Aug 282016

Newcastle parkrun:

18:37   Paul Robinson
20:45   Heather Steel
21:49   Brian Hegarty
23:23   David Devennie
23:41   Daisy Martin
24:24   Rose Hawkswood
25:03   Kenny McCormick
25:25   Alice Vialard
25:46   Alex Anslow

Gateshead parkrun:

31:52   Dave Manners

Rising Sun parkrun:

23:16   Luke Woodend
25:00   David Reay

Tees Barrage parkrun:

23:55   Sumanth Nayak

Camperdown parkrun, Dundee:

22:48   David Lydall – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Aug 232016

Reykjavik Marathon, 20th August

5:02:47     Joyce Archibold

Northumberland Coastal Marathon, 21st August

4:50:52     Nina Jensen

Blyth Links 10k, 23rd August

38:27     Roberto Marzo
39:59     Paul Robinson
41:11     Alasdair Wilson Craw
42:25     Tom Tinsley
43:36     David Lydall
43:36     Anthony Liddle
43:55     Heather Steel
44:44     Arthur Liu
44:52     Sarah Bowen
46:44     Matthew Diment
46:56     Rose Hawkswood
47:21     Graham Leslie
47:30     John Grimshaw
47:37     Julie Cross
47:38     Tiago Mestre
47:56     Jane Evans
48:06     Heidi Swaffield
48:07     Catherine Young
48:14     Dave Saunders
48:57     Richard Slack
49:05     Ben Hull
49:33     Robyn Wynn
50:22     Dave Kear
51:04     Daisy Martin
53:53     Alice Vialard
57:43     Marie Slack
63:24     Gill Milne

Claremont Blyth

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Aug 212016

Newcastle parkrun:

18:32   Roberto Marzo
22:32   Tiago Mestre
22:43   Brian Hegarty
23:00   Matthew Diment
23:09   Julie Cross
24:11   John Grimshaw
24:33   Dave Kear
25:22   Alice Vialard

Gateshead parkrun:

19:17   Paul Robinson
21:45   Heather Steel
22:00   David Lydall

Rising Sun parkrun:

24:23   David Reay

Gibside parkrun:

21:53  Tom Tinsley – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Aug 182016

Gosforth Summer Relays, 13th August

12th   37:22   Anthony Liddle (12:13) Roberto Marzo (11:32) Howard Maclennan (13:37)
18th   40:38   Sarah Bowen (12:59) Julie Cross (14:03) Many Herworth (13:36)   1st Women’s Vet Team
24th   43:22   Rose Hawskwood (13:37) Julie Dumpleton (15:12) Alex Anslow (14:33)
28th   45:07   Ben Hull (14:09) Dave Kear (15:02) Bill Milbourne (15:56)
31st   47:29   Mary Martin (15:22) Alice Vialard (15:08) Leanne Salem (16:59)

Gateshead Trail 10k, 13th August

39:54   Paul Robinson
43:02   John Grimshaw
51:59   Lucy Dunbar
53:06   Daisy Martin

South Shields 10M, 14th August

88:04   Nina Jensen

Stamfordham 10k, 17th August

41:34   Catherine Young   2nd woman
47:00   Arthur Liu
49:56   Nina Jensen   1st F40

Durham Summer XC Relays, 18th August


53rd   43:31   Robyn Wynn (14:15) Alex Anslow (15:03) Rose Hawkswood (14:13)


20th   34:51   Paul Robinson (11:30) Roberto Marzo (11:49) Duncan Scott (11:32)
65th   41:26   Heidi Swaffield (14:04) John Grimshaw (13:34) Howard Maclennan (13:48)
83rd   45:37   Julie Dumpleton (15:07) Alice Vialard (15:21) Nina Jensen (15:09)
86th   46:45   Ben Hull (14:42) Dave Kear (15:28) Bill Milbourne (16:35)

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Aug 182016

by Richard Slack

After a couple of Australian parkruns, this was the special race of the Slack’s Australian adventures. The Sydney City to Surf celebrated its 46th running this year with over 67,000 entrants – although fair to say probably at most 2/3 actually ran the 14km route from Sydney’s Central Business District to the iconic finish at Bondi Beach.

The weather Sunday morning, was as usual, blue sky as we walked over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the starting zones located in the city, using the roads around their Hyde Park. As both Marie and I had verified UK race times we were each allocated good starting zones, with me in the first wave and Marie the second wave so we set off at 0755 and 0805 respectively with the more fun runners/walkers not getting underway till around 0930 – by which time we were both at Bondi.

