Mar 042012

Claremont were represented by Senior team, 4 male veterans and 3 ladies at this traditional and popular event also known as the Signals Relays.  There were some good individual performances.  The senior team that finished in 36th place were:

Brendon McMillan (11:51)
Jamie Martin (13:08)
Sumanth Nayak (15:10)
Duncan Scott (13:26)
Paul Robinson (14:40)
Jamie Harding (15:08)

The vets finished as:

Bill Mibourne (16:15)
Owen Fallon (16:36)
Dave Kear (17:23)
Dave Wotton (15:51)

And there were good times for the girls:

Nina Jenson (15:52)
Tracy Etherington (15:06)
Lorna Pearson (24:46)

Full results are here.


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