Sep 142014

Newcastle parkrun:

18:34   Jeremy Smith
19:11   Luke Jones
20:31   Paul Robinson
22:33   Richard Slack
24:01   Mungai Wairia
24:18   Dave Kear
28:03   Robert Brand

St Helens parkrun:

20:09   Tom Tinsley

Riverside parkrun:

27:57   Sionna McCutcheon – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Sep 102014

The GNR was not the only half-marathon this weekend. On the Saturday, Lukas made his half-marathon debut in the Scottish Half at Musselburgh and clocked a very respectable time.

376    01:41:36    Lukas Mejstrik

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Sep 082014

I’m sure a lot of you have done the GNR many times so there’s no point in doing a detailed mile by mile analysis of the race. Plus, I couldn’t possibly top Terry’s Ode to the GNR (or should that be Ode to drinking?) masterpiece so I’ll just share a few thoughts on my experience.

This was my first time running it. I’ve been unsuccessful in the ballot the past three years which hasn’t bothered me too much as paying fifty pounds for the privilege of running along the motorway to the coast doesn’t really appeal to me. However, living right next to start line, I feel like I’m missing out when every year, thousands of people gather outside my door with the music blasting ready to take part in one of the biggest road races in the world. Apart from the many races (and all-important parkrun) held on the Town Moor throughout the year, it doesn’t get much more local than the GNR. So when I finally got a place in the ballot this year, I was quite excited.

Come Sunday morning, it felt great to be able to walk out my door, casually place my bag on the baggage bus, head back inside and prop my feet up with a warm beverage to watch the beginning of the BBC’s coverage while everyone else stood outside shivering in the cold, queuing for the toilets. Thankfully, the sun was out and it didn’t take too long for it to warm up a bit. I only recently started running again after almost four months out with an injury so going for a time was completely out of the question. Perfect, as I could actually enjoy a race for once.

The atmosphere at the start and finish was fantastic. It was great to see so many familiar faces from the NE running scene. As we all gathered in our start pens, the warm-up and music all added to the excitement. The temperature was rising but I’d been running in the extreme heat of the Emirates for the past few weeks so this was mild in comparison. The race itself – not much to write about but there were a few highlights.

The thousands of people, including runners from local clubs cheering us on, reminiscent of the London Marathon.

The shouts of Oggy, Oggy, Oggy as we went through the underpass.

Going over the Tyne Bridge. Unfortunately, the Red Arrows only flew past when I was on the motorway at around four miles.

Best of all, going up that final hill on the approach to South Shields and the first view of the sea bathed in sunshine.

So, was it worth it? Fifty pounds for any old half marathon. Definitely not. But the GNR isn’t about the thirteen miles. It’s the buildup, the excitement, the stuff that goes on before and after the race that makes it absolutely worth it.

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Sep 082014

An unusual but brilliant report by Terry Welsh who, despite struggling with a serious injury, heroically got round the course to maintain his streak of having completed every edition of the Great North Run.


I knew that I would end my race,

Somewhere inside a pub in Shields;

Thousands beat me, that’s no disgrace,

Thousands I beat , that’s no big deal;

My best times are in the past,

My times to come, worse than today,

Nobody would care if I’d ran fast

Or ended up walking a lot of the way

No coach, nor good cause got me here

Nor the BBC, nor cheering crowds,

But the anticipation of post race beer

Drove me to the tumult on the roads;

As I jogged along, all that was in my mind,

Was the seat in the pub, and the dreamy sight

Of a lovely glass ,with all the miles behind

And the very best of all in life, this first cold pint,

Terry Welsh

With extra dialogue by WB Yeats

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Sep 072014
Position Time Runner
531 01:27:57 Paul Robinson
743 01:29:56 Jeremy Smith
958 01:31:41 Jonathan Gilroy
976 01:31:52 Heather Steel
1792 01:36:28 Sumanth Nayak
1889 01:36:52 Catherine Young
2386 01:38:59 David Devinnie
2399 01:39:02 Charlotte Spencer
2386 01:43:16 Simon Lowe
3919 01:44:03 Robert Brand
4135 01:44:38 Sarah Kerr
4791 01:46:20 Jonathan Mains
4796 01:46:21 Dean OBrien
5495 01:48:04 Luke Woodend
6409 01:50:05 Mungai Wairia
7443 01:52:14 Katherine Hooper
8352 01:54:00 Richard Slack
8424 01:54:10 Chris Hogarth
8656 01:54:38 Kenny McCormick
8877 01:55:00 Colette Byrne
9619 01:56:22 Joe Westerman
10427 01:57:38 Nicki O’Brien
18977 02:12:21 Leanne Salem
19726 02:13:40 John Windsor
20681 02:15:25 Robert Richards
20682 02:15:25 Julie Mains
22016 02:17:50 David Manners
23970 02:21:19 Yincent Tse
24451 02:22:08 Elaine Henderson
25304 02:23:43 Marie Slack
25821 02:24:42 Angela Moon
31465 02:36:36 Terry Welsh
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Sep 022014

Tynedale 10 Mile Jelly Road Race:

41           65:22     Paul Robinson   PB
71           68:53     Heather Steel   2nd lady
123         73:37     Graham Leslie
233         82:45     Richard Slack
269         85:54     Ken McCormick   PB   3rd M60 NE Masters
376         1:58:05  Marie Slack*

*with her daughter Emma

Heather with her winnings

Heather with her winnings

Middlesbrough Tees Pride 10k

436         46:14     Simon Lowe

20th August 2014

Run Northumberland Ponteland 10k, Kirkley Hall

50           48:16     Nina Jensen

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