David Lydall

May 132019

Position    Time                        10K

22              38:40              Daniel Mourenza

85             43:20              Heather Steel (4th Female)

                                           Half Marathon

214        1:40:08              Mungai Wairia

420        1:48:46              Claire Mckitterick

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May 132019

Nina reports on music and running in Leeds.

A cancelled and rearranged gig meant I was in Leeds for the weekend after my birthday. Having looked last week at what else we could do over the 2 days I spotted Leeds Half Marathon which is organised by the same people as York marathon. So I signed up without really reading any more about the route.

The gig was on the Sat night so I adopted the Richard Slack pre race carb loading by having several beers over the night. This was mopped up by a couple of vegan pizza slices also available at the venue.

The hotel was an 8 min walk from the start so after a leisurely breakfast I walked to the start, following lots of other runners heading there too.
The race was split into 4 waves with the first 2 waves heading off at 9.30. The 3rd (mine)and 4th zone were held around the corner and after a quick warm up we walked around to start around 9.45.

Chatting to a couple of runners who’d done it previously there was mention of a hill at mile 4 which went on for a mile and then a bit of an incline in the last 100 metres. I thought that sounded ok. At least the big hill was out of the way early!

I started around the same time as a 1.50 pacer although he seemed to be going out very slowly and was obviously pacing a negative split race. As this goes against my strategy of starting out at the pace I want to finish and hoping I can keep it up, I soon passed him once we’d got up the first little drag up from the start.

The route starts in the city but like York marathon heads out into the countryside so I was enjoying the sights and all the support.

Mile 2 became an uphill drag until mile 4. Maybe that was the hill. Well at least that’s over I thought.

The support was brilliant and the villages we passed through all seemed to have embraced the race passing through with kids offering jelly babies and high fives while there mum’s dad’s and grandparents handed out oranges and held signs proclaiming that pain was only french for bread!

After a nice downhill stretch mile 7 sneaked up on me as another decent climb and so on the route went. The later miles weren’t as hilly as the first few but still tested the legs and there were runners hobbling off right and left to stretch calves and quads. Mile 13 started heading back into the familiar territory of the city and soon the start gantry was in sight so the finish in Millennium Square wasn’t too far but yes another cheekily little incline which scuppered my sprint finish.

Over the line was a bottle of water and a goody bag with t shirt and some treats in then I was presented with my medal and a pint of alcohol free beer. On offer in the event village was free medal engraving and free massage for those who wanted it.

All in all not a bad road half. Ok it’s not the GNR but was a fair bit cheaper, still had all the support and bands on the route but with only a 6th of the number of runners there was plenty of room to run but with still enough people around for company.

Chip time 1.48.05

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Mar 312019

Richard Slack has been running in the mountains again.

Coniston 14 mile 30 March 2019

Another weekend in Cumbria and this time a road race – a full anti-clockwise circuit of Coniston. This is a very popular race, first run in 1982, and now attracts around 1,600 entrants, and like most races, sold out. Today, the weather was kind, with a gentle breeze from the South and overcast with some sunny spells late on – so no sun burn worries for those that remember my performance at Allendale a few years ago!

Leaving Coniston village, the route heads steadily but gently uphill to Torver on the West side of the Lake and then due South following the Lake and passing beautiful scenery and some stunning houses overlooking the lake shore. At around 6 miles the South end of the Lake is reached and the route heads due East for about a mile before returning up the East side of the Lake and round the top to Consiton village for the finish. Generally the route is lots of little ups and downs but always beautiful views to compensate on the ups. Towards the end of the East side (around 11 miles) there is one last ascent above Brantwood, John Ruskin’s house, but thereafter it is downhill and flat for the final two miles to Consiton.

After a decent amount of long runs recently a 14 miler was a welcome return to just a bit beyond half marathon distance and I loved the feeling of thinking at 10 miles that I only had a final four miles to go. So I upped my pace today and was delighted to post a time of 1 hour 48 minutes 45 seconds. Great run, loads of parking at the start area (Consiton school grounds), really well marshalled and plenty of water stations through the route. For anyone wanting a scenic and fair Lakeland run this should be on your list!

Full results


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Mar 312019


18:28 Daniel MOURENZA         PB
19:32 Sumanth NAYAK
19:48 Thomas TINSLEY
19:53 Paul M ROBINSON
20:12 Sarah KERR                      PB
20:13 Catherine YOUNG
20:39 Anthony LIDDLE
20:59 Heather STEEL
21:46 Mungai WAIRIA
23:25 Sarah BOWEN
24:39 Alan DUNNING
24:49 Brian HEGARTY
25:36 David John DEVENNIE
25:41 Dave KEAR
25:49 Julija STONIUTE
28:07 Gillian MILNE
28:18 Heidi SWAFFIELD
28:48 Christopher CARR


21:45 David LYDALL

Rising Sun

22:29 Luke WOODEND
23:00 Dean O’BRIEN

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Oct 142018


19:13 Jason HALL
20:15 Anthony LIDDLE
20:30 Sarah KERR
20:56 Robert BRYCE
22:36 Richard SLACK
22:37 Paul Neil HUGHES
24:57 Dave KEAR
25:53 Christopher CARR
26:15 Julija STONIUTE

Sheffield Hallam

19:47 John LEA-WILSON


23:38 Dan EDWARDS
23:40 Charlotte BASTON

Whitley Bay

26:04 Daisy Helen MARTIN
31:30 Dean O’BRIEN


21:09 Catherine YOUNG
33:31 David MANNERS


26:42 David WOTTON

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Oct 082018

Captain Howard reports:

Well, I was very proud of every Claremonter that ran today. Having only a week rest; recovering from injuries, everyone got involved and got around the beautiful Druridge Bay course.

