Nov 272016

Newcastle parkrun:

21:05   Mungai Wairia
21:41   Brian Hegarty
22:08   Paul Hughes
23:38   Alan Dunning
25:09   Alice Vialard
26:44   Chris Carr

Gateshead parkrun:

20:04   Paul Robinson

Albert parkrun, Middlesbrough:

22:16   Luke Woodend – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Nov 262016

Senior and Vet Women

32:59     Robyn Wynn
34:03     Sarah Bowen (medium pack)
34:20     Rose Hawkswood
35:08     Mandy Herworth (medium pack)
35:49     Julie Cross
39:12     Nina Jensen
39:31     Julie Dumpleton
42:33     Mary Martin

Senior and Vet Men

52:35     Howard Maclennan
59:06     Ken McCormick

Great turnout and result, as always, by the women, and…a good attempt by the Macs to represent the men. I’m told by Nina that this was a brutal course and “proper” cross country. Judging by her photos (below), you should all be proud of yourselves. Bunch of masochists…

img-20161126-wa0000 img-20161126-wa0003 img-20161126-wa0004

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Nov 202016

What started as a bitterly cold day had turned into a beautiful sunny afternoon that, whilst still a bit nippy, was perfect for cross-country. The course has plenty of stretches on the flat but there is a hilly section with 4 or 5 short climbs – just enough to make it feel like a true cross-country challenge. It was in surprisingly good condition considering the recent rain with only a few muddy patches.

The small Claremont contingent enjoyed a good day’s running and did our best to keep the sky blue flag flying (we even had a functioning tent!). The senior ladies team of Robyn, Rose and Sophie came a very creditable 9th, although I don’t think any of them even saw Laura Weightman – Morpeth’s Olympian was miles clear of the field! The Ladies vets team of Sarah, Julie and Alice came 19th (there were a lot more veteran than senior teams).

Unfortunately we didn’t have a men’s team at all with only David Lydall and myself running. Bill Milbourne ran as an over 65 but had to withdraw part way around with a back injury.

Posn.  Name                      Time
52      Sarah Bowen          28:09
63      Robyn Wynn           28:28
107    Julie Cross              30:05
113    Rose Hawkswood    30:15
115    Sophie Lamb           30:17
191    Alice Vialard            32:43

185    Tom Tinsley            40:06
239    David Lydall            41:52

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Nov 202016

Newcastle parkrun:

21:06   Mungai Wairia
21:20   Paul Hughes
22:25   Brian Hegarty
23:40   John Grimshaw
24:14   Dave Kear

Gatehead parkrun:

20:43   Sumanth Nayak
46:11   Lorna Pearson

Rising Sun parkrun:

24:04   Luke Woodend

Glengarriff parkrun, Ireland:

29:24   Marie Slack – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Nov 132016

Town Moor Memorial 10k – 13th November

37:57     Roberto Marzo
38:28     Paul Robinson
40:47     Sumanth Nayak
42:32     Mungai Wairia   3rd M60
43:54     Arthur Liu
45:08     Graham Leslie    3rd M65
45:10     David Devennie
45:35     Alan Dunning
46:50     Luke Woodend
47:19     Rose Hawkswood
50:50     Kenny McCormick


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Nov 132016

Newcastle parkrun:

19:26   Roberto Marzo
21:09   Mungai Wairia
21:57   Brian Hegarty
22:06   Francesco Carrer
22:07   Robyn Wynn
23:59   Dave Kear
24:44   Alice Vialard

Gateshead parkrun:

21:54   David Lydall

Gibside parkrun:

21:31   Tom Tinsley
30:14   Gillian Milne

Rising Sun parkrun:

23:36   Luke Woodend

Whitley Bay parkrun:

24:19   Dave Saunders
25:25   Daisy Martin

Prudhoe Riverside parkrun:

33:51   Marie Slack
33:53   Leanne Salem – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Nov 062016

Maratona del Barocco, Lecce, Italy – 6th November

3:05:43     Roberto Marzo   4th in age cat










Norman Woodcock 5M – 5th November

36:27     Howard MacLennan
37:43     Julie Cross   1st F50
38:52     Nina Jensen   3rd F40

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Nov 062016

Newcastle parkrun:

21:01   Gordon Macfadyen
21:40   Mungai Wairia
21:57   David Devennie
22:02   David Lydall
22:57   Brian Hegarty
24:01   Paul Hughes
24:56   Alice Vialard

Gateshead parkrun:

19:31   Paul Robinson
24:02   Heather Steel

Rising Sun parkrun:

23:36   Luke Woodend

Whitley Bay parkrun:

26:41   Daisy Martin – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Nov 012016

Halloween turned out to be a fine, dry night for a run along the banks of the Tyne to Scotswood Road and back. This may have been why we had an excellent turnout of 45 runners – or it may just be that they were avoiding the trick or treaters.

It turned out to be a treat for Jane Evans who fooled the handicapper to walk away with victory in her first ever handicap appearance. Guest Laurie Campbell finished second, comfortably clear of Kenny McCormick in 3rd place, who himself was well clear of the pack.

The Autumn cup final was contested between Sarah Bowen, Rose Hawkswood, Dave Kear and Chris Jones. Sarah took the shield home, narrowly beating Dave and Rose by 7 and 9 seconds respectively. Having run the Town Moor marathon the day before, Chris was understandably a bit further back!

There were some excellent times posted – Jonny Evans was quickest in 22:40 followed by Jonathan Gilroy on 23:43 and guest Stephen Barker in 24:07. (The handicapper admits that he was a bit harsh on the fast lads which is why none of them featured in the top 10. They should be much better placed next time out).

Fastest leader on the night was cup winner Sarah Bowen in a time of 28:27. Rose Hawkswood was second fastest in 28:56, while handicap debutant Sophie Lamb recorded a time of 29:07.

Full results can be found here.

The Autumn Cup finalists

The Autumn Cup finalists

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