Oct 282012
Claremont Cow
Elisabeth Stoddart


An emaciated cow, suspected of escaping from a local abattoir, was spotted running wild on the Town Moor. As it happens, the Town Moor marathon was taking place at the time and the cow, chasing after the runners, eventually ended up running 26.2 miles. Impressed by the bovine’s endurance, Claremont Road Runners promptly gave it a club vest and made it one of their own. The runaway ruminant finished in a very respectable 34th place.

Not far behind was Elisabeth Stoddart, finishing in 77th place with a big smile on her face.

Well done to Bill Milbourne, Dave Beaney, Bob Richards, Lorna Pearson, Kate Sergeant, Graham Leslie, and Matthew Kingston and Paul Hughes for manning the two water stations and the cracking support.


Photos courtesy of Michelle Nicol and Penny Wilmott

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