Jun 102014

33:42     Luke Bryant
33:48     Jonathan Gilroy
35:19     Jeremy Smith
35:22     Paul Robinson
36:10     Roberto Marzo
36:45     Paul Hughes
36:57     Tom Tinsley 8th M55
37:07     Megan Murdoch
38:28     Heather Steel
38:30     Graham Leslie   2nd M65
38:33     Catherine Young
39:34     Mandy Herworth   5th F45
39:40     Mungai Wairia
40:28     Ashley Ritchie
40:52     David Devennie
40:48     Dean O Brien
40:57     Yincent Tse
41:39     Sarah Kerr
41:44     Howard MacLennan
42:00     Simon Lowe
42:08     Jonathan Mains
42:31     Nina Jensen
42:55     Nicki Hobbs
43:21     Richard Slack
44:06     David Reay
44:23     Bill Milbourne 9th M65
45:40     Joanna Kirby
46:12     Chris Hogarth
47:16     Ken McCormick
47:26     Elisabeth Stoddart
47:50     Mary Martin   3rd F60
49:48     Robert Richards
51:24     Marie Slack
51:42     David Manners
54:16     Debbie McRory

Full results here.


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  5 Responses to “Blaydon Race, 9th June 2014”

  1. All that effort, a Blaydon PB by 30 seconds on my own watch and I’m missing from the results! I had my chip on and it was definitely the right way up. I want a stewards’ enquiry! I reckon that I was 8th M55 by time as well.
    It was a good turnout from Claremont – Well done to everybody whether you got a result or not!

    • we were wondering what had happened, well done though, we’ll take another in ten 10 in their age group 🙂

      not just you, nina is querying her time, she was a lot faster.

      • They have now added me to the results and have given me a chip time that is well faster than I really ran. The finish time of 37:20 is about right and that puts me 8th M55 by position as I thought, but they have given me a chip time of 35:33 which is nearly 90 seconds too fast. It would even make me faster than Roberto and nearly as fast as Paul. In my dreams!

        • just been text chatting about that, as i was trying to remember the order in which everyone passed me, as i had you after robbie……
          going by that chip time, even though gun time is what counts; you would have been first m55 ! 🙂

  2. I am now on with a time that is much closer to reality. After the initial disappointment of not being in the results, I was impressed with the service from the results team.