First up; was Grace Scott for the under 11s. Knowing maths homework had to be done on the car journey home, Grace just got out there, ran the course with no hesitation and overtook her friend at the finish. Her Dad Duncan Scott must be mega proud of her, plus a special mention of keeping a young Charlotte entertained for the rest of the afternoon.

The ladies next; they made a great achievement today, coming in 7th this week against last week 9th position. Sarah Kerr has been promoted to the Fast Group, so will bring friendly competition with our own Catherine Young. Can anyone recall when we had two fast ladies in the NEHL? Also a special mention to Julie Cross; second race in a row of being one of fastest 4 runners, and to Kat Truong scoring points with the 3rd placed position.

Lastly the men’s, thankfully we were able to get a full team out. A big shout out to our new Cross Country Ben Wetherall, for breaking one’s duck, his first Cross Country Race as a Claremonter. He put his Captain mind at ease that we could secure maximum team points, with runners availability. Also a mention to David Lydall; not only for the Shanghai gang press of Ben Wetherall to run as Claremonter, but for his injury recovery last week, to being our 2nd fastest runner today after Roberto Marzo. Awesome achievement!

It’s been great getting Duncan Scott and Richard Slack back in the squad, not only bringing valuable points for the 3rd and 4th fastest position, but for their solid character qualities they bring to the Men’s team. A special mention to our Michael Teasdale; he is improving each week, which showed today by being the 6th fastest men’s runner after almost twisting his ankle near the end.

We can’t forget our Cath Robson, Mary Martin for their running involvement and enthusiastic side support when the men were running. And of course our Lucy Dunbar for her fudge and banter, and the introduction of her partner in crime Lee as a Club supporter. Very happy couple!

Well hopefully I’ve managed to mention everyone involvement today, even Roberto Marzo wife Jessica for allowing perhaps not the first choice day out. But we really needed him today, so many thanks.

As the only Club Captain today; that’s me bowing out for a while, but many thanks from me to everyone involved today. If more Carrot Cake is made for the next event, I’m sure you all will be flying the Sky Blues colours well!

Under 11 Girls
Position                Runner                                 Time
55                         Grace Scott                         8:38
Position                Runner                                Time
24                         Sarah Kerr                          31:07 – actual time 28:27
124                        Julie Cross                         33:26
152                        Kat Truong                          34:14
157                        Catherine Young 34:25 – actual time 29:20
197                        Lucy Dunbar                       35:36 – actual time 32:56
265                        Mary Martin                       38:00
268                        Catherine Robson            38:07
Position                Runner                                Time
98                         Roberto Marzo                  39:53
327                        David Lydall                       43:49
366                        Duncan Scott                     45:11
398                        Richard Slack                     46:07
416                        Howard MacLennan        46:46
487                        Michael Teasdale             50:13
554                        Benjamin Wetherall        57:04

Oct 072018


18:49 Roberto MARZO
20:38 Gordon MACFADYEN
22:25 David John DEVENNIE
22:29 Richard SLACK
25:03 Dave KEAR
25:58 Christopher CARR
26:36 Alice VIALARD
28:07 Catherine ROBSON
28:20 Susannah ORR
29:55 Marga BURKE-LOWE
42:39 Luke WOODEND

Whitley Bay

27:02 Daisy Helen MARTIN


20:07 Sumanth NAYAK
21:59 Paul M ROBINSON

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Jun 202018
Newcastle parkrun
21:29 Mungai WAIRIA
24:07 Francesco CARRER
24:10 David John DEVENNIE
26:16 Andrea SALIBA
27:31 Christopher CARR
39:23 David LYDALL
Gateshead parkrun
20:18 Sumanth NAYAK
20:54 Paul M ROBINSON
24:35 Heather STEEL
28:47 Rose HAWKSWOOD
32:01 David MANNERS
Eastville parkrun
22:19 Robyn WYNN
Rising Sun parkrun
22:40 Arthur Win Sun LIU
23:06 Luke WOODEND
Druridge Bay parkrun
22:04 Christopher GILLIE
26:02 Daisy Helen MARTIN
Whinlatter Forest parkrun

Richard SLACK

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Jun 162018

The Newburn river run is a Wednesday evening race held in mid-June each year.  Elswick Harriers organise the pleasant, 6-mile, largely off-road, run along trails either side of the Tyne.  The run begins near the Newburn leisure centre, follows along the North of the Tyne, over the bridge at Wylam and back along the South of the river, finishing near the Newburn bridge.

It was a pleasant, warm and humid evening. Nine from Claremont were running and the two Matthews led Claremont home. Charlotte was representing the home team.  The course was slightly altered, and improved this year, beginning off road on the path/grass area in the Tyne riverside park, near the river.  This new and wide start area permitted a fast start, unaffected by traffic. Following the race we picked up complementary sandwiches at the bar in the leisure centre and waited for the prize giving.  The run is sheltered and fast.  Look for it next year, just after the Blaydon race.

00:38:49 Matthew Kingston
00:39:44 Matthew Diment
00:41:34 David Lydall
00:43:24 Jamie Harding
00:43:46 Mungai Wairia
00:45:58 Alan Dunning
00:53:37 Ay Okpokam
00:55:03 Marie Slack
01:03:54 Emma Crowley
00:45:32 Charlotte Baston


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