Oct 312016

Newcastle Town Moor Half Marathon, 30th October:

1:34:34     Chris Jones
1:36:21     Catherine Young

Newcastle Town Moor Marathon, 30th October:

3:31:00     Jamie Harding

Many thanks to all the Claremonters for the fantastic support at the drinks station. Your cheerful faces certainly help break the monotony of those excruciating laps. The marathon just wouldn’t be the same without you guys!

Morpeth to Newcastle Half Marathon, 30th October:

1:35:33     Mungai Wairia   1st M60
1:47:07     Lucy Dunbar
1:56:18     John Grimshaw

Morpeth to Newcastle Marathon, 30th October:

4:03:45     Nina Jensen
4:54:47     Mary Martin   1st F60

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