May 222016

by Richard Slack

First up – this is a fantastic route and a great run, simple as that.  A few Claremonters, Nina, John G and myself  were joined by a few hundreds of other (mainly club) runners on the beach just to the south of South Shields pier. At 10am on a glorious May morning off we set to run the 7 miles of so to Roker pier – it is like a mini coastal run for those lucky enough to have done that.

The first mile is along South Shields beach to roughly beyond the Sandancer pub and then head up the soft sand to the leas and the coastal path. As it is a point to point run there is no definitive route so one on the leas I was faced the choice of running along the well trodden coastal path or across the fields – I opted for the latter as it was less congested and also pretty flat, although not well trodden. Those going across the fields soon joined the crowds on the coastal path to head towards Souter lighthouse (drinks here if needed). The route then followed the coastal path behind Latimers fish shop (Whitburn) and onwards to Seaburn. Glorious sunshine at the coast with a gentle northerly breeze – how could running be better – with distant memories of snow, blizzards, wind rain and muddy fields etched on my memory from December day in Sedgefield!

The route continued southwards along the promenade by the Marriot hotel and on into Roker. Here we descended again onto Roker beach for the final km to the finish at Roker pier. Marie was there to cheer on the Claremonters, after which goodie bag time – not the usual t-shirt but far more inventive with caps, a glass work and a draw-bag on offer. Then the really best bit of any run – into the sea! So for anyone next year – get entered to this. It is a truly lovely run.

Results link:

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May 222016

Newcastle parkrun:

20:38   Tom Tinsley
21:27   Mungai Wairia
21:39   Brian Hegarty
23:27   David Devennie
23:29   Alan Dunning
23:49   Heidi Swaffield
24:05   Dave Kear
26:14   Alice Vialard
30:44   Terry Welsh

Gateshead parkrun:

20:34   Sumanth Nayak – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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May 162016

Asda Nottingham 10k, 15th May

46:43     John Grimshaw

Tynedale Half Marathon, 15th May

1:38:56     Mungai Wairia   1st M60
1:49:48     Nina Jensen   2nd F40
2:09:46     Kenny McCormick   6th M60

Clive Cookson 10k, 18th May

46:09     Arthur Liu
47:23     Nina Jensen
48:44     Luke Woodend
49:39     Lucy Dunbar
51:10     Rose Hawkswood

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May 152016

Newcastle parkrun:

19:07   Roberto Marzo
21:03   Brian Hegarty
21:18   Mungai Wairia
23:33   Alan Dunning
23:53   Dave Kear
24:00   Heidi Swaffield
25:28   Alex Anslow
26:08   Alice Vialard
30:39   Terry Welsh

Gateshead parkrun:

31:00   Dave Manners
44:49   Lorna Pearson (tail runner)

Whitley Bay parkrun:

24:23   Daisy Martin

Gibside parkrun:

27:10   Rose Hawkswood

Tees Barrage parkrun:

20:52   Sumanth Nayak

Hackworth parkrun:

23:18   John Grimshaw

Dungloe parkrun, Ireland:

29:08   Bill Milbourne – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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May 142016
Position Gender Position Leg 1 Time Leg 2 Time Leg 3 Time Team Time
43 40 Sumanth Nayak 12:42 Roberto Marzo 12:08 Tom Tinsley 12:48 37:38
72 58 John Grimshaw 13:25 David Devennie 13:37 Arthur Lui 13:36 40:38
77 61 Dave Saunders 14:05 Dave Kear 15:25 Fraser Easton 11:30 41:00
85 21 Lucy Dunbar 14:34 Julie Cross 14:18 Mandy Herworth 13:40 42:32
98 29 Julie Dumpleton 14:55 Tamsin Saxton 14:53 Heidi Swaffield 14:10 43:58
113 42 Mary Martin 16:01 Nina Jensen 14:54 Rose Hawkswood 15:01 45:56
131 57 Marie Slack 17:01 Gill Milne 17:23 Alice Vialard 15:46 50:10
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May 132016

To celebrate the Claremont Ladies Over 45s team’s 2nd place finish in the NEMAA Relays last week, a medal ceremony was held after the Gordon Smith Relays on Wednesday. In a ceremony overseen by Dave Kear, an enthusiastic band of Claremont Road Runners and some amused and bewildered Heaton Harriers, Heidi Swaffield proudly presented medals to Mandy Herworth, Julie Dumpleton and Julie Cross. Rose Hawkswood provided the flowers and the ceremony was completed with the traditional eating of cake.
Well done, ladies!

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May 102016

At last, the results are here for the Masters Relays last week. Congratulations the the Over 45 Ladies on their silver medal performance and to the Gadgies for coming 3rd.

Team Position Leg 1 Time Leg 2 Time Leg 3 Time
F35 14 Tamsin Saxton 13:40 Sarah Bowen 13:32 Nina Jensen 14:50
F45-B 2 Julie Cross 13:47 Mandy Herworth 13:16 Julie Dumpleton 14:32
F45-A 9 Mary Martin 15:28 Gillian Milne 16:44 Marie Slack 16:30
M65 3 Ben Hull 14:11 Dave Kear 15:08 Bill Milbourne 15:33
M35 22 Howard MacLennan 13:16 David Devennie 13:25 Tom Tinsley 12:17
M45 17 Richard Slack 13:50 John Grimshaw 13:07 Alasdair Wilson Craw 12:17


Leanne Salem and Alice Vialard also ran in an incomplete team.

Full results for Ladies and Mens’ Over 65s can be found here.

The other Mens results are here.

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