Apr 222019

Good Friday Relays


Tom Tinsley (13:16), Roberto Marzo (12:53), Paul Robinson (13:06), Michael Teasdale (15:57) total 55:12
David Lydall (14:13), Paul Hughes (13:23), Dave Wotton (16:21), Richard Slack (15:05) total 59:02
Mungai Wairia (15:15), Kenny McCormick (18:42), Jamie Harding (14:51), David Devennie (15:53) total 1:04:41


Sarah Kerr (13:35), Heather Steel (14:11), Catherine Young (13:08) total 40:54
Clare McKitterick (15:54), Julie Cross (16:56), Nina Jensen (15:54) total 48:44
Tara McCully (16:27), Julija Simpson (17:00), Nina Jentl (16:50) total 50:17
Ay Okpokam (17:46), Hazel Juggins (17:36), Marie Slack (18:25) total 53:47

Dave Lydall reports –

The Good Friday relays were held on warm day this year, a marked improvement on last year, when it hailed.   The day began with a course enveloped with fog but as the morning wore on it became warmer and sunnier.  

It’s a good course for spectating and there were many cheering us on. According to the organizers there was a record turnout this year.  To keep the runners on their toes a new handover process had been put in place this year.  As often seems to be the case the winning female team from Morpeth Harriers, were led out by Laura Weightman, who finished way ahead of the field and showed us all how it should be done.

It seemed to be a good day for running and most of us revisiting the course were a little quicker this year than last.  Claremont had four female and three male teams, in some cases drawing on last minute substitutions.    Claremont’s quickest senior team, Sarah, Heather and Catherine were 8th fastest senior team.  The other Claremont female teams all ran well, whether seasoned relay racers or running a relay race for the first time.  The Claremont senior male team, led out by the most senior, Tom, along with Roberto, Paul and Michael were our quickest.  The other veteran teams finished a little later.

Thanks to the generosity of many there plenty of cakes, scones, fudge and Italian pastries to reward the runners.  All in all, a very enjoyable start to the long weekend.

North Tyneside 10k

43:48     Heather Steel
44:29     Roberto Marzo
46:41     Luke Woodend
47:02     Richard Slack
49:11     Chris Gillie
50:46     Clare McKitterick
56:31     Daisy Martin
56:14     Marie Slack
60:31     Janet Palmer
61:16     Chris Carr

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Apr 212019

Newcastle parkrun

18:45     Roberto Marzo
19:53     Sarah Kerr   PB
22:22     Gordon Macfadyen
22:30     Richard Slack
23:35     David Devennie
23:41     Clare McKitterick
24:24     Serpil Bulut
24:34     Brian Hegarty
25:03     Nina Jentl
25:15     Violeta Tsenova

Tamar Trails parkrun

22:43     Madeleine Day

Durham parkrun

26:10     Dave Wotton

Gateshead parkrun

20:03     Sumanth Nayak

Stewart parkrun, Middlesbrough

18:25     Jason Hall

Newbiggin-by-the-Sea parkrun

24:18     Chris Gillie
25:56     Daisy Martin

Tyne Green parkrun

19:43     Paul Hughes
20:18     Chris Jones

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Apr 152019

Saturday 13th April saw the Run Northumberland Cragside 10K, with its very long climb to the top of the estate! Chris and Daisy represented Claremont:

49:43 Chris Gillie
55:28 Daisy Martin

On Sunday 14th April, Chris Jones ran the Vale of York 10 miler but couldn’t quite break the 70 minute barrier.
1:10:18 Chris Jones

Nearer home, in the Derwent Valley, was the Chase the Kite 10K (and a bit):

25th 49:37 Mungai Wairia
49th 52:44 Clare McKitterick
93rd 58:10 Bill Milbourne

The week before, on Saturday 6th, Dave Wotton and Bill Milbourne did the 26 miles Allendale Challenge. Dave completed this in 7 hours 18 mins from the Run start, with Bill doing 7 hours 43 mins fromm the Walk start.

