Jul 262018

Howard and Kenny have been competing in the North East Masters Track & Field events this season. Although Howard says “There is much room for improvement from both of us”, 2nd and 3rd place finishes can’t be bad!

100m, 1st Race
Kenny McCormick 18.7 – 3rd – 37th in the UK at V65


100m, 6th Race
Howard MacLennan 13.6 – 2nd – 97th in UK at V40
“Just missed out winning, after pulling the piriformis during the race.”


Kenny McCormick 91.7 – 3rd – 50th in UK at V65

Javelin 800
Howard MacLennan – 2nd – 18.53 – 93rd in UK at V40
“Could no longer do a run up after pulling the piriformis.”

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