 41:42
50 Roberto Marzo 42:05
139 Tom Tinsley 43:39
311 David Lydall 46:54
371 Francesco Carrer 49:00
381 Richard Slack 49:19
429 Howard Maclennan 51:13
476 Michael Teasdale 53:35
537 Ken McCormick 64:44

Report and photos to follow.

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Mar 032019

Newcastle parkrun

19:38 Paul Robinson
19:56 Roberto Marzo
21:18 Heather Steel
22:01 Mungai Wairia
23:14 Clare McKitterick
25:41 David Devennie
26:28 Julija Stoniute
26:58 Alice Vialard
27:19 Heide Swaffield
28:40 Tara Hipwood

Whitley Bay parkrun

23:29 Chris Gillie
34:41 Daisy Martin

Southwark parkrun

18:56 Jason Hall (4th)

Rising Sun parkrun

23:36 Luke Woodend

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Feb 262019

Ay and Tara did this night time run at the weekend. Ay had this to say:

“Tara McCully and I completed a very hilly 10 miles in the Simonside hills for the Duergar night run. The weather was ideal for it, though it was very windy on top of the crags. There were a few falls (all mine!) and luckily we didn’t come across any duergars (though we heard one!)”

2:23:55  Tara McCully
2:24:11  Ay Okpokam

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Feb 252019

Richard Slack is getting the bug for running on the Cumbrian Fells! He sends this report:

“High Cup Nick is a glaciated classic U shaped valley and now forms part of Pennine Way.

Run from village of Dufton up the valley, up the Nick and return – sounds easy but like all fell races (and cross country) it’s always a challenge – but beautiful. Did this today in lovely sunshine.

15km with 450m ascent.
Time 1.40.05”

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Feb 242019

The crazy Claremont contingent (Nina’s words, not mine!) were out in force today for the North East Marathon event at the Leas, South Shields. As it was Rose Hawkswood’s 30th birthday,  she had always planned a 30 mile run (how else do you celebrate?) and so Nina Jensen was able to convince her to do it today. Nina ran with Rose and, in doing so completed her 50th marathon. Mary Martin completed her 10th marathon, accompanied by Marie Slack and Julie Dumpleton, whilst Clare McKitterick ran a marathon and a bit more!

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Feb 242019

Matt Kerry took on the challenge of the 35 mile Northumberland Coast Ultra race. Starting in Alnwick, the run heads to the coast at Almouth before heading north and looping inland before finishing at Bamburgh.

Matt came an excellent 21st in 4:49:16. Well done!

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