Nov 222015

After the weather forecasts of snow and gales overnight, I was dreading looking out of the window when I got up on Saturday morning. However the streets were clear and it was developing into a bright, cold morning without a great deal of wind by North East standards. It didn’t warm up much though and the afternoon was bitterly cold for the spectators if not too bad once you were running.

The ladies were joined on the start line by Olympic finalist and Commonwealth Games silver medalist, Laura Weightman who was running for her club, Morpeth Harriers. I think it is one of the fantastic things about local athletics that us old, slow folk can still line-up against top British athletes. It is also great that the likes of Laura are not too mighty to plough through 4 miles of clarts with the rest of the girls. And although it might not have been 4 miles of clarts, there were certainly long stretches of very deep, thick mud that did its best to stop you in your tracks and pull your shoes off! One of the worst stretches was on a downhill section, preventing you from letting yourself go and making up time, but the most difficult was on an uphill (see photos!) that was fairly soul-destroying. A strong run by Sarah Bowen led the Claremont ladies home, and she was well supported by Heidi, Julie D, Rose and Mary.

The men just had the requisite number of 6 to make up a team, so the important thing was to ensure that we all got around in one piece. Although we may not have been the fastest team ever to wear the sky-blue vests, as Bill said “6 slow-uns are better than 5 fast-uns any time”. And all get slowly around, we did!

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Nov 212015


68    34:07     Sarah Bowen
116  35:15     Heidi Swaffield
230  38:14     Julie Dumpleton
264  39:40     Rose Hawkswood
303  41:18     Mary Martin


201 46:56     Jeremy Smith
431 53:46     Tom Tinsley
437  53:55   Jamie Harding
460 54:58     David Devennie
542 61:08     Ken McCormick
548 61:55     Bill Milbourne

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Nov 152015

Newcastle parkrun:

19:32   Luke Jones
19:35   Jeremy Smith
22:40   David Devennie
23:19   Brian Hegarty
24:21   Heidi Swaffield
25:33   Dave Kear

Gateshead parkrun:

19:24   Sumanth Nayak
19:49   Paul Robinson
21:59   Heather Steel
23:48   John Grimshaw
30:02   Dave Manners
43:03   Lorna Pearson (tail runner)

Albert parkrun, Middlesbrough:

22:34   Richard Slack

Coventry parkrun:

26:34   Rose Hawkswood – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Nov 082015

Town Moor Memorial 10k, 8th November:

38:53     Paul Robinson
38:54     Sumanth Nayak   PB
39:04     Jeremy Smith
40:22     Roberto Marzo
44:27     David Devennie
46:20     John Grimshaw
47:48     Luke Woodend
51:22     Kenny McCormick
52:23     Daisy Martin
55:04     Rose Hawkswood

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Nov 082015

Newcastle parkrun:

20:29   Gordon Macfadyen
21:12   Roberto Marzo
22:14   Richard Slack
22:17   Luke Woodend
22:30   John Grimshaw
25:42   Dave Kear
27:27   Rose Hawkswood

Gateshead parkrun:

30:32   Dave Manners
38:42   Lorna Pearson

Whitley Bay parkrun:

25:01   Daisy Martin

Riverside parkrun:

20:36   Catherine Young – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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Nov 032015

As our son lives in Harrow, we are down there a couple of times a year but this was our first visit since the start of the Harrow parkrun.  So, even though we were both knackered after 3 consecutive nights on the town, it had to be done!  As we couldn’t drag said son out of bed we had to find our own way to the start which was about 1.5 miles away.  As we were just beginning to wonder which side road led to the park, we spotted another friendly parkrunner who showed us the way to the start line which was next to a cricket pavilion that served as toilets, bag drop and after-run tea shop.

The natives seemed friendly and we got a cheer when it was announced that they had visitors from Newcastle (I don’t think they get many tourists).  The park itself is fairly pleasant if unspectacular and the run takes place entirely on tarmac paths around it.  It isn’t a big park, so the course consists of 3 laps around the outside with a smaller loop near the start.  I’m not a fan of laps but at least it means that you know what you have to do after the first one.  There was a slight gradient which, though nothing to concern the average North East runner, made a big difference to the one wheelchair parkrunner.  Having overtaken her early on, we then heard the shouts of “wheelchair coming through” as she started her descent.  A runner wearing headphones ahead had to be physically alerted to get out the way, confirming my belief that running in headphones is dangerous!

Gill and I were running together and started quite slowly as neither of us felt at our best.  On the second lap we  gradually began to overtake a few but were still behind schedule of finishing under 30 minutes, however a bit of a push near the end meant that our honour was saved with Gill finishing in 29:49 and me being given 29:50 (I have to let her finish first!).

All in all, a friendly parkrun, well-marshalled and a nice size (117 runners).  I am sure that we will return on future trips to Harrow.

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Nov 032015

Here is a brief race report from Richard Slack on what I imagine is a beautiful run:

10 miles round Derwent Water clockwise from Keswick. Route goes down the Borrowdale Road to Grange, over the bridge and then up the hill, hill, hill (about 700 foot ascent) to the top of Catbellls road. Drop down (hurray) after the cattle grid towards Portinscale finish. Tough but great and just over 8 minute miles. Sun shone and stunning views all the way. Beats Denton Bank in the winter!

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Nov 022015

Derwentwater 10, 1st November:

1:21:01     Richard Slack

10 miles round Derwent Water clockwise from Keswick. Route goes down the Borrowdale Road to Grange, over the bridge and then up the hill, hill, hill (about 700 foot ascent) to the top Catbellls road. Drop down (hurray) after the cattle grid towards Portinscale finish. Tough but great and just over 8 minute miles. Sun shone and stunning views all the way. Beats Denton Bank in the winter!

Newcastle Town Moor Marathon, 1st November:

3:28:23     Adrian Conlin
4:16:43     Nina Jensen
4:50:51     Kenny McCormick   NEMAA 2nd & BMAF 3rd

Newcastle Town Moor Half Marathon, 1st November:

1:55:08     Elizabeth Stoddart

Many thanks as always to everyone from the club that helped out at the water station and for the excellent support. It’s always good to see friendly faces on those long, lonely laps of the moor. Nina gives her thanks to Jeremy and Mary for their company on the last lap and a half.

Nina TMM

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Nov 012015

Newcastle parkrun:

19:41   Jeremy Smith
20:19   Gordon Macfadyen
20:59   Roberto Marzo
21:46   David Devennie
22:09   John Grimshaw
22:43   Luke Woodend
24:02   Chris Carr
25:50   Dave Kear

Harrow parkrun:

29:50   Tom Tinsley

Riverside parkrun:

33:55   Catherine Young

Walthamstow parkrun:

21:40   Alasdair Wilson Craw

Gateshead parkrun:

43:43   Lorna Pearson (tail runner)

Gateshead's Grim Sweeper

Gateshead’s Grim Sweeper – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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