Oct 232016

Great South Run 5k, 21st October

21:16     John Grimshaw

Newcastle Stampede, 21st October

1:04:18     Howard Maclennan
1:04:21     Robyn Wynn














Great South Run, 23rd October

1:16:32     John Grimshaw

Castles Half Marathon, 23rd October

1:52:04     Nina Jensen

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Oct 232016

Newcastle parkrun:

19:34   Roberto Marzo
20:34   Jamie Harding
21:03   Mungai Wairia
21:08   David Lydall
21:40   Paul Hughes
22:12   Dan Edwards
22:23   Brian Hegarty
26:26   Alex Anslow

Gateshead parkrun:

20:35   Sumanth Nayak
22:26   Graham Leslie
30:43   Dave Manners   100 parkruns

Rising Sun parkrun:

23:30   Luke Woodend
26:17   Bill Milbourne

Gibside parkrun:

21:24   Tom Tinsley
29:48   Gillian Milne

Whitley Bay parkrun:

33:13   Daisy Martin

Darlington parkrun:

22:40   Alan Dunning

Fell Foot parkrun, Newby Bridge:

22:42   David Devennie

http://www.parkrun.org.uk – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Oct 162016

Newcastle parkrun:

19:03   Roberto Marzo
19:57   Tom Tinsley
20:15   Dan Edwards
20:36   Jamie Harding
20:50   Mungai Wairia
22:03   Howard Maclennan
22:17   David Devennie
22:38   Alan Dunning
22:59   Brian Hegarty
23:04   Richard Slack
24:18   Dave Kear
26:30   Alice Vialard
28:25   Gillian Milne
29:25   Paul Hughes

Gateshead parkrun:

21:09   David Lydall

Rising Sun parkrun:

24:46   Luke Woodend

Whitley Bay parkrun:

26:02   Daisy Martin

Walsall Arboretum parkrun:

24:07   John Grimshaw

http://www.parkrun.org.uk – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Oct 102016

Yorkshire Marathon, 9th October

3:10:24     Simon Lowe
3:40:34     Mungai Wairia
4:20:53     Ken McCormick

Hellhole 10k, 9th October

45:41     Catherine Young   1st Female

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Oct 092016

A beautiful location combined with great weather and another bone-dry course all helped make this an excellent afternoon’s cross-country running. There was even a medal winning performance from a Claremont Road Runner – I didn’t even know they awarded medals! – so well done to Hannah Mainprize who was second in the U17/U20 ladies race.

Hannah with her medal

Hannah with her medal

Hannah was one of a number of Harrier League debutants for Claremont today with Alex Abrahamsson also impressing with an 83rd finish for the men. Alex Anslow, Gill Milne and Anthony Liddle also did themselves proud for a first outing. It will get muddier from here, though!

As well as the newcomers, there were also stellar performances from some of the longer-serving stalwarts of the NEHL – particularly Sarah Bowen and Mandy Herworth. Sarah finished in a fantastic 27th place and will now join Mandy in the medium pack for the rest of the season. I think a couple of others are worthy of a mention too – Rose Hawkswood is improving all the time and even pipped Mandy in the final sprint; Roberto Marzo could have posted an even better time if he hadn’t done a 15 mile run in the morning; Grace Scott again beat a lot of older girls and there was a brave effort from Leanne Salem who competed against her physio’s advice to unfortunately discover that her physio was right and 4 miles of hard uneven ground was too much for a problematic knee.

Under 11 Girls

66th Grace Scott 07:51


Under 20 Girls

2nd Hannah Mainprize 19:43


Senior & Vet Ladies

27th Sarah Bowen 29:46
135th Rose Hawkswood 32:14
138th Mandy Herworth 32:16 medium pack, actual time 30:16
170th Julie Cross 33:05
250th Nina Jensen 34:46
280th Alex Anslow 35:43
285th Alice Vialard 35:54
297th Mary Martin 36:10
358th Gillian Milne 39:49
Also running in the Ladies race as a V65 male:
290th Bill Milbourne 36:03


Senior & Vet Men

83rd Alexander Abrahamsson 39:04
191st Roberto Marzo 41:08
270th Tom Tinsley 42:11
292nd Duncan Scott 42:28
318th David Lydall 42:54
367th Anthony Liddle 44:02
449th David Devennie 46:21


Oct 092016

Newcastle parkrun:

18:55   Roberto Marzo
20:43   Mungai Wairia
21:35   David Lydall
21:48   David Devennie
22:30   Richard Slack
22:45   Alan Dunning
24:07   Dave Kear
25:17   Alice Vialard
25:38   Rose Hawkswood

Gateshead parkrun:

21:09   Heather Steel
21:10   Paul Robinson
31:30   Dave Manners

Rising Sun parkrun:

