Dec 122016

Saltwell 10k, 17th December

40:36     Dan Edwards
46:45     Robyn Wynn
47:49     Richard Slack
48:40     Howard Maclennan
53:20     Kenny McCormick
57:03     Daisy Martin

Town Moor Winter Wonder Marathon, 11th December

3:57     Sichao Yang
4:08     Sumanth Nayak

An excellent debut marathon by Yang, who only started running this year, and in some pretty horrible conditions too! Probably the windiest Town Moor marathon I’ve done even though it was quite still in the rest of the city. Stupid Town Moor micro-climate! A big thanks to Lucy for forcing me to keep going when I felt like quitting before the final lap, and running with me while talking about nothing but food!

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