Oct 282014

By Dave Kear

The recent trend of extremely mild October temperatures was fortunately maintained for handicap evening on the quayside, and with dry course, only a steady breeze presented the runners with any resistance en route.

With the ‘grassy knoll’ now permanently removed from the course for safety reasons, the turn around position is now a marshalled post at the very top of the footpath sloping up towards Scotswood Road.

Elaine Henderson confirmed her continuing improvement, striding home in fine style as a clear winner to lift the Race Cup. Second place went to Robert Brand, with Janet Palmer not far behind in third place. The first ten to finish were made up of five lads and five lasses, which was encouraging for the egalitarians.

Dave Manners’ calculations provided a first-class series of handicap times, which ensured that most of the runners finished within a spread of only 4 minutes after completing the 4-mile course.

Jonathan Gilroy was fastest on the night with an impressive time of 23:41; with next best times provided by Luke Jones (24:19) and then Matthew Kingston (25:11). New to the club, Christian Smith, recorded a very creditable time of 25:14 as fourth fastest of the evening.

Heather Steel headed the ladies list of race times with an excellent 26:54; Charlotte Spencer was the next best in 28:39, closely followed by Sarah Kerr in 28:45.

The Shield, awarded for consistent improvement over the last 4 handicaps, and the best aggregate points total, went to Janet Palmer. This was a really well-earned achievement as Janet has struggled with plenty of niggling injuries over the years, and was a nice bonus for being able to return to regular running.

Second in the current standings of the aggregate points total, and also improving all the time, is Michelle Nesbitt-Burrell, with Jonathan Gilroy now in third place.

Jonathan once again is to be thanked by all of us for organising the after-run buffet at the Old George, and a thank you also to all of our several helpers at the start/finish line, and out on the course.

Results are here.

Aggregate points table here.

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Oct 252014

Senior and Vet Women

84           29:03     Jess Langley
142         30:42     Nina Jensen
221         33:37     Mary Martin
230         33:57     Julie Dumpleton
287         38:06     Karen Williamson

Senior and Vet Men

85           35:29     Jonathan Gilroy
166         38:04     Christian Smith
182         38:39     Matthew Kingston
315         42:28     Roberto Marzo
396         45:36     Ben Hull

Full results here.

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Oct 252014

Newcastle parkrun:

18:57   Luke Jones
20:39   Gordon Macfadyen
21:17   Sumanth Nayak
21:30   Roberto Marzo
22:57   Heidi Swaffield
25:29   Dave Kear
28:16   Leanne Salem

Gateshead parkrun:

28:17   Dave Manners

Druridge Bay parkrun:

21:33   David Devennie

http://www.parkrun.org.uk – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Oct 192014

Gibside Fruit Bowl:

53     49:56     Sumanth Nayak
247   61:34     David Reay

An undulating 6.7 mile trail race through the gorgeous Gibside estate. The tagline says “Not flat” and boy, they aren’t kidding. I’ve never done this one before. I only began running here when the Great Run Local started in February and couldn’t believe what I’d been missing out on all this time. The 5k however, is a walk in the park compared to this race! Why anyone with access to trails like the Derwent Walk and Gibside would want to run on roads is beyond me. Along with Kielder, this is definitely one of the best races I’ve done. Although, I am a bit disappointed in the finishers’ t-shirt because I thought the one from a couple of years ago was fantastic. It reads, “Gibside Fruit Bowl – Like life, a lot of ups and downs”.

Photo by Robert Brand

Photo by Robert Brand

Ennerdale Trail 50k

41     6:52:49     Adrian Conlin

Full results here.

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Oct 182014

Newcastle parkrun:

19:15   Luke Jones
19:26   Jeremy Smith
20:45   Gordon Macfadyen
21:22   Roberto Marzo
21:39   Lukas Mejstrik
22:06   Mungai Wairia
22:40   Richard Slack
23:44   Jess Langley
24:40   Dave Kear
25:00   David Devennie
25:20   Mary Martin
26:06   Robert Brand

Gateshead parkrun:

21:31   Heather Steel

Riverside parkrun:

21:00   Catherine Young

http://www.parkrun.org.uk – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Oct 142014

Here is a mix of photos from the cross-country on Saturday.  The first few were posted on facebook by Hippie Nixon photography, the full set can be found here.  Then there is an edited selection of Bill’s – the full version is already on facebook on the Claremont page.  Finally there are some of the ladies race taken by yours truly and the men’s team (minus our captain) taken by Lorna.

There are more good photos to be found on flickr – see here.

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Oct 132014

The 2014/15 North East Harrier League got off to a fantastic start on Saturday at East Cramlington.  It was a warm, sunny day (not proper cross-country weather at all!) and this helped an incredible turnout with 333 finishers in the ladies’ race and a massive 591 in the men’s. The course doesn’t have any of the steep, long hills of some of the region’s other venues but comprises an undulating lap of just over 2 miles.  It was dry nearly all the way around with just a couple of slightly wet patches, so, despite the grass being long and clumpy in places, all in all it was a day for posting a decent time.

The Ladies were first, and it was an inexperienced Claremont team missing most of the stalwarts of recent years.  Charlotte and Mary were joined by three first-time cross-country runners – Colette, Elaine and Karen.  Charlotte followed her good run in the Farringdon relays with another impressive performance to come home in a highly commendable 34th place.  Colette was smiling every time she passed us and finished strongly.  At the finish she declared “That was brilliant, I loved it” – just wait till winter kicks in, Colette!  Mary was her usual brilliant self and was followed in by Elaine, who had quite a different reaction to Colette saying that it was “even harder than the Great North Run”.  Karen managed to kick on from the final down slope and showed an impressive turn of speed to overtake the runner in front but unfortunately could just not quite keep it going to the end of the long finishing straight.

P1060591 P1060609







The men’s team also had a number of debutants and I wonder when the last time was that a Claremont team did not feature at least one of Dave K, Bill and Kenny. The start was frenetic and crowded and it took a while to settle down. Christian was with me down the opening straight but soon pushed on ahead, and I settled into a position just behind Matthew. Part way around the first lap Chris Jones appeared at my shoulder and Matthew, Chris and I were together for a while. I expected Matthew to pull away but it was Chris who made the first move and he started to open up a bit of a gap on the 2nd lap. My watch was set to beep every mile, which confirmed to me that I was gradually slowing down as the ups and downs began to take their toll, but I was still in touch with the other 2. On the 3rd lap I could see that Matthew was catching and then overtaking Chris and by 5 miles I had also closed the gap. Chris and I traded places until the final sprint where he was much the stronger and finished a full 3 seconds ahead of me. The amazing thing to me was that those 3 seconds covered 5 places – I have never been in a Harrier League race with such a close finish.

It was then time to clap the remaining Claremonters home – in particular, a very strong finish by Howard boding well for future races once he gets used to this type of event – before going to the tent for a well deserved slice of Lorna’s delicious cake.

Although I didn’t really see the faster lads, I think special mentions should go to Jonathan Gilroy for a 38th place finish and Christian for an excellent debut time of 41:40 (I’m told that he looked easy at the end). It is also pleasing to see Duncan getting back to his best.

A good start to the season and let’s hope the weather is as kind for the rest of the year!

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