22:55   Luke Woodend
27:01   Bill Milbourne

Whitley Bay parkrun:

26:09   Daisy Martin

http://www.parkrun.org.uk – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Oct 032016

Kielder Half Marathon, 2nd October

1:50:08     Matthew Diment

Kielder Marathon, 2nd October

3:41:58     Chris Jones
4:27:02     Nina Jensen

Chris says, “Hats off to anyone who swims a mile in Kielder Water, I think I’ll stick to running round it. Knee problems meant I’d done the bare minimum of training, and it showed when I got to the switchbacks at 21.5 miles. Some tactical walking on anything remotely resembling an incline from then on, and I managed to haul myself over the line in a time I was very pleased with under the circumstances.”

Great Cumbrian Run, 2nd October

1:46:22     Richard Slack   PB
2:13:15     Marie Slack

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Oct 022016

This season’s North East Harrier League opener was at Wrekenton, and it was cross-country but not as we know it.  Where was the mud? Where was the wind?  Where was the rain?  Where was the cold?  Instead we were treated to a mild autumn day and a ground so dry and hard that most runners opted not to use spikes – in fact road shoes would have been more appropriate!

This year, Claremont have representatives in the junior races with Duncan Scott’s children, Ben and Grace, registered for the under 11s.  Grace made her debut at the tender age of 6 (she turns 7 in a few weeks) but was undeterred about running against girls who were up to 4 years older.  It was a tremendously determined and gutsy run from young Grace as she finshed ahead of a lot of much older girls and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  I think we have a future star in the making!

There were also 2 debutants in the Ladies’ team – Robyn Wynn and new member Sophie Lamb.  Both did incredibly well.  Whilst the ever reliable Sarah Bowen led the Claremont ladies home, the fast improving Robyn came home 2 places and only 1 second behind.  Julie Cross, another of the cross-country stalwarts, was 3rd home with Sophie not far behind and catching all time.  Showing the experience gained from representing Sevenoaks in Kent, Sophie ran a very steady first lap before progressing through the field on the 2nd for an excellent Claremont debut.  I’m sure she will be looking forward to running on a proper North East winter’s day!  Rose Hawkswood finished strongly (as ever) with Heidi Swaffield not far behind.  The team was completed by Mandy Herworth who ran from the medium pack and couldn’t quite make up for the 2 minute handicap.

I’m less sure of what happened in the men’s race except for the fact that I tried to run an even pace and once again failed miserably, and that the hills are always steeper and longer on the 3rd lap!  There was excellent support from the spectators and it was on the 3rd lap whilst being giving encouragement from Ian and Angela Kirtley of parkrun fame, I heard Angela say “The Claremont runners are quite close, aren’t they?” so I guessed that somebody was not far behind.  It must have been David Lydall, another Harrier League debutant.  Then, coming down the hill, I saw Duncan not too far ahead.  That was how we stayed until the end.  Howard MacLennan and David Devennie came in together and the team was completed by David Reay and Kenny McCormick.

Under 11 Girls

60 Grace Scott 09:36


Ladies Senior and Vet

45 Sarah Bowen 28:33
47 Robyn Wynn 28:34
82 Julie Cross 29:43
94 Sophie Lamb 29:54
116 Rose Hawkswood 30:22
137 Heidi Swaffield 30:53
161 Mandy Herworth 31:25 (Medium pack, actual time 29:25)


Men’s Senior and Vets

258 Duncan Scott 40:46
290 Tom Tinsley 41:23
312 David Lydall 42:28
405 Howard Maclennan 44:54
406 David Devennie 44:55
469 David Reay 48:09
506 Ken McCormick 51:51


Mention must be made of other Claremont members who represent other clubs in the Harrier League. This is the first year when over 65 men can run the 2 laps with the ladies instead of being in the men’s competition. Whilst not an official competition, Graham Leslie was first man home – well done, Graham!

The two Claremonters who run for Jarrow & Hebburn performed very well. Jonny Evans came 10th running from the medium pack in a time of 32:22 and Jonathan Gilroy was not that much slower in 35:00.

Oct 022016

Newcastle parkrun:

19:09   Dan Edwards
20:59   Mungai Wairia
21:46   Paul Hughes
22:50   Alan Dunning
23:34   Dave Kear
24:19   Chris Carr
24:41   Alice Vialard

Gateshead parkrun:

21:28   Heather Steel
21:28   Paul Robinson
23:16   Sumanth Nayak
30:30   Dave Manners

Whitley Bay parkrun:

24:31   Daisy Martin

Rising Sun parkrun:

21:38   Luke Woodend
25:05   Bill Milbourne

http://www.parkrun.org.uk – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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