May 032018

The roadworks at Heworth did their best to stop us all getting to Bedewell Park for the Masters Relays, but everybody got there in time even if we did have to make a couple of last minute changes to the running order. Luckily it was a dry night as, although I had packed the club tent I forgot to pack the tent poles. Oops! Still, we had the flag to fly and a groundsheet to keep our bags and the all important cake tins on!

There was quite a strong, cold wind in the less sheltered parts of the course that made it feel more like March than May, but the course was dry and overall it was a decent night for running.  We had 5 teams in the first race – 4 ladies and the over 65 men. Mary Martin dropped down the age groups to complete the 35-44 team (nobody would have believed us if she ran in her real age group anyway!), so we were represented in all age groups.

For the second race, due to late withdrawals, we had to sacrifice the mens 45-54 team and have two over-age runners in the 35-44 category, so we had this team and the over 55s.

I think all teams acquitted themselves well with 3rd place finishes for both over 55s. Where I think we were definitely winners was in providing the most enthusiastic and noisy support of any club! And probably in providing most after race snacks too!

Team Leg 1 Time Leg 2 Time Leg 3 Time Team Time Position
F35-44 A Sarah Bowen 13:53 Alice Vialard 15:15 Serpil Bulut 13:48 42:56 13th
F35-44 B Ay Okpokam 16:03 Penny Hunter 16:52 Mary Martin 16:36 49:31 23rd
F45-54 Mandy Herworth 13:22 Julie Cross 15:09 Marie Slack 16:12 44:43 7th
F55-64 Cath Robson 16:01 Gill Milne 17:04 Hazel Juggins 15:31 48:39 3rd
M35-44 Richard Slack 13:24 Alan Dunning 13:55 Howard MacLennan 13:53 41:12 23rd
M55-64 David Lydall 12:49 Tom Tinsley 12:14 Mungai Wairia 12:43 37:46 3rd
M65+ Dave Kear 15:15 Bill Milbourne 15:34 Ken McCormick 16:39 47:28 5th
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