Sep 292014

Congratulations to all three Claremonters on their new PBs.

40           1:23:18  Jonathan Gilroy
324         1:40:38  Simon Lowe
478         1:48:25  Richard Slack

Here are some gruesome finish line photos courtesy of Karen Newton. Full set here. Great color coordination by all three!

IMG_0560 IMG_0955 IMG_1162

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Sep 282014

By Richard Slack

Had someone told me a year ago that I would be getting up early to go to Redcar to do a half marathon I would have struggled to believe both location and also activity! How things change and thanks to Claremont.

The route is pretty flat throughout with one small rise and fall to cross over the railway bridge. The race itself is pretty much in two halves, all along closed roads. The first half leaves the seafront from the leisure centre and heads north towards the picturesque works of Wilton before retracing the route back to past the start. It then continues south along Redcar seafront towards Marske before turning round for the last 3 miles back to the leisure centre for the pleasant site of the finish. As it is two out and backs I did see Jonathon G. a couple of times with the faster runners. My only prior half marathon was the Great North Run so the space to run in, and being able to spot other Claremonters was quite a new experience.

I set out to beat my Great North Run time of 1.54.00 and targeted to maintain around 8.15 per mile which I achieved finishing in around 1.48.30, so still work to do to get down to below 1.45 and 8 minute mile pace throughout. Overall, well organised throughout with four water stations and if you want a flat half marathon with plenty of running space and easy free parking then take a look at this for 2015.

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Sep 282014

Newcastle parkrun:

18:47   Luke Jones
19:10   Jeremy Smith
20:50   Paul Hughes
22:57   Katherine Hooper
24:40   David Devennie
24:58   Mary Martin
25:14   Dave Kear

Whitley Bay parkrun:

22:35   Ben Hull

Durham parkrun:

29:29   Debbie McRory – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Sep 272014

Nina’s training session on Wednesday night seems to have been a great success and a number of people have asked for the details to be put on the website, so here it is:

Station 1 Bunny hops, walking lunges, run
Station 2 Press ups, triceps dips burpees
Station 3 Squats, lunges, lunge kicks
Station 4 Hill run, star jumps, high knees
Station 5 Mountain climbers, sprint starts, squat thrusts
Station 6 360° lunges, heel raises, 360° jumps
Final exercise Plank

Sounds hard, glad I missed it!  Seriously, it is great that we are getting a bit more variety in the Wednesday interval slot.  Well done, Nina.

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Sep 232014

Howard MacLennan has been quite the jetsetter this year. He’s been on a quest to run half marathons in the capital cities of every Nordic country. Not satisfied with that, he’s also completed the Paavo Nurmi half in Turku, Finland, and the largest road race in the world (based on number of registrations not finishers), the Gothenburg half in Sweden.

Here are his times:

1:40:44  Copenhagen Half Marathon       29 March 14
1:43:12  Helsinki Half Marathon               10 May 14
1:48:55  Gothenburg Half Marathon             17 May 14
1:41:57  Paavo Nurmi Half Marathon            28 Jun 14
1:40:37  Reykjavik Half Marathon             23 Aug 14
1:46:33  Stockholm Half Marathon           13 Sep 14
1:40:51  Oslo Half Marathon                      20 Sep 14

So, what’s next for Howard? A full marathon in every Nordic capital? Or a half in every European capital perhaps?

Howard 01 Howard 02

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Sep 222014

By Richard Slack

Sundays in September are proving to be good for running with again the weather fair, little wind and sunny spells. So Marie and I went off to Prudhoe, where we met Nina for the Prudhoe Miners 10k. Special cheer for Nina who the day before had run and won the ladies in the Border Reivers half marathon (as befitting a captain!).

The first couple of kms were, as runners would say, undulating, setting off from Waterworld to run along Prudhoe main street. This was well marshalled and road traffic free. The route then turns a little nasty with an uphill section for about half a kilometre but not the perils of Denton Bank. Thereafter the run was pretty much split between level and downhill sections. The route returns into Prudhoe, back past Waterworld and drinks station and then proceeds downhill for the final 3k. This last section being a delightful run by the river Tyne to finish at the Country Park near Prudhoe station.

All in all a good 10k and one that I will hopefully do again next year. Whilst I was pleased with my time I was staggered (as Ben would be!) by the 41.13 recorded on the Claremont website for those that browse during the day. I will set the record right with a time of 47.13, although still a notable improvement from 2013 (and pre-Claremont days) when I was some six minutes slower. Progress indeed and carried away with enthusiasm I duly entered the Redcar half marathon next weekend – report to follow.

Update: Richard’s time in the results listing has been corrected.

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Sep 222014

Prudhoe Miners 10k – 21st September

48           47.13     Richard Slack   PB
57           48.41     Nina Jenson   PB
98           53.56     Marie Slack   PB

Sedgefield Serpentine 6.5M Trail Race – 21st September

8              40.07     Jonathan Gilroy

Simonside Fell Race – 20th September

1:08:44  Charlotte Spencer
1:09:11  Jamie Harding
1:11:39  Michelle Nesbitt-Burrell

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Sep 212014

Congratulations to Nina Jensen for finishing first lady in this half marathon that takes place at RAF Spadeadam.

8             1:36:39  Alasdair Wilson Craw
11           1:44:02  Jeremy Ellman
16           1:47:46  Nina Jensen   1st lady
19           1:51:55  Melanie Williams
29           2:05:14  Dave Kear

Nina's trophy

Nina’s trophy

Dave Kear

Dave Kear’s sprint finish

The squad

The squad

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Sep 212014

Newcastle parkrun:

18:34   Paul Robinson   PB
18:48   Luke Jones
18:51   Jeremy Smith
19:53   Gordon Macfadyen   PB
21:42   Paul Hughes
21:42   Heather Steel
22:26   Ben Hull
24:15   Luke Woodend
25:02   Mary Martin
27:57   Yincent Tse
29:50   Elisabeth Stoddart

Gateshead parkrun:

29:17   Dave Manners

Darlington South Park parkrun:

18:03   Jonathan Gilroy

Gibside parkrun:

21:25   Tom Tinsley   course PB – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Sep 192014

Just how many people does it take to replace Dave Kear?  So far, the answer is at least 4.  As Dave winds down towards his well-earned retirement from Claremont Road Runner duties, his many responsibilities will be shared between a number of other mugs willing members.

To fulfill the tasks of organising the teams for Cross Country, relays and other races that we enter as a club, we have introduced the roles of Ladies’ and Men’s Team Captains who will be ably supported by their respective Vice-Captains.  This motley crew skilled and able team are shown below:


From left to right:

Michelle Nesbitt-Burrell (Ladies Vice-Captain)
Jonathan Gilroy (Mens Captain)
Nina Jensen (Ladies Captain)
Tom Tinsley (Mens Vice-Captain)

If you have any questions about representing Claremont, please seek out any member of the team.

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