Now the route. If anyone tells you Sydney is flat they are lying, simple as that. The run would be at best described as hilly/undulating virtually through the entire race, except for the 1-2km stretch around the delightful Rose Bay with lovely houses and boats moored at the shoreline. After a quite a few few ups and downs we arrived at the most talked about aspect of the route, Heartbreak Hill, at exactly 6km – unbelievably situated on Newcastle Road! The hill will be about Denton Bank length although a touch more scenic with lots of turns on the route so you never had the daunting ascent stretching out in front of you. Beyond Heartbreak Hill, I foolishly thought it would be downhill all the way to Bondi – think again. Why miss out a couple more climbs into North Bondi before the final descent past Bondi Golf Club down onto the Bondi plaza – oh yes, a final uphill before the finish adjacent to the beach.

No resisting this, a swim in the ocean to cool down and then met up with Marie on the shoreline – both delighted to have done the race although a tough one, and each pleased with our times of 70 mins, 30 seconds for Richard and 83 mins, 25 seconds for Marie. The sun still shone and we then enjoyed a well-earned post-race beer(s) at one of the bars on the plaza. And then an evening in Bondi as one of my colleagues’ brother at Sydney gave us their apartment for the night.  Thanks to Donna and Mark!

IMG_1755 IMG_1766

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Aug 142016

Newcastle parkrun:

18:41   Roberto Marzo
23:31   Brian Hegarty
25:20   Dave Kear
25:22   Chris Carr
25:42   Alice Vialard
25:57   Alex Anslow
30:21   Terry Welsh

Gateshead parkrun:

21:39   David Lydall
43:29   Lorna Pearson (tail runner)

Rising Sun parkrun:

23:16   Luke Woodend

Strathclyde parkrun:

22:55   David Devennie

Western Springs parkrun, New Zealand:

25:43   Elisabeth Stoddart – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Aug 082016

News from Richard and Marie down under:

G’day and welcome to parkrun Australia. First comment for those who like a lie-in, parkruns down under start at either 7am or 8am. For our first two, both were 8am starts but each a little journey away.

Saturday 30 July – St Peter’s parkun, Sydney.

Richard 24.03; Marie 26.41.

A lovely bright blue sky with pleasant sunshine greeted this (winter!) day in one of Sydney’s suburban parks. St Peter’s is located towards the University, which lies on the southern edge of the city, so was an easy commute on an early train from the city centre. As usual, as soon as we arrived at St Peter’s train station we saw the familiar signs of early morning parkrunners clad in various running gear but a notable absence of club vests. We, of course proudly displayed the sky blue of Claremont.

The route was a one-lap circuit of the park, really only famous for its three chimneys standing on the site of a former brickworks. The course wound its way around the perimeter for the first 2km and was all pleasantly down a gentle slope. Back into the park and soon the uphill began – for scale probably like a run up South Gosforth bank. After that lung busting effort the course then wound its way back past the St Peter’s Oval, a couple of lakes and then to the finishing straight. Cheered on by an over-enthusiastic shrieking marshal at the finish line (bad for hangovers) we then entered the normal funnel for timing and chip return.

As is the way here, we then made our way to the park café for a well-earned post parkrun brekkie of juices and wraps, and after coming all this way sat next to a lad from Teesside Uni who chatted about the Tees barrage parkrun.

Saturday 6 August – Sandon Point parkrun, Wollongong.

Richard 22.38; Marie 26.18


Fancy a run by the beach on the Pacific Ocean?– oh well only if we must! We had travelled down to Wollongong University, about 50 miles south of Sydney, on the Friday and stayed overnight for the Sandon Point parkrun. This was simply fantastic! It was a T shaped run along the cycle/footpath by the beach before the top of the T was through a small beach side housing area and along to the headland before returning back to the start. From the start, at Bulli beach surf club and beach café, the course was a gentle undulating route with simply stunning stunning ocean views throughout and a few dream houses to die for.

Post run brekkie at the Bulli beach café matched the magnificence of the parkrun – shame it’s 6,000 miles away and too far even for a Claremont anniversary run.

Again the sky blue of Claremont was proudly worn and yet again a chap with northern connections was soon to chat to us – this time from Workington.

And next weekend the City to Surf 14km race with a mere 90,000 entry. Report to follow….

G’day possums.

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Aug 072016

Gateshead parkrun:

19:05   Roberto Marzo
21:47   David Lydall
22:58   Tiago Mestre
23:08   Graham Leslie
24:01   Matthew Diment

Albert parkrun, Middlesbrough:

19:23   Simon Lowe

Harrow parkrun:

20:32   Tom Tinsley
29:43   Gillian Milne

Rising Sun parkrun:

23:06   Luke Woodend
23:08   Arthur Liu
30:07   Anne Bennett
38:45   Paul Schaeffer

Sandon Point parkrun, Australia:

22:38   Richard Slack
26:18   Marie Slack

Western Springs parkrun, New Zealand:

26:06   Elisabeth Stoddart – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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