Nov 262016

Senior and Vet Women

32:59     Robyn Wynn
34:03     Sarah Bowen (medium pack)
34:20     Rose Hawkswood
35:08     Mandy Herworth (medium pack)
35:49     Julie Cross
39:12     Nina Jensen
39:31     Julie Dumpleton
42:33     Mary Martin

Senior and Vet Men

52:35     Howard Maclennan
59:06     Ken McCormick

Great turnout and result, as always, by the women, and…a good attempt by the Macs to represent the men. I’m told by Nina that this was a brutal course and “proper” cross country. Judging by her photos (below), you should all be proud of yourselves. Bunch of masochists…

img-20161126-wa0000 img-20161126-wa0003 img-20161126-wa0004

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