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Mar 242019

Richard Slack is fell racing again

Carrock Fell is in the Northern Fells of the Lake District – back of Skiddaw group.

Short category A (lots of ascent) 6 mile fell race organised by northern Fells group. Very windy today and sadly most of the uphill to Carock was due into the strong Westerly wind. From Carrock Fell top a couple of miles across flat but boggy ground and then up onto High Pike. Wind assisted power descent over West Fell back to start.

1 hour 2 mins and 32 seconds – safely in bottom quartile I would expect – these fell runners are a hardy fit lot!

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Mar 232019

Sadly I (Tom) didn’t manage a parkrun whilst on holiday, but there were a couple of PBs for those running nearer to home – well done to Sarah Kerr and Chris Jones.

Newcastle parkrun

19:46     Roberto Marzo
20:05     Catherine Young
20:16     Sarah Kerr (PB)
20:26     Sumanth Nayak
20:36     Paul Robinson
21:10     Paul Hughes
21:16     Heather Steel
22:27     Mungai Wairia
22:27     Luke Woodend
23:26     David Devennie
24:46     Brian Hegarty
25:12     Claire McKitterick
28:33     Alice Vialard
29:33     Kat Truong

Prudhoe Riverside parkrun

20:50     Chris Jones (PB)

Whitley Bay parkrun

25:47     Daisy Martin

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Mar 172019

Report by Richard Slack

I was meant to do a trail race in the Lakes on Saturday but due to gales and flooding gave that a miss. Next thought – what can I do instead. Knew Marie was joining the marathon fraternity of Claremont for another NE Marathon Club winter wonderland on Sunday so duly signed up.

We arrived at Ashington woods and met other Claremont regulars, Nina, Marie, Bill and Janet. The NE Marathon club runs are a pretty relaxed affair with a lovely atmosphere and well marshalled (windy corner, sunshine straight, the corner of the little bog) with full encouragement at the refreshment table every lap.

The 2.6mile  course, through Ashington Community Woods was really lovely – plenty of twists and turns to keep it interesting and relatively flat throughout with the possible exception of a shallow 1km uphill drag up the back straight. You run as many laps as you want and get checked off each lap. Obviously 10 laps equals nearly a marathon at 26 miles so on completion a further little out and back was added. But at 9am that was the least of my worries and the furthest thing from my mind!

My plan was to get through the first 5 laps (roughly half marathon) and see how far I could go after that. Mentally I set targets to complete lap 6 then two more to lap 8, a “digger inner” on lap 9 and then only one more glorious lap would get me through. And pretty much all that went to plan except the increasing inability of the accelerator in my legs by lap 8 to 9, like being stuck in 3rd gear. Nonetheless on I plodded and finally lap 10 came. What I thought would be a lovely and decent paced last lap turned into another battle but this time to the finish and the extra bit at the end. 

Sure enough the end came. I was so proud to have done this and part of the preparations for London. Marie was waiting at the end having done 7 laps (18 miles) and Nina went on to, I think, her last lap – but she might of course still be running! My legs and brain then really ceased to work so any thought of bending and walking was a real serious deal!

But on a serious note, anyone fancying a go at a marathon these runs are perfect as mentally the laps tick by and today you knew that every 2.6 miles a few snacks and fuel was waiting – no champagne though. 

Oh, and the time 4 hours 8 minutes 40 seconds. But over such a distance, the time rather looks after itself.

Rest assured, champagne now and beer and curry later- necessary recovery for me.

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Mar 162019

Newcastle parkrun

20:07     Roberto Marzo
22:42     Mungai Wairia
23:50     David Devennie
24:36     Luke Woodend
26:15     Dave Kear

Gateshead parkrun

20:34     Sumanth Nayak

Ganavan Sands parkrun

21:51     Chris Jones

Harrow parkrun

We have done Harrow a few times as our son lives there. The weather was better than in the North East, though there was a strong breeze. Luckily the park is fairly sheltered and I managed to knock 1 second off my PB and claim exclusivity on the course record for my age category. As Ben Hull holds the VM70-74 record, there is a little corner of North West London where the old men of Claremont reign supreme.

