Jun 222017

A big thanks to everybody who ran, marshalled or helped in anyway at the Weetslade Relays last night. Thankfully the thunderstorms stayed away, though it must have been a sticky night for the runners, especially those on the first leg.

Although the final results can be found in the post below and a summary of the winners in an earlier post, I thought that I could highlight the performance of the Claremont teams. I thought that they gave their all for the sky blue vest – well done!

Position Team 1st Leg 2nd Leg 3rd Leg
33 A Hannah Mainprize 16:41 Anthony Liddle 16:50 Mungai Wairia 17:01 0:50:32
63 B Francesco Carrer 17:41 Nicki O’Brien 18:23 Kerry Smith 19:30 0:55:34
82 C Julie Cross 19:10 Heidi Swaffield 18:09 Serpil Bulut 21:20 0:58:39


The winner of the “Guess the time of the first Claremont team” competition was … me!  I won back a bottle of wine that we had donated (and some other stuff).  So special thanks to Hannah, Anthony and Mungai for running to their handicap form!

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