May 182013

I said March 23rd’s event was the windiest ever. Well, today’s was certainly the wettest. After some heavy overnight rain, it got quiet at 7am and things were looking promising but just before the start, the heavens opened up and it got progressively worse as the hour passed. Respect to all the volunteers around the region because it was not a day to be standing around in the cold and miserable conditions.

18:36   Luke Bryant
19:10   Jeremy Smith
21:53   Charlotte Spencer
23:02   Mungai Wairia
23:33   Chris Hogarth
25:26   Kenny McCormick
25:42   Mary Martin
28:04   Sionna McCutcheon

Braunstone parkrun:

19:41   Robert Brand   PB

Princes parkrun:

19:39   Tom Tinsley   PB

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