Dec 032018

Well done to these four Claremonters who ran the Hexhamshire Hobble fell race.

And they finished in a good grouping …

108 1:33:38 David Lydall
119 1:35:04 Francesco Carrer
123 1:35:50 Richard Slack
126 1:36:12 Sarah Bowen

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Dec 032018

Newcastle parkrun

18:51     Roberto Marzo
19:01     Daniel Mourenza
23:45     Alan Dunning
25:03     Dave Kear
25:08     Julija Stoniute
26:01     Alice Vialard
46:25     Bill Milbourne

Grovelands parkrun, Enfield

28:18     Catherine Robson

Sheffield Hallam parkrun

18:59     John Lea-Wilson

Whitley Bay parkrun

23:47     Chris Gillie
25:01     Dean O’Brien
27:59     Daisy Martin

Gateshead parkrun

21:23     Paul Robinson
22:04     David Lydall
23:30     Heather Steel
32:38     Dave Manners

Rising Sun parkrun

28:43     Luke Woodend

Bodelwyddan Castle parkrun

26:14     Julie Cross

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Nov 112018

Another parkrun Saturday, another Claremont winner!  Congratulations to Jason Hall on coming first at Stewart parkrun in Middlesborough!

Newcastle parkrun:

20:54   Sarah Kerr
22:51   Luke Woodend
22:52   Arthur Win Sun Liu
23:00   David Devennie
24:20   Brian Hegarty
25:21   Dave Kear
25:53   Mungai Wairia
27:43   Chris Carr


Stewart parkrun, Middlesbrough:

18:12   Jason Hall   1st place, PB



Whitley Bay parkrun:

31:34   Dean O’Brien

Gibside parkrun:

26:52   Graham Leslie
34:04   Marga Burke-Lowe

Rising Sun parkrun:

19:59   Matthew Kerry

Croxteth Hall parkrun:

19:54   Tom Tinsley   81.32% WAVA

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Oct 102018

Ten Claremonters went for a “Run and Talk” along the Quayside for World Mental Health Day. Many thanks to Cath Robson and Nina for organizing this.

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Oct 072018

Ay Okpokam and Michael Teasdale report on the opening Harrier League fixture at Wrekenton:

Ay writes:

As cross-country novices, Tara and Michael and I arrived at Wrekenton with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. Though it was sunny, there was enough of a breeze to keep things comfortable. All the club tents and banners on the field created quite the spectacle.

After the juniors’ race, it was time for the senior women to set off.

Two 1.8 miles loops turned out to be pretty challenging, thanks to a couple of hills. There were definitely less smiles 2nd time around! There was a decent turnout of Claremont ladies, with some strong performances as well.

All the pain was forgotten by the time we got back to the tent and had some of the lovely cakes!

We enjoyed this ‘light introduction’ (as it was dry and there was no mud!) to cross country and are looking forward to the next one!

And Michael writes:

When the senior men’s race started what caught me totally unawares as a novice I XC was how uneven the surface was underfoot and how much more tiring running on it is.

We had three laps of the 1.8 mile loop to run and Bill’s warning about the headwinds were by no means unfounded. You try to tuck in behind another runner but you don’t always find yourself amongst other runners whose statures provided the most shelter.

The women, refreshed and replenished with cake after their race, had taken up position on the crest of the last hill of the lap to cheer us on.

Unfortunately Daniel Mourenza had to withdraw early in the race and David Lydall had taken a fall but carried on – I encountered him being seen to by medics as I crossed the line.

Hills and headwinds are never fun, but I was pleased to have completed my first XC race.

Jun 212018

Thanks to everybody who competed in, marshaled or officiated at the 2018 Weetslade Relays on Wednesday 20th June.  We hope you enjoyed it.

2018 Results

1. Morpeth Harriers
    Jordan Scott, Jane Hodgson, Lewis Timmins 41:46
2. Tyne Bridge Harriers
    Megan Parkin, Paul Turnbull, James Dunce 45:21

Fastest Man                          13:15  Lewis Timmins (Morpeth)
Fastest Male Veteran          15:47 Brendan McMillan (Jarrow & Hebburn)
Fastest Woman                    15:47 Dani Smyth (Heaton)
Fastest Female Veteran     15:05 Jane Hodgson (Morpeth)


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May 132018

Newcastle parkrun:

20:00   Roberto Marzo
20:07   John Lea-Wilson
20:57   Gordon MacFadyen
21:07   Mungai Wairia
21:30   Luke Woodend
22:32   Alan Dunning
23:00   Dan Edwards
24:30   Dave Kear
24:53   Francesco Carrer
25:26   Rose Hawkswood
26:43   Alice Vialard
26:45   Serpil Bulut
26:54   Alex Anslow
27:12   Andrea Saliba

Prudhoe Riverside parkrun:

21:54   Chris Jones

St Helens parkrun:

20:22   Tom Tinsley

Gateshead parkrun:

20:59   Paul Robinson
31:34   Dave Manners

Skipton parkrun:

22:14   Lucy Dunbar

Cirencester parkrun:

34:01   Julie Dumpleton

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