20:15     Tom Tinsley (PB and course VM60-64 record)
28:30     Gillian Milne

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Feb 092019

I’m on my annual visit to the Gulf for some much-needed vitamin D replenishment and my race of choice this time was the Ras al Khaimah half marathon. It’s one I’ve done before (and done well in) but the course was moved this year from RAK city centre to a rather spectacular location; a man-made island that’s been created by dredging sand from the sea. Those of you familiar with the Emirates will no doubt know of the Palm Jumeirah, another man-made island shaped like a palm tree that juts off the Dubai coast. There are more of these things popping up along the coast these days and this one, shaped like a crescent, is still quite new. Other than a hotel and some private apartment complexes, there hasn’t been much development on it, so I imagine the race has been moved there as an advertising opportunity for the emirate to attract investors.

What does this course look like to you?

This was only the 13th running of the half marathon but it’s already got a bit of a reputation. The Emirates is obsessed with superlatives; the biggest, the longest, the tallest, the glitziest, the richest; and while most of these adjectives describe the skyscrapers, their ambitions extend beyond mere real estate. Dubai has its marathon; the world’s richest with a $250,000 winner’s cheque and ridiculously fast times (last year’s edition featured six men under 2:04:45) and Ras al Khaimah has its half. It’s billed as the world’s fastest and for good reason; the average finishing time of the elites is the quickest anywhere and both men’s and women’s world records have been broken there.

The course is pancake-flat and there are only two hairpin turns, with the rest being smooth flowing curves. Add to this the fairly benign climate in the Gulf (20 degrees and hardly any wind to speak of at this time of year) and this makes for some fast times. The temperature at the 7am start was 10 degrees, which in the strong sunshine, was ideal. I had a decent spell of training this winter so instead of a conservative pacing approach settling for a sub 90, I decided to gamble on running flat out, or as close to 5k pace as I could manage, and hope for the best. It’s only 21km, what’s the worst that could happen?

My 5k splits were fairly consistent at 20:30 or thereabouts, didn’t fade at the end as I had feared and finished in 1:27:03, a PB. As for the elite race; eleven men finished under the hour with two going sub 59. That’s the most in history. Rising Swiss star Julien Wanders was one of them, going sub 60 for the first time and smashing Mo Farah’s European record in the process. Perhaps Mo should race here next year to reclaim it. Although, I suspect he has bigger ambitions in the marathon…

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Jan 272019

A short list this week because a 28 strong Claremont contingent volunteered to do all the tasks at Newcastle parkrun.

Newcastle parkrun

19:54     Roberto Marzo
21:42     Heather Steel
21:43     Paul Robinson
23:25     Paul Hughes
52:14     Alan Dunning

Newcastle parkrun, 26th January 2019

Prudhoe Riverside parkrun

22:41     Madeleine Day

Whitley Bay parkrun

24:07     Chris Gillie
26:51     Daisy Martin

Gateshead parkrun

20:03     Sumanth Nayak
33:40     Dave Manners

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Jan 202019

Newcastle parkrun

19:09     Daniel Mourenza
21:57     Mungai Wairia
23:17     Madeleine Day
24:25     Brian Hegarty
25:23     Dave Kear
27:21     Alex Anslow
27:49     Tara Hipwood
27:53     Alice Vialard
28:07     Kat Truong
28:07     Chris Carr

Whitley Bay parkrun

23:33     Chris Gillie

Durham parkrun

25:17     Richard Slack
26:34     Marie Slack

Gateshead parkrun

21:46     Heather Steel
22:06     David Lydall
22:09     Paul Hughes
22:23     Paul Robinson
24:28     Lucy Dunbar
33:12     Dave Manners

Princes parkrun, Liverpool

20:08     Tom Tinsley
29:07     Gill Milne

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