Jul 292016

On Wednesday evening, while we thought it tough running over the hills on the Town Moor, Nina and a few other Claremonters took on the much hillier Clamber Race in Durham. In Nina’s words:
” It was a great warm up for cross country and would be good to get a few more Claremonters there next year – they do a great buffet in the pub afterwards with an amazing range of food (Leanne and I certainly got our money’s worth!). In the pre race briefing Phil from Elvet Striders described it by saying ‘in this race there is no flat!’ and he was right. The hills were tough but the scenery and the support from the marshals made it worthwhile.”

Position Time Name
2 31:21 Jonny Evans
7 34:25 Jonathan Gilroy
86 47:26 Nina Jensen
131 55:59 Leanne Salem
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Jul 242016

1:30:45     Roberto Marzo   Colin Archibold Trophy winner
1:37:04     Matthew Kingston
1:48:45     Jeremy Ellman
1:55:35     Tiago Mestre
1:58:00     Sumanth Nayak
2:01:25     John Grimshaw
2:02:13     Matthew Diment
2:04:25     David Devennie
2:06:07     Julie Dumpleton
2:09:05     Alex Anslow
2:14:31     Daisy Martin
2:18:09     Bill Milbourne
2:20:37     Leanne Salem
2:24:26     Ivone Campos Luna
2:33:55     Joyce Archibold
2:40:01     Dave Manners

Coastal Run 2016

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Jul 242016

Newcastle parkrun:

18:52   Roberto Marzo
20:52   Mungai Wairia
21:01   Chris Jones
22:12   Arthur Liu
22:32   David Lydall
24:07   Robyn Wynn
25:59   Alex Anslow
42:21   Rose Hawkswood

Gateshead parkrun:

19:56   Paul Robinson
42:17   Lorna Pearson

Whitley Bay parkrun:

22:44   Dave Saunders
25:42   Daisy Martin

Riverside parkrun:

19:53   Catherine Young
23:24   John Grimshaw

Rising Sun parkrun:

23:49   Graham Leslie

http://www.parkrun.org.uk – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Jul 222016

by Terry Welsh

What is your favourite training run?

Mine is along La Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France.

It’s about 10k if you run from the eastern headland of the Bay of Angels. A giant compass sets you away. After 5k, you turn where rocks are replacing the beach on your left and run back again. I’ve been doing a timed solo run on La Promenade at least once a year for eight years now.

At home I have a big picture of La Promenade des Anglais above my kitchen table. I can look at it and reminisce and dream about running in the sun.

This month, on Saturday morning, July 9th I completed the run in 1 hour and 11 minutes. Three minutes down on last year. But it was boiling hot and my bad knee was acting up. It was still good to be there.

While I was running I made up a training run report in my head. I wasn’t able to write my usual website report on a race on the French Riviera this summer. So I was thinking about writing a training run report instead, singing the praises of La Promenade, possibly the most famous and spectacular seaside promenade in the world.

It is a glorious place to run. If you ever get the chance, try it. You will end up with a warm Riviera memory that will stay in your head and that you can play over on cold winter nights and in the years to come when you are sitting in your care home.

The surface is smooth and solid, no jarring. For three straight miles there are no steps, no curbs, no holes, no loose bricks, nothing to stumble over. You cross no roads, you pass through no gates. You can measure your time and distance out and back using lamp posts, pergolas and palm trees.

There are always loads of people on the Promenade, even at my mad dog running time in the noonday sun. Runners range from young long legged  gazelles to fat old biffas. You can try and catch somebody up front and maybe get caught by a relaxed speedster before you  get there. It’s like a personal Parkrun with special effects. You share the promenade with roller skaters, skateboarders, Segway riders, velo blue cyclists, and people just strolling. There are families with little kids and pushchairs and veterans with sticks and an assortment of dogs. Whether they are running flat out or lying in the sun on one of the blue deck chairs, everybody looks completely laid back.

On one side of your straight route are beaches with names like Beau Rivage and Le Bambou bordering on a deep blue sea. On the other are grand buildings like the Hotel Negresco, the Museum of Asian Art and the Palace of the Mediterranean. The ambience is cool, classic and refined. With the exception of McDonalds, there is no commercial brashness or seaside tat.

And there is the sun, Toujours le soleil, And lots of satisfied smiles.

