May 252017

Run Northumberland Vindolanda 10k:

44:36     Catherine Young   1st lady
50:13     Jeremy Ellman   1st M60

Clive Cookson 10k:

39:55     Paul Robinson
42:00     Alasdair Wilson Craw   2nd M60
46:04     Howard Maclennan
47:03     John Grimshaw

George Ogle Memorial Race:

46:51     Nina Jensen
54:10     Marie Slack

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May 212017

Newcastle parkrun:

18:01   Jakub Jerabek
20:42   Mungai Wairia
23:45   Brian Hegarty
24:28   Dave Kear
24:38   Alice Vialard
27:28   Susannah Orr

Gateshead parkrun:

19:21   Paul Robinson
20:48   Catherine Young

Gibside parkrun:

24:35   Heidi Swaffield
26:07   Graham Leslie

Durham parkrun:

20:52   Arthur Liu
22:56   Luke Woodend

Dalby Forest parkrun:

20:05   Sumanth Nayak – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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May 162017

Howard and Kenny took part in the Masters Track and Field series event at Monckton Stadium on Monday evening. Here is a report fromHoward:

“In one of our events, holding the 5th lane, the command came ‘On your marks – Set’, the gun fired, we’re off and then the gun fired a second time. Everyone slowed down and that was a lonely slow walk back to the start line. The referee waited for all of us to come back and then walked down the whole line giving every sprinter a ‘Green Card’. The command to walk to the starting block came, but all again stop, the referee had to talk to the 6th lane runner. He gives the neck signal; he’s pulling out, either injury got him or was there now a glimmer of nerves starting to kick in. Referee has to confirm with the Start Referee there is a pull out, another brief pause. There’s a quick look down the left side, the strong field of TyneBridge colours, but are nerves kicking in? The command came again to the starting blocks. The left foot was holding the line and the right was ready to unleash all out hell. ‘On your marks – Set’, that freeze felt like eternity looking down the wet windy stretch. ‘Bang’, the whole line goes up forward, the legs are pumping but not long it starts feeling lonely. Back and neck held high, we’re going for it. Claremont Colours punch through the finish line, with second place a metre behind. There’s a very slow deceleration at the end, we’re now closing the end of the track. It’s just dawning in what’s just happened. Graciously turning around and shaking every competitors hand afterwards. One of us won our event. Don’t ask for times. Just went home without checking the times to make my tea!”

100m Howard MacLennan – 1st in Heat 6 in13.4s
400m Kenny McCormick – 5th in Heat 2 in 1:34:00
Javelin Kenny McCormick – 6th in Group B with 19.27m

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May 142017

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside! A beautiful day for a run down a lovely stretch of coastline and an excellent well-organised run which sets the standard for goody bags.

Position Runner Time
73 Tom Tinsley 48:24
252 Richard Slack 55:19
367 John Grimshaw 58:37
452 Kerry Smith 1:01:18
495 Alice Vialard 1:02:24
908 Marie Slack 1:13:23
909 Leanne Salem 1:13:24
911 Gillian Milne 1:13:25
955 David Manners 1:14:32


Photos courtesy of Alice and Debbie McCrory:

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May 142017

Nina Jensen reports on her latest marathon adventure with Julie Dumpleton:

Holy Island Marathon or the Lindisfarne Chronicles

Julie D and I completed the inaugural Holy Island Marathon on Sat 13th May. This was a low key event organised by Evrotas running club based in London and had the sum total of 16 runners including us two. The event had a maximum of 30 runners due to the access of some of the land on the route.

After an early start we arrived in the sleepy village of Burnmouth, a Scottish fishing village.

One of the runners, Brian who was there before us lived about 500 metres from the start and had managed to blag his 3 year old grandson the key job of starting the race.

After a race briefing which included the key sentence if you keep the sea on your left and the railway tracks on the right you’ll be fine, we were lined up on the harbour wall and at 8am and a countdown were off.

We were initially led out of the village and up the hill by Brian then we were on the coastal path and left to our own devices.

The view from here would’ve been spectacular however it was thick fog and we could barely see in front of our faces.

The route followed the coastal path towards Berwick and by then the fog had cleared and the sun was out just in time to meet the cheery marshals.

The route was a real mixed terrain including 2 miles along the beach from Cheswick. We were hoping that the sand would be firm and easy to run on as we had a 4 hour cut off to reach the causeway at holy island and 19 miles.

We made the cut off where we were met by a leaping marshal who told us to follow the telegraph poles across the causeway. This is the original Pilgrims Trail and is across slimy slippy muddy sand and water. Thank goodness we’d done some of the cross country races. We managed to hold onto our shoes, someone had not been so lucky with their welly as we spotted one sticking out of the mud at some point, and made it across the causeway.

Ah only 5 miles to go now Julie, I shouted. We were optimistic that we were almost done. Oh how foolish we were!

Many if you will know about hitting the wall in a marathon, usually around the 20 mile point. However Julie and I hit a wall of endless sand dunes. Because of nesting birds we’d been asked to follow the path around the coastline so we scrambled up and down relentless hills of sand. There were no markers at this point so a marshal had pointed in the general direction of a big white nautical navigation triangle and said to aim in that general direction. We later found out that some of the runners had decided enough was enough and just ran along the beach instead.

Eventually we reached the giant white pyramid and hugged it like a long lost friend before continuing on towards the castle where the marshal instructed us to do a loop of the track and then pointed us onwards.

The priory was in sight by now and this was where we finished. We almost missed the finish despite there being a huge crowd of people waving at us with boards displaying the word FINISH on them. Sprint Julie shouted so we did.

