Sep 252016

Newcastle parkrun:

20:32   Dan Edwards
21:13   Anthony Liddle
21:38   Mungai Wairia
23:01   Robyn Wynn
26:02   Kenny McCormick
41:46   Rose Hawkswood

Gateshead parkrun:

31:04   Dave Manners

Whitley Bay parkrun:

24:35   Daisy Martin

Rising Sun parkrun:

23:12   Luke Woodend
26:23   Bill Milbourne – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Sep 202016

Do we now have a Claremont swimming team? Rose Hawkswood sends this report:

Last Saturday morning rather than joining in with parkrun I went to Kielder Water to do a mile swim, where I spotted Mandy and Julie C who also had the same great idea.

The water was apparently a tropical 17° (lies, all lies), therefore we agreed over brownies that this was partly preparation for the cold XC season.

It was Julie’s first open water race and she completed the mile in a fantastic 38.15. While Mandy steamed ahead to finish 10th in 25.35 and I was happily somewhere in the middle with 30.28.


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Sep 182016

Newcastle parkrun:

20:26   Dan Edwards
20:38   Gordon Macfadyen
21:24   Mungai Wairia
22:15   David Devennie
22:16   Paul Hughes
22:34   Matthew Diment
23:19   Howard Maclennan
23:57   Dave Kear
25:09   Chris Carr
25:58   Alice Vialard
26:21   Marie Slack

Gateshead parkrun:

19:00   Paul Robinson
20:33   Catherine Young
21:01   David Lydall
25:03   John Grimshaw
30:38   Dave Manners

Whitley Bay parkrun:

25:14   Daisy Martin

Rising Sun parkrun:

22:26   Luke Woodend
22:55   Graham Leslie
24:11   David Reay

Pennington Flash parkrun:

25:54   Bill Milbourne – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Sep 122016

1:30:03     Paul Robinson
1:32:18     Simon Lowe
1:33:22     Catherine Young
1:37:03     Tom Tinsley
1:39:58     Arthur Liu
1:40:56     Mungai Wairia
1:41:19     Brian Hegarty
1:41:27     Joanna Kirby
1:43:07     David Devennie
1:43:24     Matthew Diment
1:46:10     Dean O’Brien
1:49:33     Sarah Kerr
1:50:35     Richard Slack
1:52:26     Ben Hull
1:53:24     Nikki Hobbs
1:56:17     Lucy Dunbar
1:57:48     Daisy Martin
1:58:00     Nina Jensen
1:58:07     Alex Anslow
1:58:26     Kenny McCormick
1:59:17     Chris Carr
2:00:51     Ashley Ritchie
2:06:39     Alice Vialard
2:08:25     Kerry Smith
2:09:41     Marie Slack
2:13:01     Ivone Campos-Luna
2:22:34     Dave Manners
2:27:38     Terry Welsh

Well done to Dave M and Terry for maintaining their GNR ever-present streak!


gnr-01 20x30-zzzu0933











Great North 5k, 10th September

20:44     John Grimshaw   PB

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Sep 112016

Newcastle parkrun:

21:34   David Lydall
22:53   Mungai Wairia
26:39   Alice Vialard
28:16   Rose Hawkswood

Gateshead parkrun:

21:12   Heather Steel
22:47   Graham Leslie

Whitley Bay parkrun:

33:19   Daisy Martin

Rising Sun parkrun:

23:25   Luke Woodend
24:24   Dave Kear – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Sep 052016

This event is very much an introduction to the cross-country season with a short 1.8 mile course and, as cross-country is more fun when it is wet(!), the weather decided to help with heavy rain before, and at times during, the race. The course is an undulating one on a mix of grass and decent paths. There is a nice section through woodland, a fairly steep but short uphill bit but the most interesting feature is the small stream that ha sto be crossed.

The men’s race is a 4 leg relay and Howard MacLennan led the Claremont veteran team off. As runners were finishing, there was much discussion on the depth of the stream with “thigh high” being a fairly common description! Howard handed onto David Lydall running his first cross-country – naively in ordinary trainers with no change of clothes! David made up a bit of ground and handed over to me. I was glad that I had packed my spikes as I overtook the runner in front who was slipping and sliding on the woodland path. Out of the woods, it was with some trepidation that I approached the stream. I have run this course before and I am sure that the stream could be jumped a few years ago, before becoming a deeper channel that meant stepping in and out but no more than ankle deep. Here I stopped and tentatively stepped down the slippy bank before disappearing into water uo to my shorts (What the hell, I was already wet from the rain!). A couple of steps through and I had to clamber up the muddy bank on the other side before getting running again on the path that twists back before the main climb of the course. Near the top I was overtaken by a very fast runner who was actually on the 4th leg for the winning team. From here on in, it is fairly straightforward and I managed to hold off the 2nd placed runner so that we were only lapped by one team. I handed on to Duncan Scott who made up some more places so that we finished 12th out of 20 veterans’ teams. The men’s times were:

13:17 Howard MacLennan
12:43 David Lydall
11:51 Tom Tinsley
11:52 Duncan Scott

The “elf and safety” team decreed that the stream was too dangerous for the gentler sex, so the ladies had to detour onto the road for a short stretch in order to cross it without getting their feet wet. This is a single race not a relay, and Claremont had 4 participants. All seemed to run well and enjoy it though I feel they were cheated of the full cross-country experience!

20 12:33 Sarah Bowen
34 13:39 Robyn Wynn
49 14:45 Nina Jensen
50 14:47 Mary Martin

Most of the photos below are provided by Howard:

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Sep 042016

Newcastle parkrun:

21:21   Brian Hegarty
21:46   David Lydall
22:01   Mungai Wairia
22:52   Robyn Wynn
24:12   Dave Kear
24:40   Kenny McCormick

Rising Sun parkrun:

19:57   Alasdair Wilson Craw   60-64 age cat record
22:49   John Grimshaw

Keswick parkrun:

23:30   Luke Woodend

Harrow parkrun:

22:57   Ben Hull   70-74 age cat record – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Sep 042016

Julie Dumpleton sends this report from the St Bega’s Ultra:

Following the inaugural running of the Claremont 35, it seemed only right and proper to “try an ultra”!. Thus it was that four slightly nervous but excited first time ultra runners arrived for registration at the SBU35. Nina, Mary, Elaine (now Elswick) and I had decided to give it a go!!

The St Bega’s Ultra is a largely off-road 36 country mile point to point trail race from near Keswick to the coast at St Bees designed for beginners with a long cut off of 12 hours and plenty of support.

We registered on Friday, the mandatory kit was checked and we collected our detailed road book (containing step by step instructions to support the maps for the novice navigator) as well as the timing chip. Reassurance was also available from the organizers and other runners!

Saturday 4.30 am, the big day arrived. Time to get organized! A bag for the run, a bag for the middle, a bag for the end and a bag for everything else!! Off we went to board the bus for the start!
A short walk from the bus to the start in Dodd’s Wood near the osprey viewing point and we were off. A drone was there to capture the moment as well as our very own supporter, Marie. 143 starters, all ages shapes and sizes but all providing a sense of camaraderie, setting the tone of the whole event.

The first leg was a combination of trail, grass and a slippery steep descent, putting quads to the test straight away. The sun shone as we made our way along the lakeside at Derwent Water.  Nina had a close encounter with a bog but at 11 miles we were at Checkpoint 1 providing flapjack, peanuts, malt loaf and sweets as well as water.

The second leg was the toughest incorporating a long climb up to the Honister slate mine. I was thinking what goes up must come down, gearing myself for some running instead of plodding.  I was to be thwarted however, as the steep downhill was even more difficult due to the rocky terrain.  It was a long 11 miles but rewarded by the stunning view on such a clear day from the top of Honister. Checkpoint 2 provided sausage/jam sandwiches, custard and more flapjack!

The third leg started well with a trail through the peaceful Ennerdale forest and then along the lakeside. Just as you thought it was safe, another grueling hill appeared (known locally as Bummer’s hill) but we could see the sea from the top. Mary decided to take a closer look at a bramble bush (now you see her, now you don’t!) but luckily a few scratches were the only injuries.  The final checkpoint arrived with more flapjack and the ubiquitous Marie!
The final jog/walk to the sea was a triumph for camaraderie.  We had teamed up with some other runners and kept each other going for the last push.  A flying finish holding hands in a long line and the 37 (some say 39) miles was done in 11 hours (Nina and Elaine were a little ahead with 10.45).  The goodie bag was awesome with a technical t shirt and merino wool socks.  In addition there was fish and chips and a pint provided.  Each medal was unique as they are made from pieces of slate from the Honister mine.

Oh sorry, not quite finished, there was also a plunge afterwards into a deliciously cold Irish sea!! A perfect end to a perfect day.

We would like to say a special thank you to Marie for her extra special support!

In summary, a fantastic first ultra, friendly, well organized and supportive with stunning scenery and a great bunch of people. What better way to spend your Saturday?

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