On the Saturday when I was running they were putting decorations up for the Bastille Day celebrations

I may have seen Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel on the Promenade on the Saturday morning when I was running. The police know he was there on the 12th and the 13th. He wasn’t there to run. He was there to research how to get  his big white lorry onto the Promenade on the 14th so he could run over as many of the people as he could. He thought it would be good to crush lots of little kids. I may have seen some of his victims on my training run.

Everything that I have said above about how good the Promenade is for running would apply to what he was looking for. The straight course, the absence of barriers, and the crowd of happy  people made it an ideal place to drive a lorry with the intent of multiple murder.

On July 14th me and my travelling companions were drinking in a bar a few miles away. We could see the fireworks on the Promenade.  Just before the attack we moved away from the door  because a strange cold wind suddenly chilled the front of the bar, a chill like I have never before felt on the Riviera. Was that the Devil coming in from the sea ? Whether it is something in the dark matter and the anti matter of science, or a mutation in our DNA and our consciousness not yet understood or maybe even the Lucifer of old fashioned religion, there is something warped and horrible in creation that makes somebody want to hire a lorry and do what Bouhlel did . It  also makes some people want to celebrate what he did. I don’t know what it is and neither do you.

There are many people who lost family, lovers and friends on Le Promenade des Anglais on July 14th. Several members of Marcigny Athletic Club were there on a club outing to a track meeting and they lost their chairman. All I lost was the feeling of innocent joy when I think about the Promenade on my training run Saturday and that doesn’t really count.

I do know that, apart from those in Nice, more than 1,000 other people have been killed in terrorist attacks around the world this July so far, (Wikipedia’s monthly List of Terrorist incidents). Thats normal for any month now. Most atrocities outside Europe don’t make the news. And somebody is plotting horrible  attacks at this moment. They are maybe thinking about places beloved by you and I and how to smash them. That is the real world.

I want to get back on the Promenade next summer and for many summers. I want to do my regular timed training run. I want to do it because it is fun, it lifts up life. Simply, it is good.  Just like all our favourite races and training runs. Something to support and celebrate and tell people about.I hope there are lots of people running there on future summer days. They will not be unaware of what happened on Bastille Night 2016. But they will be enjoying themselves. And that is also the real world.

Thanks for reading this far. There have been a lot of whirling and confused thoughts and feelings and rubbish going round my head since last week. It’s done me some good to write some of them down.

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Jul 172016

Sunderland 5k, 13th July

22:46     Rose Hawkswood   PB

LGBT 5k, 15th July

20:51     Mungai Wairia   1st M60
22:19     Arthur Liu
22:33     John Grimshaw
22:50     Luke Woodend
26:49     Daisy Martin

Wallington 10k, 20th July

49:10     Arthur Liu

Durham City 10k, 20th July

52:50     Nina Jensen

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Jul 172016

Gateshead parkrun:

19:23   Roberto Marzo
20:22   Paul Robinson
41:26   Lorna Pearson

Albert parkrun, Middlesbrough:

23:51   Luke Woodend

Harrow parkrun:

20:48   Tom Tinsley
30:43   Gillian Milne

Whitley Bay parkrun:

25:27   Daisy Martin

Riverside parkrun:

19:46   Catherine Young

South Shields parkrun:

22:18   Mungai Wairia
22:54   Richard Slack
23:01   John Grimshaw
23:41   Ben Hull   new age category course record

Rising Sun parkrun:

20:22   Alasdair Wilson Craw
22:57   Brian Hegarty
24:10   Lucy Dunbar
25:25   Chris Carr

http://www.parkrun.org.uk – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Jul 102016

Gateshead parkrun:

19:15   Paul Robinson
19:18   Roberto Marzo
21:18   Heather Steel
23:06   Graham Leslie
23:24   Ben Hull
31:45   Dave Manners
45:16   Lorna Pearson (tail runner)

Whitley Bay parkrun:

24:08   Daisy Martin

Rising Sun parkrun:

20:21   Alasdair Wilson Craw
21:18   Mungai Wairia
23:21   Luke Woodend
24:27   Dave Kear

Northallerton parkrun:

23:37   Heidi Swaffield

St Helens parkrun:

20:23   Tom Tinsley

http://www.parkrun.org.uk – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Jul 062016