No official times but it took around 5h 20m. After being presented with a huge medal and a stuffed goody bag we waited for the final runners to come in before posing for group photos.

I think this has got to be my favourite marathon out of 22 and if Evrotas hold it next year I’d recommend a few more sky blues joining us.

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May 142017

Back to the Beginning

Nothing in parkrun world has excited me more than Knowsley parkrun in Whiston. I’ve been obsessively scanning their results and social media since it started last December. What’s so special about this small town in Merseyside and why would I travel all that way just for a 5k? Well, the second question is a no-brainer but as for the first, I was born just a mile from the park, in Whiston Hospital (also the birthplace of Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard) where my dad was working at the time but I have no recollection of the place as my parents left when I was almost three. Whatever tenuous link to Scouseness (Scousehood?) or even Britishness I had was severed when we moved abroad and I’ve never had a reason to return, until now.

I had planned to do the inaugural run in December but the logistics of getting there were putting me off. I’ve grown tired of the effort required to get to these far flung parkruns! Then I realized my birthday fell on a Saturday this year and my dad was planning on visiting me around that time so the prospect of a birthday-birthplace-parkrun trip with him sounded extra special.

Tom did the run in March and I immediately grilled him for all the info before making plans for my own trip. Taking place in Stadt Moers Country Park, it’s a two lap, circular route on a mix of tarmac, grass and trail with a fair few undulations. Looking at the course map on the website, I was afraid this was going to be another one of the many boring parkrun courses I’ve done that go round and round a featureless field. But after running the course, I was quite pleasantly surprised. The variety of surfaces and undulating twists and turns make it interesting and it has a small but friendly community.

They only average fifty runners but that’s not surprising given the proximity to two parkruns in Liverpool and others in Merseyside. Looking at previous weeks’ results, I thought I might have a chance of being the first finisher but a pretty serious looking first-timer turned up and ran it in 18 mins. That didn’t matter though as I could barely manage a half decent run and was fourth. Regardless of my poor performance, this was a very special parkrun pilgrimage!

If you’re in the area, give it a shot. Unfortunately, there are no toilet facilities or café in the park. The regulars go to a pub nearby. I can also recommend Croxteth Hall parkrun in Liverpool, my favourite one of all.

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May 142017

Newcastle parkrun:

20:08   Paul Hughes
21:01   Mungai Wairia
21:26   David Lydall
22:02   Howard Maclennan
23:18   David Devennie
23:32   Heidi Swaffield
23:59   Brian Hegarty
24:38   Dave Kear
26:42   Chris Carr

Gateshead parkrun:

20:10   Paul Robinson
24:06   Rose Hawkswood
24:17   Graham Leslie

Rising Sun parkrun:

23:39   Luke Woodend

Prudhoe Riverside parkrun:

21:11   Dan Edwards

Knowsley parkrun:

20:22   Sumanth Nayak – Free, timed, 5k runs every Saturday 9am

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May 122017

A good turnout and some excellent runs from the Claremont teams – special mention for Jakob on a tremendous performance in his first relay for us.   I also need to mention Jonny Evans (he is Claremont even if he runs for Jarrow) – a time of 10:12 for the 2 mile course is unbelievable!  Well done, everybody!

Position Leg 1 Time Leg 2 Time Leg 3 Time Team Time
44 Simon Lowe 12:08 Tom Tinsley 12:28 Paul Robinson 11:43 36:19
49 Jakob Jerabek 11:15 David Lydall 13:17 Sumanth Nayak 12:40 37:12
73 Anthony Liddle 12:41 Howard Maclennan 13:31 Matt Diment 13:32 39:44
89 Hannah Mainprize 12:39 Lucy Dunbar 14:33 Sarah Bowen 14:02 41:14
100 Rose Hawkswood 13:45 Jane Evans 14:32 Julie Cross 14:24 42:41
105 David Devennie 14:18 Dean O’Brien 12:48 Alan Dunning 16:26 43:32
122 Julie Dumpleton 15:21 Cath Robson 16:59 Heidi Swaffield 14:09 46:29
140 Alice Vialard 15:20 Leanne Salem 17:54 Mary Martin 16:25 49:39
144 Marie Slack 17:25 Gill Milne 17:53 Nina Jensen 15:01 50:19

Full results are here.

Some photos from Howard:

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May 112017

Some decent performances from the Claremont oldies in last week’s Masters Relays, including a 3rd place in the men’s 55-64 age group.

Ladies results:

Position Category Ist Leg Time 2nd Leg Time 3rd Leg Time Team Time
11 F35-44 Sarah Bowen 13.29 Nicky O’Brien 13.36 Julie Cross 14.18 41.23
25 F45-54 Julie Dumpleton 14.53 Marie Slack 16.02 Catherine Robson 16.40 47.35
26 F35-44 Alice Vialard 14.33 Leanne Salem 17.43 Serpil Bulut 15.51 48.07
Incomplete F35-44 Nina Jensen 14.27 Gill Milne 17.17

Men’s results:

Position Category Ist Leg Time 2nd Leg Time 3rd Leg Time Team Time
31 M55-64 Mungai Wairia 12.16 Tom Tinsley 12.00 Alasdair Wilson-Craw 12.20 36.36
42 M35-44 Paul Robinson 11.21 Howard Maclennan 13.15 David Devennie 14.04 38.40
49 M45-54 Richard Slack 13.23 Jamie Harding 13.19 Ken McCormick 15.16 41.58
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