Nov 042018

Newcastle parkrun

20:11 Tom Tinsley
20:52 Paul Robinson
21:01 David Lydall
21:07 Gordon MacFadyen
22:17 Heather Steel
22:34 Richard Slack
24:36 Brian Hegarty
25:30 Julija Stoniute
27:28 Chris Carr
27:56 Clare McKitterick
49:15 Bill Milbourne

Sheffield Hallam parkrun

18:59 John Lea-Wilson (another PB!)

Whitley Bay parkrun

27:09 Alice Vialard

Riverside parkrun

26:59 Dave Wotton

Rising Sun parkrun

19:46 Sumanth Nayak (an impressive 9th place)

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Sep 172018

Although classed as a half-marathon, this is actually a 14.1 mile trail run, and six hardy Claremonters had recovered sufficiently from the exertions of last weekend to tackle it.

2:00:45  Richard Slack
2:04:49  David Wotton
2:09:54  Nina Jensen
2:29:40  Marie Slack
2:32:39  Mary Martin
2:38:54  Leanne Salem

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Sep 042018
Position Time Runner
17 39:13 Anthony Liddle
25 40:12 Paul Robinson
40 40:56 Tom Tinsley
52 42:00 David Lydall
95 44:28 Jamie Harding
120 45:53 David Devennie
122 45:55 Howard MacLennan
135 47:05 Kirsten Moegel
142 48:04 Serpil Bulut
145 48:26 Charlotte Baston
166 49:52 Dave Wotton
187 51:34 Lucy Dunbar
189 51:40 Kat Truong
193 52:00 Rose Hawkswood
211 53:40 Tara McCully
219 54:27 Ay Okpokam
245 57:19 Catherine Robson
247 57:34 Mary Martin
273 61:00 Gillian Milne
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Aug 262018

We got about this week with Claremont Road Runners at 10 different parkruns! 

Newcastle parkrun

19:20  Roberto Marzo
20:57  Tom Tinsley
21:08  Sarah Kerr
21:22  Gordon MacFadyen
22:14  Mungai Wairia
22:53  David Devennie
22:55  Luke Woodend
27:02  Brian Hegarty
28:01  Chris Carr

Prudhoe Riverside parkrun

21:16  Chris Jones

Coventry parkrun

25:17  Dave Kear

Sheffield Hallam parkrun

20:45  John Lea-Wilson

Durham parkrun

24:46  Dave Wotton

Gateshead parkrun

20:28  Paul Robinson
23:50  Heather Steel
24:18  Lucy Dunbar
30:05  Rose Hawkswood

Riverside parkrun

18:57  Matt Diment

Gibside parkrun

26:13  Graham Leslie

Druridge Bay parkrun

23:21  Chris Gillie
26:03  Daisy Martin

Heslington parkrun

19:33  Sumanth Nayak

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Jul 122017
Pos. Finish time  Participant  Club 
1 31:44 Catherine Young CLAREMONT ROAD RUNNERS
2 32:04 Matthew Kingston CLAREMONT ROAD RUNNERS


Another very good run by Catherine in a highly competitive field. Surprisingly low club turnout for such a local race. 


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Apr 282015

Report by Matthew Kingston:

I don’t especially like 5k races. They are too much pain and suffering in a relatively shortish time. Being a glutton for punishment though I entered this as it’s only down the road from where I live and I was familiar with the course(or so I thought). Also it would give me an idea of how I was doing fitness wise(not that well as it turns out).

I had only done this race once before but having taken part  in the Gordon Smith Relays a number of times I thought I knew what to expect routewise. On arrival though it transpired that the path behind Segudunum had been shut so we were going to be sent off in the opposite direction which would include the infamous Davey Bank twice.

I had arrived a bit early, misjudging how long it takes to cycle down from Heaton and having collected my number I met up with fellow Claremonter Ben Hull. Eventually the start time rolled around and we positioned ourselves mid pack. It was a bit of a tight squeeze and after vaulting a cone right after the start line we were all away safely. I set off at a pace on the limit of my comfort zone, but I guess that’s what these short races are all about. After about a mile we reached the aforementioned Davey Bank, a spiteful 40 yards of incline. Then it was back to near the start for the second loop. The last km was particularly challenging, the spectre of a recent stomach bug manifesting itself. Crossed the finish line in just over 19mins 30secs, which translated into a 19:27 chip time.

Soon after Mr Hull tore across the line to become the first v70 to finish bagging himself some vouchers.

Pos. Bibno. Finish time Chip time Participant Category Club/Company/Sponsor Speed Pace
19:34 19:27 Matthew Kingston (M) 45-49 Claremont Road Runners 15.33 km/h 3:54 min/km
23:02 22:55 Ben Hull (M) 70-74 Claremont Road Runners 13.02 km/h 4:36 min/km
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