Jul 122017
Pos. Finish time  Participant  Club 
1 31:44 Catherine Young CLAREMONT ROAD RUNNERS
2 32:04 Matthew Kingston CLAREMONT ROAD RUNNERS


Another very good run by Catherine in a highly competitive field. Surprisingly low club turnout for such a local race. 


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Apr 282015

Report by Matthew Kingston:

I don’t especially like 5k races. They are too much pain and suffering in a relatively shortish time. Being a glutton for punishment though I entered this as it’s only down the road from where I live and I was familiar with the course(or so I thought). Also it would give me an idea of how I was doing fitness wise(not that well as it turns out).

I had only done this race once before but having taken part  in the Gordon Smith Relays a number of times I thought I knew what to expect routewise. On arrival though it transpired that the path behind Segudunum had been shut so we were going to be sent off in the opposite direction which would include the infamous Davey Bank twice.

I had arrived a bit early, misjudging how long it takes to cycle down from Heaton and having collected my number I met up with fellow Claremonter Ben Hull. Eventually the start time rolled around and we positioned ourselves mid pack. It was a bit of a tight squeeze and after vaulting a cone right after the start line we were all away safely. I set off at a pace on the limit of my comfort zone, but I guess that’s what these short races are all about. After about a mile we reached the aforementioned Davey Bank, a spiteful 40 yards of incline. Then it was back to near the start for the second loop. The last km was particularly challenging, the spectre of a recent stomach bug manifesting itself. Crossed the finish line in just over 19mins 30secs, which translated into a 19:27 chip time.

Soon after Mr Hull tore across the line to become the first v70 to finish bagging himself some vouchers.

Pos. Bibno. Finish time Chip time Participant Category Club/Company/Sponsor Speed Pace
19:34 19:27 Matthew Kingston (M) 45-49 Claremont Road Runners 15.33 km/h 3:54 min/km
23:02 22:55 Ben Hull (M) 70-74 Claremont Road Runners 13.02 km/h 4:36 min/km
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Aug 202013

Ian Brown 2 (Peter Joss 7.8.2013)

It is with great sadness that I have to report the passing of ex-club member Ian Brown.

Ian was a member of Claremont for many years until moved to Otley to be nearer his daughter and grandchildren a few years ago.
Ian was a keen runner for many years before joining Claremont. He also enjoyed bike rides where, coincidently, the route would always pass many pubs!!
Ian took part in many local races, also completing the London marathon several times – travelling with others from the club at times. He also completed the Great North Run many times – on several occasions he was heavily involved in organising fundraising for a local school for disabled pupils, when a group pushed the children round the course in their wheelchairs.
Ian will be remembered for being a great friend, his sense of fun and enthusiasm for trying new things and getting others involved. His enthusiasm carried me and others into trying many events we would not otherwise have tried, for example giving fell racing a go.
The joke with Ian was how he got you involved before you knew what you were getting into – though you knew would have a great time and never regretted it.
E.g. ‘How do you fancy trying a 6 mile fell race at Thropton’ was the suggestion one day.
‘OK I’ll give it a go’ I replied.
‘Great we’ll do that. Oh by the way the Great North Run’s the next day’ (the Mountain n’ Marathon Double for those old enough to remember).
A stroll around the Cheviots turned out to be running the Chevy Chase.
You would always recognise Ian immediately after a race as he was the one tucking into the Pork Pies – I still don’t know how he managed that.
Ian leaves behind wife Jane, son Nick, daughter Rebecca, son-in-law Roger and 3 grandchildren.

Peter Joss

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Jun 252013

Last year I hardly entered any races so to make up for it this year I semi randomly clicked on most of the race entry sites and entered as many races as possible, the result being I have a pretty busy race schedule from mid June onwards. The first of those races was the Newburn River Run. Before the race I read back through previous results convinced it was only a couple of years since I had last ran it but I had to go back to 2007 to discover I had completed it in a reasonably sounding 43:53.

The weather gods were kind to us on the night of the run, a balmy summers evening greeting 350 runners from around the region which included some very high quality club runners. Most of the Claremont contingent gathered on the grass outside the sports centre contemplating the wisdom of exercising on such a warm night. The race started just after 7:30, unusually I had positioned myself close to the front so there wasn’t the usual dodging and weaving. I never approach these things with anything like a plan or even any idea how I am going to do so I just got on with it, keeping half an eye on a couple of runners I recognised to be a little quicker than me and attempted to keep them in sight.

The first half of the race is about 3 miles along a flattish path to where we cross the river at Wylam and then make our way back to Newburn. I made a concerted effort not to look at my Garmin but the those 3 miles seemed to take forever and by the time we crossed Wylam bridge I was starting to feel the effects of a relatively brisk pace. My ‘targets’ were still in sight though so that spurred my on to maintain my effort. The second half of the route is a touch more undulating with some sharp twists and turns to negotiate though it didn’t really have a noticeable impact. The last couple of miles were particularly painful and although I caught one of the runners I knew I couldn’t quite find enough to reach the second.

And although I was pipped on the line I was still pleased to finish in 28th place in a time of 40:17 and according to my Garmin I also managed my fastest ever 5k and 10k . So all in all a pleasing nights work and very well done to all the Claremont participants.

Full results can be found here

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Aug 132012

Small CRR turnout for this popular and relatively fast 2 lap course. I somehow managed a PB. Done this race seven times now purely because I have friends in Darlington and this is the only time I get to see them.

Pos Num Forename Surname Team/Club Cat ChipTime Perf GunTime
62 766 Matthew Kingston M40-44 Claremont Road Runners 00:38:18 73.49 00:38:28
93 1195 Luke Bryant M Claremont Road Runners 00:40:03 67.29 00:40:05
658 713 Alan Hansell M60-64 Claremont Road Runners 00:54:31 59.51 00:55:02

Full results can be found here

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Jul 112012

Matthew Kingston and Sarah Bowen went for a plodge round the fells just north of Stanhope. Lovely little race with a real local feel. Unfortunately Sarah went over on her ankle and couldn’t complete the course.


Full results available at

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Jun 262012

Relatively large turnout from CRR for this challenging trail run.

Matthew Kingston                          9th 4th 0/40          1:34:57
Megan Murdoch                           19th 4th lady            1:48;15
Bill Milbourne                               46th 2nd 0/60         2:00:43

Full results can be found at


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