Great North 10k, 3rd July

44:26     Mungai Wairia   1st M60
49:37     Lucy Dunbar
52:12     Matthew Diment
52:44     Daisy Martin
65:05     Michelle Nesbitt Burrell

Bridges of the Tyne 5M, 5th July

31:33     Matthew Kingston   5th M45
32:28     Catherine Young   7th woman (2nd senior)
37:22     Luke Woodend

Tynedale 10k, 6th July

41:12     Catherine Young   1st senior woman
42:51     Heather Steel   4th senior woman
43:36     Mungai Wairia   1st M60
47:02     Richard Slack
51:10     Rose Hawkswood
56:16     Marie Slack
56:46     Leanne Salem

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Jul 032016

Newcastle parkrun:

19:21   Roberto Marzo
20:32   Tom Tinsley
21:48   Arthur Liu
21:51   Mungai Wairia
24:37   Tiago Mestre
25:29   Alice Vialard

Gateshead parkrun:

20:20   Catherine Young
22:42   Heather Steel

Whitley Bay parkrun:

24:01   Daisy Martin

Rising Sun parkrun:

20:19   Alasdair Wilson Craw
23:13   Graham Leslie
23:24   Ben Hull

http://www.parkrun.org.uk – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Jul 022016

Congratulations to Nina Jensen for completing the Mikkeli Marathon in Finland in a time of 4:24:22, first in her age category and third woman! Here’s her report.

Mikkeli is in South East Finland and about an hour and a half away from our summer cottage here so sounded like a good idea to enter a few months ago when I found out my original marathon, the Morpeth to Newcastle had been postponed.

The weather was a glorious 26 degrees when we arrived in the town at 1.30pm and I hoped that by the start at 3pm the temperature might have dropped,  no such luck. However I was also pleased that the thunderstorms that our Finnish relatives had predicted had also not arrived (they still remember having to carry out a search for me one year in Finland when I got stuck in a thunderstorm and hail shower!)

Having found the registration which was in a school building opposite a running track I picked up my race pack and found out where to pay then dropped off my bag at the bag drop. Although all the signs and announcements were in Finnish (and way beyond my level of understanding) most of the volunteers there spoke English.

The route is a 10.5k lap which you do 4 times for the marathon, 2 for the half and once (almost) for the 10k. The marathon is the smallest of the events so I spend some time trying to spot the competition. 4 women and about 60 of us overall! All the races start at the same time so I had company for the first couple of laps, although this also meant I started off too fast and overheated very quickly. I soon realised though and slowed to a comfortable pace.

There were 4 drinks stations on the route which had water and sports drinks (a very pleasant weak lemon flavour) in cups, raisins, bananas and salted picked cucumber  (more on that later) and as the route was a loop through some of the urban areas and parks in the town there was plenty to keep me occupied. The fact it was a loop also meant there were lots of marshals and the public supporting all the runners (although anything other than “good” or “good running” shouted in Finnish was lost on me!)

There was one street where young children were hosing down runners as they ran through, which I was really grateful for, although this also was the cause of huge disappointment on lap 3 (shortly after I had been lapped by the lead runner and lead out car) when the young lad and his hose had gone!

There was however another shower on the route which was there for all four laps.

The route passed through some lovely parks and past several lakes where I was very tempted to jump in to cool down. However I made do with using my empty water cups to get water out of the buckets beside each water station and pouring those over myself instead.

Pretty soon I was on my last lap and the miles (or kms as the markers were all metric) were counting down. I’d decided that I would try some of the salted cucumber at the last water station (2k to go) on my last lap just in case it had any adverse effects! Thankfully I can report there were none however the cucumber which looked very much like sliced gherkins was really salty and was very slimy (I imagine slugs taste like that).

By now I could hear the loudspeaker and tried to get my legs to run a bit faster. Pretty soon I was running in the stadium for the last time and heard my name shouted as I crossed the line.  I was presented with a large gold medal and a loaf of Rye bread.

After getting changed I checked the results and saw I was 1st (and only) v40 so went to get presented with a rather large trophy.

We then went back to the school to be given a meal of vegetable stew with bread, salad and a glass of milk.

I was pleased to have picked a marathon in Finland for my 10th marathon (5th this year) and would recommend this to others to do in the future.


Nina Mikkeli 01

With rye bread, veg stew and trophy (greatest goody bag ever?)

Nina Mikkeli 02


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